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What Does The New Year Hold For Collaborations ?

Many of you may of noticed towards the end of this year ive been what appears to be side tracked with other projects, but the goal has been to become my own label of sorts (without spending anything) yet having the ability to distribute and earn money from stuff that isn't always 100% mine.
An expectation that's much higher than the average "i wana be a pop star singing my own songs"

With this system ive entered into i can now work with anyone anywhere "and i report to no one"  which means i have total control over my work and its usage rights.  With this in mind, during next year i will be looking to work with other artists "especially singers"  and i am legally free to do so. I also have the ability to divide royalties between artists involved on projects, this will then also help them artists get a foot in the door because they'll be accredited, have professional examples of their work to point to online. So that they to can also then go off and work with others & the online tools will already be their for them to upload and split royalties with others and give them a foot in the door to earning from skills and talents (by combining them from strangers with the same goals but are less technically inclined to accomplish it or even achieve it alone)  IE: why sit on a stack of demos? when their are singers out their willing to sing?  guitarists willing to play? skill pages could make next year very interesting for music and maybe even fully orchestrated audio story's.  could even give Jeff Wayne a run for his money when it comes to his epic war of the worlds.. I got many ideas...

I don't really enjoy singing, but its the only way to show how a vocal melody should be, that said i will be looking for singers, and i will be working on Original Material & also working on copywrited material that we will obtain release rights for

For Example This Is Legally Licensed And On Sale In The iTunes Store, it cost me NOTHING to do this, besides my time orchestrating the music & singing.. clearly im not a great singer.. but the video is just an example... clearly this is NOT my song, but i have it on sale because i made it
I know.. sounds mad, were do i sign up, no wait whats the scam, well their is no sign up really
If you wana sing on one of my tracks & i like it, then cool, but if you want commission from each time it sells then you would have to sign up on a site that handles the transactions, sites will vary on whether its a COVER version and how royalties are to be split, that i WILL clearly help with, but it takes patience and time, you don't have to understand the Industry to be paid for what you do.. Nor do you have to sign your life away, i call it  "Wraith and Friends Productions"  for a reason

This One Is Monetised remotely by the company that represents my compositions of other peoples work, they get google to place the ad's then divide the royalties between me and who evers work i covered.


See Unlike Many Other artists COVER Videos Out Their.. I Also Earn A %
Of The Adverts Placed On It... and so does the original artist.

Copywrite Laws Change, and i am looking forward to working with people
and helping them establish them selves online while they also get to collaborate
Remember im NOT a singer... i DON'T wana be a singer
but i WAS NUMBER ONE singer Song Writer in Liverpool & The UK
I WAS Also Number ONE Composer in Liverpool, UK and The WORLD
I have a movie registered on Internet Movie Database, im on imdb as an actor, composer, writer & director...  YOU TO can reach those places by collaborating with others who already no how its done..
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, because i could be what you need to get your foot in the door and get you that recognition you deserve, remember my "Skill Pages" post?,
I still strongly believe its an untapped gold mine, waiting to be spotted on youtube and reverb is a waste of time, you need to be everywhere, yet centralized and already EARNING  and it can be done for FREE

 If i personally sent you here to read this blog post.. then that means i feel YOU have the potential to bring MY songs Alive....  and i have the ability to get them out their, we may not make millions, then again we may
But it'll cost you NOTHING besides your Time....

I ALSO have the ability to hit play on a piece of music (something ive only heard 30 seconds off)
then start Improvising words with a vocal melody "in real time"

This Piece of music is from Transformers 3
(and i just winged it and this is a ONE SHOT TAKE for the Lyrics)
Imagine this with the RIGHT SINGER and a few lines changed in places


This TO is On Sale Legally On iTunes....
I Even Have A Hans Zimmer Track With Lyrics
Natural Music Theory Is My Gift And My Curse
Many Styles, Many Moods, You Could Front It Here And Their....

Consider it.. and watch out for an email.. it could be you im lookin for...
All you'll have to do is sing, or play guitar, or bass or what ever and then send it along
then down the line you'll have to sign up on a royalties site (which is free)
and will only effect the songs WE license through them...
which we can delete at ANY TIME WE CHOOSE...

Wana no more about me?, what i do?
Read my bio, also links near the "top" down the "left side" to other sites i use
or just Google Search For    TheWraith517

I will be listening around youtube, soundcloud, reverbnation and Skill Pages
you just need the ability to record your self (alone) with nothing else in the back ground
(uploading will probably be a drop folder on mediafire)

Nothing stops you commenting "below" if you have a Google/YouTube account, you kinda have the opportunity here to pre-empt your self into a "maybe list"  rather than living in hopes i some how come across your voice or your work on my travels across this very large internet....

If your one of them people sings random covers, has loads of views, yet no songs of your own, i write for many many styles,  if you sit their board transcribing music then doing videos and sharing PDF sheets, your version of my music could be earning you a % rather than sittin their getting copywrite claims.. start making money instead lmao

This song got licensed and is now legally available via iTunes :D
(who would of thought that epic music would of ever had lyrics)
official release post

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

People Die Every Day, We Cant Remember Them All... And Very Few Touch Our Lives

Download: Here (from facebook)

The Platoon That Fell At Armageddon Ridge 000

Download: Here

The Caverlarys NOT Commin 001

Download: Here

They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 002

Download: Here

A Kinda Carpenter 001

Download: Here

The Best Ship In The Fleet & Shes Right Here... Wheres The Ship Gone?

Download: Here

There Through The Fire It Rises


file on Facebook Here 320kbs

A Bad Bad Trip 001

Download: Here

City Of The Dead 001

Download: Here

A Bad Bad Trip 002 The Flashbacks

Download: Here

Contaminated The Land Contaigents In The Soil 001

Download: Here

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How The West Was Fun The Magnificent 6 & A Half

Download: Here

Adagio In D Minor has been Licensed With Actual Lyrics

For the first time (to my knowledge)

Adagio In D Minor has been Licensed
With Actual Lyrics

"The Heart of Immortality & A Mind of Madness"

It's pretty cool, if you like Highlander its even cooler as the lyrics are related to the movies & the series character & mythology, please re-share if you like it.

This song was originally an Improvisation over John Murphys Adagio In D Minor
(a piece of music from the film called "Sunshine" and again later used in "Kick Ass" it's also had a few Tv show appearances including when they leave the camp in the amc walking dead series)

I was looking for a piece of music for a Highlander Fan Film we were working on (this was before i started taking my own composing seriously and was using others music in my videos) 
The track just blew me away so much that i started singing along with it & hit stop, i grabbed my guitar, un-muted my mic and just went for it, no writing was ever done & it was a one shot take.

I later put a video together for it and also used some of the dialogue from a couple of the highlander films & episodes (that ended up getting it banned by Lionsgate on youtube)  The video featured footage from a number of episodes along with custom visual effects and some footage from an Adrian Paul movie "Nine Miles Down"  Sadly the video is no longer on the internet, although their is a small sample of it Here on youtube... (unless that gets banned to)

This was also a work in progress single cd box cover (with many grammar errors) lol

Sadly we can't use that artwork for the release, to many issues licensing the logo, the video still and the Highlander branding....

After the video was banned it lay in a folder along with the MP3, but was still being shared by people in Highlander fan circles around the world but couldn't be legally placed anywhere.. Until now..  With the help of Loudr FM (and the removal of the 3rd party copywrited dialogue) We have managed to acquire a license to legally distribute this song on iTunes.  Royalties vary on using peoples compositions, in the case of sales for this song the royalties go to John Murphy (original composition) TheWraith517 (Lyrics & Performance) Loudr FM (Take a % for licensing & distribution)  so as you can imagine i won't actually earn much from this.. but remember this is only "sold" because its the only legal way to share it with you...

The song is now officially on sale via iTunes Here
The song is now also officially on GooglePlay Here
(note that iTunes also take a cut if you buy it from them because the music its self is a cover)

So try not to grumble about the price lmfao

If you like this song, then you might like Farewell To the Rogue Warrior which can also be found on Amazon, GooglePlay and Spotify (as i own all the rights to that so it can be posted anywhere)
Including the video version i have online Here

The Original Improvised Lyrics:

Standing In The Distance
Walls Come Tumbling Down
Another Slaughter
But This Time On Holy Ground

The world As You Knew It
Has Come To An End
No One Left Around You
No One To Call A Friend

Lookin On The Horizon
The Suns About To Rise
Uncovering the darkness
That Hides The Chaos from your eyes

Dreaming Of The Game
Tryna Get The Prize
But Is The Ultimate Knowledge
Worth the deaths and lies

Cross The Waste Lands
Always Searching For Answers....Searching For Answers
Never Knowing Were You Come From
Never Feelin Like You Belong
And All The Lives You've Taken
And You Know This Game Is Wrong

What You Gona Do Macloed
Theirs No Were Left To Go
Theirs No One To Save
Is This The Final Show

Will The Curtain Fall
Is This Truly The End
All The Voices In Your Head
Driving You Round The Bend

Never Knowing Were You Come From
Never Knowing Were You Belong
And All The Lives You've Taken
An You Know That This Game Wrong

But You Still Pick Up Your Sword
And You Still Pick Up Your Sword
And It Cuts Through the Air
Fighting For The Prize
But Look At The World Around You
At The Mess That Beholds Your Eyes

Things Will Never Be The Same
Everything You Knew... Was Gone

aaaahhh Do You Realy Wana Carry On
Playing This Crazy Game
You Know That Everythings Changed
Even The Rules Aint The Same

Clouds Are Commin....
And Your Time Is Finally Here

In The End.. There Can Be... Only One...

Friday, 25 October 2013

How To Get YOUR MUSIC Onto iTunes Amazon GooglePlay and Spotify for FREE

Ever wanted to get onto the MAIN music distribution sites for FREE?

think its a scam?  check out my Store Page Links
on your fb, twitter, myspace... and so on...

So Here's How To Get YOUR MUSIC Onto iTunes Amazon GooglePlay, Spotify and others for FREE for 12 months AND you DON'T have to give ANY credit or debit card details so theirs NO concerns about cancelling and them taking money!!!!

After the First Year it'll cost you  $19.99 a year  (A YEAR)  and your uploads are still UNLIMITED..
YOU CAN NOT TOP THIS AT THE MOMENT EVEN GOING DIRECT TO THE STORES SO READ AND CONSIDER THIS....  look up  cd baby  and   tunecore   if you wish to see what other companies charge.
All you do is sign up on DistroKid, this then means you have a record label (no deals, contracts, just a label behind your name) that gets UPC and ISRC capability for free, more on that in a moment.  They will allow you to upload ONE track that will go onto the FOUR TOP stores and others, for free, for ever & you get 100% of the sales (minus what paypal take regarding the transaction)..

Now to get Unlimited Uploads.. Still FREE  you can either Refer (get 5 friends to just register) or pay the $19.99 for that first year.. So 5 mates sign up and you have a whole year of unlimited uploads and 100% sales commission (and distrokid becomes a larger music label because of us)
The initial track will always be out their unless you delete it, weather you pay or not it survives  ;)

Note on websites YOU are listed as the artist, DistroKid is listed as the Label
if you decide to give them $34.99 a year you can set your own company label name & release date, use a barcode you already have and so on. Paying gets you interaction, things that need manually doing, much of its automated if its a fresh album, i just can't fault them..

A downside is you can not individually set prices uploading through distro, but 1 upload goes to lots of stores, handy for low bandwidth (also see what it takes with rivals to get onto itunes & stay on their) then spotify, Amazon and google,. If you would rather have price control (but no 100% commission on google) you can get an artist hub account for a 1 off fee of $25, and then set upload prices, their is info on that google hub and CD creation to order here  what you should do is look around the "Tabs" on my blog, especially the store tab, you can also hit the Albums tab and look at each album "blog post" to see links to the stores (to check out the default pricing) If your on a mobile device make sure your using webview to be able to see this whole blog (use web view link at the bottom of this page)

Now you can delete an album any time you wish, but ber this in mind, for free you also get given a UPC (Universal Product Code / Bar Code)  for the Album or Single and each individual track gets an ISRC code.

Another cool thing is if you go here then search for your UPC, it'll come up not found, but show you an image of it (save that image of the bar code and then you can add it to your cd covers for hard copies)
I choose the second image, the 13 digit EU code (im in the UK)

Remember burning programs such as nero, you can use CD TEXT for track listings and you can add the UPC, you can also right click each track and on properties add the ISRC for each track, helping cd players show album info and download album art  (a professional little touch & easily done, tutorial on that will follow soon)

Remember they ask for NO card details, so you have a year to decide if your going to extend that year,  they will notify you when your are at the end, if you wish to not continue with them they pay any moneys owed & remove all besides that first track, if you decide to RE-UPLOAD you wont get the same UPC, ber that in mind. Web Store stats are 2/3 months behind (iTunes, amazon, spotify and so on) so for 2/3 months your not going to see any stats or information on your account, all's you can do is wait..
main thing is the site has a basic terms and conditions, unlike some of the random comments on the Tunecore music publishing agreement (about rights to perform you work in other languages)  none of that crap is in the distro agreement & you can cancel it any time you want...

for $25 and price control on that GooglePlay idea i noted above, id probably accept the deduction per sale idea and only upload to iTunes, amazon, spotify and the others bar google with distrokid  (kinda gives your Google a way to do promotions, competitions, IE set specific prices for sales or give away's)  ;)

ALSO Check back soon because i will show you how to get COVER VERSIONS of stuff onto iTunes, so you can help plug your OWN MUSIC using covers of other peoples music, the more unusual cover you create the more the fans of that other artist will enjoy your other works   :D

I don't work for DistroKid and i am a NEW member, that means I TOO WILL HAVE TO WAIT roughly 3 months to see if i have had any sales... (sales in post updated, Distrokid are genuine) :D
NOW.. with that in mind until i get a Pay out i have NO WAY to confirm how genuine this company is OR if they will pay me.. So until that time I am looking at this from ONE VIEW...
Im on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon UK and USA  (and its cost me nothing to be featured their)  I will be heard, even if im not paid... i have essentially made it to the on-line stores....
and i WILL update this post when i do or don't get paid, you have nothing to loose unless your song goes global and they run off with billions, but for many off us we don't care, we just want our work out their...
and.. well mine is out their.... using the method above, personally.. any pay out is a bonus lmfao

Music On iTunes PC & MAC
Music on iTunes iPhone, iPad, iPod
Music On Amazon

Music On GooglePlay and Look Who's Under Similar Artists

Note: googleplay prices have changed on my albums..
all prices listed in images are subject to change...

I Have Been Paid By Distro Kid
So I CAN Confirm It Works :D

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The Makers of REASON puts their very first app onto iTunes

The Makers of REASON puts their very first app onto iTunes... one wonders if a mobile version of reason will one day appear.. from Propellerhead Software...
We can only hope so... oo and yes yes yes yes by the way.. their first iTunes app...

Remember to expect bugs.. their kinda new at this... besides its FREE at the moment

Also ber in mind this is the company that brought you REASON 5 and the Ability to Use & Make your own Reason Re-Fill files....  So have patience... I think their just testing the waters with this...
Ide love to get Reason 5 on iPad and iPhone...

Time From Inception A Zimmerish Piece Of Lyrical Sorrow

Its on iTunes Here
Its on Amazon Here
Its on GooglePlay Here
Its on Loudr Here

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Worlds Running Outa Time AKA The Fight Will Be Your Own (With Lyrics)

This piece of music from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Score by Steve Jablonsky got so covered that it evolved. A mate suggested i try to put lyrics over it like ide done on John Murphys Surface of the sun (from sunshine) & Hans Zimmers Time (from Inception) But i was unsure to be honest and i sent it to someone else who kinda agreed with me that lyrics were a no no, but then that made me more determined to do it then LOL, so i hit play on the MP3 and record on the Mic & this is what i got off the top of my head :)

The World We Know Is Changing

Changing All Around Us
Theirs Nothing Much We Can Do

The Damage Has been Done
Can We Change The Future

Will People Ever Care
The Storms Go Thundering By
Ocean Lines Are Changing
Death Is Rising With The Tide

Mountains Are Gona Fall
And The Oceans Are Gona Rise
No More Clean Nature
No More Fresh Smellin Skys

The World As You Knew It Has Passed
What We Knew Just Turns Into Ashes
Fight Over Oil
Kill Each Other Day By Day
What Do We Have Left To Prove

Its Time We Opened Our Eyes
And Took A Good Luck At The Sky's
We Don't Have Much Time Left
Before Nature Reclaims The Earth

Battles Fought & Won
Over Lands We Cant Inhabit
Playin With Nukes & Biological Warfare

Is Their Anywhere Left Out Their
Were People Can Live In Peace
The World Needs To Change
And It Needs To Do It Know

Were Runnin Outa Time......

and then came the challenge to recreate the Music its self...

Licensed for sale on
 iTunes and GooglePlay


GarageBand iPad and iPhone Free for Today Only

GarageBand iPad and iPhone Free for Today Only

Look on your App Store For GarageBand and download it ASAP
its a very cool app, normally  £2.99 / $4.99

Nothing stops you grabbing it with iTunes on the PC
then you can use it in the future when you get an iPhone or iPad  ;)

If you only have iOS 6, it WILL allow you to download a compatible version
so you don't need iOS 7 to use this :)

Metronome by Musicopoulos  Is Also Free Today 
and if you haven't already, then also get  StrumStage while that's still free


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Creating Music Using iPhone iPad Hardware Software Review Part 001

Hi, Im TheWraith517, you can call me Bob...

Introduction Video



If you have already watched the video above you'll know what these "Mobile Music Creation Review" blog posts are going to be about... and why they have been created..

If not your going to miss things and information if you skip through the videos and posts.
I recommend watching, reading, watching, looking at images and try to follow the blog posts from the beginning, rather than just skimming through the posts and the videos.. 

Paying attention could save you a fair bit of money doing this
  and you may learn something you also didn't know to...

So, ive been set a budget for software and hardware...
I am a pc guru my self, so this apple thing is pretty new to me, but as i am very inquisitive with things, this will be pretty easy for me and I shall explain it as best i can, but feel free to ask questions on the Blog posts, rather than the video comments, keep the info all in one place so to speak...

I am going to start with the Guitar App's and Hardware first... simply because inApp Purchases can be such robbery if you don't understand what your doing OR more importantly what your getting..

Some of this gear YOU can use, even if you can't play a guitar...

There are many Guitar apps, Some you need to be able to play the guitar, some you DON'T!!
(and you CAN combine the two...)
So you can accomplish a great guitar sound using an actual keyboard, or strumming Pre-Defined Chords on the phone/pad screen, dead easy stuff...

So as you saw in the video, with the allotted budget i decided to opt for a phone, not a pc, mac or laptop, just an old 2nd hand iPhone lol
at least if i get fed up with the music, i still have a phone right? lol

 if you already use an iDevice and your having iOS 7 Issues, read here about easily downgrading back to iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 your self just using iTunes and the official Apple firmware download's  ;)

Apple iPhone  3GS  8GB
So the first piece of Hardware iPhone 3GS
8GB of storage space = £50
It came from a good source, 1 owner, fairly looked after and going rate at the time £60 to £79 and unknown condition. So first purchase a trusted bargain.  Ber in mind you can't put any memory cards into an iPhone, so an 8GB will always be 8GB, or 6.25GB in reality due to the firmware and on board software using up over a precious gig of your recording space, although you can pipe back out into a PC or AMP/PA. but depending on hardware bought from here on in will depend on what phone connection is needed, so hold off for now.

IK Multimedia iRig
Second piece of hardware is an iRig the original model (so it works on ANY  iPhone  or  iPad, what ever the connector the iDevice has i will still have power options)
Ber in mind the iRig works on ANY iPhone or iPad, but the iRig HD would require varied cables depending on the iDevice input.. 
IE, the iPad or iPhone with the "Lightning Connector" or the "30 Pin connector" as the HD is a digital device using the main input port, rather than the mic in/head phones out like the standard iRig.

IK Multimedia iRig

 So your basic guitar OR bass guitar plugs into this and the other end plugs into the phone or iPad, This is a lot less complex than the USB StealthPlug that many of you may remember for Guitar and Pc/Mac.

Once this is wired up you can go the app store and get a few free versions of IK Multimedia's software. You get a little book with this device listing other hardware and apps and you also get a registration card giving you download access to a manual on their site to.

 This piece of hardware generally retails for around anywhere between £9 and £18, varies on postage and seller, wouldn't pay more than £12 for it.

IK Multimedia iRig HD
 Remember a draw back here is the iRig uses an audio jack, so it's an analogue signal, It wouldn't be as clean as using the iRig HD, but then you must use a specific cable for the  iDevice to plug into, and then you loose access to your devices power socket, you can't have the iPhone/iPad on charge while using it with the iRig HD.. a little blunder from them.. as they could of easily fitted a power port into the side of it. Sadly you will notice i have a few creative and constructive gripes about this company's designs and inApp purchase  morals.
But we shall soldier on with this stuff and see were it goes..    The great thing about the HD, if overlooking the lack of power for your device while on stage, is the fact because its a digital input, theirs no real noise, so you would get the Studio clean sound using the iRig HD over the basic iRig.

IK Multimedia iRig HD

 IMPORTANT SAVING... You get the Lightning connector, the 30 pin connector and a USB cable with the HD version, so this could maybe get your HD studio sound and replace your old usb stealthplug at the same time as well as give you that Missing Lightning cable for the iRig Keys. I opted for the basic iRig so that i had money for other stuff, ber in mind this isn't my money and i am on a budget, which i may reveal at the end.

 The iRig HD sell anywhere from £60 to £80

see why i went for the basic £12 iRig now? lol
that said, if your a pro guitar player and you don't intend to use this on stage for long periods  (IE you can sit off while your device charges) then i truly recommend you get the iRig HD over the basic iRig..

I went with IK because that was the main condition of the deal i was made and i think they chose me as  i have used the USB StealthPlug in videos and have used that software before (on a pc) so i no how stuff works and im a Composer and Mixer, NOT just a Mixer...  Their is an alternative company that produces an Analogue interface and a HD digital interface (both devices also work with IK Software as well as their own AmpKit) that company "Agile Partners" and their products are here AmpKit LiNK HD  The software seams good and also has a range of addon packs giving you more amps and effects.  Their HD device also allows for charging the phone. note though that the site says 

"Charge while you play: With the optional AC adapter, you can charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch while you play—a must for gigging"  

It doesn't state whether you can just use your phone charger OR whether you have to buy a separate charger, thinking the worst i would assume its a special adapter to sponge more money out of you
(if anyone has one please comment below and let us know)
and i will add the info here in the future.

First Piece of Software is, AmpliTube (i got the EXACT ONE shown here )
I note that because their are a few versions, be cautious about what you buy...

From The Official Apple Page, Note: red text added by ME

I would avoid ALL the others for now... don't go grabbing them all because the in app purchases i feel are very unfair because they don't transfer between their apps, and you could waste well up to £60 on stuff that they will happily let you essentially buy two or three or even four times between the other LIMITED apps....

So again i reiterate.. don't skip ahead and start buying other stuff or any inApp stuff yet   ;)
they do an AmpliTube Fender for example for £10.49, it comes with a few amps and you can buy 2 addons via the inApp purchase..
4-Track Recorder and Master FX  £6.99.
Midi Control £2.99
In total you would of just spent £20 and 47 pence...  DON'T DO IT
the same goes for the AmpliTube Hendrix and the AmpliTube Slash they are a waste of money!!
All three of them apps want you to buy the same 4-track recorder and midi support.

Personally i think if you BUY the hendrix, fender and slash that they should Unlock with a Restore Purchase inside AmpliTube and i think if you bought the 4-Track or midi support in ONE app, it should restore purchase in ALL the others..but ya no what..  THEY WON'T  meaning you would have to buy them again for AmpliTube its self.. so don't go spending £20.47 x £20.47 x £20.47  a whooping total of  £61.41 on 3 apps  only to find the best app and fully expandable app is the basic looking  AmpliTube.... which will still want the 4-Track and the midi purchasing to use them...

I got my AmpliTube for £6.99 (most their apps were on offer at the time)  it now sells for £13.99

This may sound steep for an iPhone/iPad app, and more expensive than the hendrix, fender and slash versions.. but think on... this is a guitar amp and guitar effects, that is MORE expandable than any of the others AND you can add the others to this without buying them fully. its a bargain as it stands with the £12  iRig.

Upon opening AmpliTube you get to demo some sounds and a tuner and metronome, handy tools removing the need for other random metronome and tuner apps...

This is the recorder interface, the £6.99 in app purchase
that would have to be bought at least 4 times if you got the 4 apps talked about (so far)
So be sure to just get AmpliTube for now...
And only have to buy this Optional Extra ONCE
(note unless you pay the £6.99 you only get 1 recording channel)
Bounce?  means you can move ALL 4 channels onto channel 1, freeing up 3 more channels, not perfect i know, but its better than the iPhone Tascam which appears to of stopped working a long time ago and no ones bothered to update it, shame really..


Here is that Master FX which you get along with the 4 track for your £6.99

 The "SONG" Option lets you load an audio file from your iPhone/iPad
so you can jam along with anything you have on your phone
this also has the ability to slow it down during playback to, which is handy for them people who listen to learn. the "No Voice" isn't perfect, but it can mute down some vocal layers within songs, all depends on the mastering of the original track your trying to take vocals away from...

Its still annoying me they would happily have you pay out an extra £39.92 across 4 apps after already buying them apps.. instead of just £9.98, then have you also buy the Fender, Slash and Hendrix individual inApp expansion purchases , even if you already owned them apps in full already..... morally that blows, as does spending any amount of money and still seeing not only pop ups.. but come and look at this app now/cancel boxes,  guys that's fkn SPAM...
They will even let you buy a fender amp in AmpliTube, and negate to tell you if you just bought the fender addon you'd get them all...  luckily im pretty savy with computers, apps and shareware stuff, but im sure many have bought some inApp purchases and then thought sh*t wtf have i just done...
Ide understand if people bought the hendrix, fender or slash, just to have it their and easier to navigate, but them inApp's should be free if you've bought them in ANY other IK app...

Right were was i.. oOOo  yeah  inApps...  Now these inApps i agree with (also shows theirs NO NEED for the other greed when they can make genuine deserved money off these)

 Anyway, other in apps (on ampliTube) you WONT get these on hendrix, slash or fender hence why i said BUY the simple Amplitube....  AmpliTube offers a range of additional guitar amps and effect peddles, generally £1.99 each, which is epic considering the price of the real things... and the availability of some of these things.. go from a guitar and a peddle board, to a guitar and a phone... for less money than a pedal board with NO pedals even on it  : /

Here are some examples of Stomp Boxes as some people call them...
to many of us... their just Guitar Pedals....

Here are some of the Amp types...
you can change the mic and the distance of the mic
you can also adjust the amp dials like a normal amp

Here are some of the inApp Purchase Options and Prices..

And i bet your wondering what that drum thing is at the top on other screen shots?
It gives you some backing beats to play along with

IF you plan to buy AmpliTube and then buy ALL the bits that come with it, what I would recommend is buy AmpliTube for the £13.99, open it up, go to the store and then by the Expansion for "Fender, Hendrix and Slash"  first...  This will automatically add a lot of the Amp's and Stomp Boxes, reducing what's now in the other store sections. Then look for any other pack offers, only after that should you buy any of the individual inApp purchases  ;)

Part TWO of this "Mobile Music Creation Review" will cover iPhone and iPad keyboards.
(part 3 will cover a mixture of apps, other pianos, synths, inc the iArmonica, bagpipes, even trumpets)

So for now..
what about those who Can't play the Guitar but need a guitar for their music creation?

Well i will be showing in part 2 how to get a Guitar Lead instrument sound using a keyboard with Pitch wheel (and an iPhone/iPad)  but for now let me introduce you to a few guitar apps were you DON'T need to be able to play any instrument at all to get some guitar rhythm stuff going..

and the first one is FREE and has NO Adverts  :D

First up is  StrumStage a free app for iPhone and iPad

StrumStage Splash Screen On iPhone

It comes with one guitar (has 3 others for 69 pence each)
It also has drum beats you can download as inApp purchases
but the great thing about this app is the "Chord Pallets" which download free
(and you can create your own sets of pallets to)

So as long as you have a list of chords on paper or in your head you can tell the app to use a Specific Set of chords and you can alternate between them chords by simply using 3 fingers in random orders while strumming the screen... (and if you chop up a few wires, or have a few cables and TWO iDevices, then nothing would stop you running StrumStage into an iRig on a 2nd device) just remember to keep the volume on the FIRST Device (running strumstage) just under half way, save pushing too many ohms into the 2nd phone, that said many guitars have electromagnetic pickups, so iRig can stand a few ohms like :)

You can see the guitar selection and you can see how using 3 fingers alternates between the chords shown at the top of the app, they can be changes sweeping sideways to pre-set pallets, which can be made be holding the chord icon on the right for a few seconds to reveal the chord pallets, none of which currently cost anything.. besides the 69p guitars.. and paying for drum loops..

You can also get Real Guitar for £0.69 which sounds nice, but is limited to 2 guitar models, but its more basic and easier to set up if your really stupid like lol, but StrumStage chord changing is easier tbh, but then this has the Open String ability when NO chord is pressed in... yes i tried it with "wish you were here" lol
For 69 pence anyway its an impressive chord database.

Real Guitar Splash Screen

Chances are that could be run through a 2nd Device to, it just means making sure you have NO effects on the device your strumming, and use the effects on the device that's fed into... Have i got you wondering if you can feed a music keyboard audio output into iRig yet?
well ive used a StealthPlug, on a yamaha keyboard, sending a piano into Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 with the USB stealthplug and pc lol.

There is also Guitar Room Pro which is kinda cool, £2.99 for a wall of guitars, their is a free version with limitations like a demo version, looks like this, ide only get this if you can't play the guitar and have no plans to, but just want some odd chords and sounds for your music productions, or wish to jam along with someone on one of the other apps (so you both don't sound the same)

Official App Store Image

For Learning Chords ide probably go with "Guitar Suite"  or  "Guitar Suite HD"
(note that the HD is iPad only, IE, downloading one doesn't get you the other)
I got both of these at different stages a while ago using AppGratis for one and AppsGoneFree for the other, pretty good info on FREE iPhone and iPad apps here  
(no jail break needed & its all legal and genuine add free retail apps)

Anyway.. Remember...
Music is all about SOUND, not just melody, an acoustic will always be an acoustic, yet you palm it for effect at times, experimenting is what its all about, who cares if you have 3000+ professional string samples.. so has everyone else with uTorrent and fruity loops...

Last but not least, check out GarageBand, another legend app £2.99 and worth every penny.

 for Part 2 Click Here   :D

feel free to comment and suggest the NAMES of apps...
A Simple APP Name Is Enough For Google Search...

also note if your on iOS 8 and would like to get your device back onto iOS 7 read this blog post on identifying your device and iTunes to legally downgrade the iOS.