Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Wtf Is With All The Wars and Scamming Suits (extended)

All, Round The World
People, Are Dyin
Nothing Ever, Seams To Change
Just Names, In The Paper
Countries, Up In Arms
The Wars, Just Rage On
All My Hopes For Humanity Are Gone

The People Don't Care Where The Hell Your From
Unless You Express Your Self With Bombs
Politicians And Terrorists Your Tearing Our World Apart
All Our customs You Don't Care To Know
Where Just Another Place For Your Religion To Grow
Striking Fear Into Our Lives
Just How Long, Till Where All Picking Up Knives

Everywhere Ive Ever Been
And Just About Everything Ive Ever Seen
Every Time I close my Eyes
I See The World On Fire
The Pain Inside It Burns So Deep
An All The People I See Are Sheep
Governments Just simply Need To Fall
Get These Politicians Lined up against the wall

Every Day, Every Country
Wars Are Raging All Around The World
Its Unendin, Its Uncomprihendable (SPOKEN is that even a word)
why does everyone have to die

All These Banks and Their Political Chums
Just Expect Us Folks To Pick Up Guns
Travel Right Across The World, To Fight Some Crazy War
With No Concern For Whats Going On
While Great Britain's Has Clearly Gone
Totally Insane
Our Whole Countrys Gone Down The Drain