Sunday, 19 August 2012

Airwolf AWM 2.0C OFP-CWA Release

Here you can now download This WORKING version of the 2.0  awm.pbo addon
This is 2.0c and consists of the
14 May 2011 release & the 18th may scripts & CCP update
and has also been fixed in a few places so it no longer causes errors
the music also now works, as does the eagles option

Download AS .zip


for anyone experiancing any stuttery game lag
(your memory may not like compressed pbo files)
here is a version of the PBO that uses NO compression on any internal files
Download AS .zip

If someone else could also host it or mirror it, it would help(the rar is ONLY bigger Because winrar allows "recovery record" to be added for rar repair)
both Links contain the same files, they are just packed using 2 different programs

ANY problems or your not sure,, just download the zip version
if you no what your doing, then download the RAR version

I "TheWraith517" WIll NOT be supporting this update
& this version is credited to Meteorman & Dacky
I just fixed the problems it had and im releasing it to help remove
the other 2.0 versions before it out of circulation, because they have issues

I will be making a tutorial at some stage
so users can choose between 1.05 & 2.0 when starting the game

PLEASE read the IMPORTANT INFO text file inside the download
for any other issues you have.....

(its a toy, and its also a learning curve for mission makers to explore possibilities)

Addon Compatability "OFP Resistance" and "ArMa Cold War Assault"
For Updated Information on Airwolf OFP & CWA Addons Visit the AWM fans page
And Also The AWM Fans Blog Here

this is a 2012 Updated Version of 
AWM MOD Re-Edit  by meteorman & DACKY (2010)
And REPLACES ALL (2.0) Versions Made BEFORE 19th August 2012