Saturday, 29 December 2012

Reason Strings and M-Audio Strings

A little something i have done recently

Essentially this track is all in real time and 1 Keyboard is used (Until the Classical Guitar Comes In)
The Guitar is a 2nd keyboard with the basic Yamaha sound, yeah the strings help work it a lot lol
and the strings is 1 keyboard tied into "Reason 5"  the BASS is the SPLIT option on the yamaha,
the piano comes in from the headphone jack, and uses the keyboards own piano & bass

so we have
Reason Stings  (a mixture combined)
M-Audio Strings (a mixture combined)

Yamaha Strings (via basic keyboard instrument)
Yamaha Piano (via basic keyboard instrument)
Yamaha Classical Guitar (via basic keyboard instrument)

3 timpani's added near the end

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