Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Using My Music OR Other Peoples Content In You Projects (Advice)

As most of you no, you can't monetise with my music (at the moment) but as Audiam are still growing and evolving i do have hopes they will support a 50/50 split revenue with uploader's at some stage (providing an incentive to use my music and earn from it outside of adsense) But what video editors need to remember is Creative Commons use holds more problems than its worth.

A) Creative commons use means you can't upload a derivative of a file licensed under creative commons.  IE,  to make a slide show or a video (to build upon the content, alters the source) It changes the mood, emotion, all aspects of the object your using. Most people who Make Music have no idea the restrictions they place on YOU The Editor..
Your free to use my music.. you just can't currently earn from it directly.. And you get a small ad over the video (not a wait 30 seconds or a click to skip) unless you used others content as well.

B) Creative commons also means that other tick box on youtube called (show ads BESIDE my videos) Which is a one tick option across ALL your videos, In essence a peice of music used under C.C, again you would be breaking the law having that box ticked..
Your free to tick that box using my music.. you just can't monetise the video it's self.

C) Some artists will let you Build upon the content, but legally, youtube wants you to change the "Standard Youtube License" to "Creative Commons"  You understand that when you do that.. Anyone can remix, and edit your video & save it to their own youtube channel.
That's a disaster as you will loose control of ALL the visual and audio content of that video, you'll be able to maintain (c) over your content, but anyone who wants to share it and air it can, regardless of you ever knowing where its posted, you'll loose comments, views, statistics and inspiration that your fans bring.. when part of your video is in someone's funnier compilation.
You DON'T have to use that drop down when using my music, in fact at the moment, until rev-split is enabled you can't use that option with my content..

D) Nothing stops you joining Audiam in advance of the split option and what you can also do is start saving your video (as an audio file) without the music present, and copyrighting that via audiam. Then you'd have my music claim & your dialogue claim. So you could be earning from the video anyway if you use your head...

Many people download royalty free music from websites, buy dvd's of Loops on eBay.. many of which are Ripped from computer software like MaGiX, Ulead, Fruityloops, Acid Pro. Most of which although royalty free, they can't be distributed that way (after all they are a perk of BUYING the software) and again they generally fall upon the "Don't Build Upon" Even if they don't, the license grants the program user via the license agreement, that agreement has a life cycle and can change when the new version is released OR the makers sell the app and its re-branded. So its probably safer using music from someone who plays it by hand.. rather than mixing stuff they have leased within a software environment..

I'm pretty careful what i use and what i provide, in-fact i changed from Wraith and Jones Productions to Wraith and Friends Productions because not only did jone's cause conflict after conflict legally, but to also remove wasted sharing of credit when the majority wss mine & the latter was far far to often essentially ripped off and he couldn't even remember where he'd robbed it from.

 SO the friends aspect of this company covers the fact i work with others still, but the defining decision maker is me, the researcher and producer is also me. I own this company and what i provide can be used for none commercial use (unless agreed upon with me directly at this present time)
The main thing is it is legally safe to use my work and any claims on my behalf do not affect your account. This is something you MUST remember, because the time you put in could still be earning you money.. every little helps to..

Knowing Your Rights Is Important as a Content Creator.. Sleep Easy knowing i have spent almost 4 years researching the logistics of music and the legal options surrounding it.



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