Please note that i am NOT a singer, i also seldom write anything, i just Improvise lyrics, then tweak them afterwards if needed. Most my songs are a one shot take "vocally"
It's rare i do songs because they tend to get interrupted, ice cream vans, neighbours slamming front doors, intercom, text messages.. If i don't get the full improvisation in the first take then it can be horrific trying to vocally finish it. With not being a singer i find most my songs tend to work first time around because the emotion and mood behind it is genuine, to try and re-sing it is a nightmare...
But.. most movies never play a Full Song, its normally something playing in a bar, or a store, or a car radio. So I figured why not list my songs & demo songs for your movies as well.

Original Songs (owned by me)

When She Turns That Key (Full Song)
When She Turns That Key (Live Unplugged)
When The End Came Living After The Aftermath (Full Song)
Projecting Empathy  (Full Song)
Spend My Days In The Shadows (Full Song)
Farewell To The Rogue Warrior (Full Song)
I Just Cant Say Why Im Cursed (Demo Song)
When Your Names Called From That Ledger (Demo Song)
Purgatory Original Demo Jam (Demo Song)
Each Day Is A Gift, But Even Kings Don't Get Gifts Every Day (Full Song)
When She Turns That Key (Original Demo Take)

Most of these are also on iTunes and similar online stores
I have more to add soon...

For other songs i have recorded, check out the Cover Versions page.

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