Friday, 16 November 2012

Error Installing .NET KB2698023 KB2742597 Fix

So you get an error when you try windows update
and it comes up failed when you run KB2698023  or  KB2742597

and it keeps on bugging you that you need that update....

I guess maybe you even tried downloading  "netfx.msi"  as advised on OTHER places ROFL

And its told you A Resource within was is unavailable?

well it would... as you don't have it like (as u only downloaded the msi)

Here is what you do....


Download THIS (the update with the issue)  NDP1.1sp1-KB2698023-X86.exe
  OR This one 
Download THIS (the update with the issue) NDP1.1sp1-KB2742597-X86.exe
OR This one
Download THIS (the update with the issue) NDP1.1sp1-KB2833941-X86.exe
(you only need 1, and then maybe the other, use the one your update failed on)

Both Files Come Direct From Microsoft    (DO NOT INSTALL IT  YET)

Now... Download THIS...

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package

From Microsoft HERE   (DON'T INSTALL IT)

RIGHT CLICK ON    dotnetfx.exe

and select   EXTRACT   TO    dotnetfx  
(this will give you 5 files, you need these for 5 mins)
No extract option?  install winZip or 7zip  (their both free) or extract with WinRAR

now with those files extracted,,,  RUN   EITHER



and Install it...

when Asked for "netfx.msi"
Browse to it (where YOU extracted the other one) & the installation should accept it and finalize

simply because I am smart and Microsoft are not..... cant believe they fkd this up with a replacement

DON'T just Google  dotnetfx.exe
if the MS link changes.....
and search for it their and MAKE SURE you get .NET 1.1 version of dotnetfx.exe (not the 1.0)

Oooo and yes.... it works for them ALL....

And i can't believe some of the sites ive seen telling people to uninstall ALL .NET and start installing them all from scrtatch.... wtf do u do next time MS do this... uninstall it all again?  wtf people
oddly replaces the last update yet causes the same problem
good old Microsoft.. BAH...


Because it keeps doing this on certain systems with certain Updates ive started creating a folder HERE on the computer Like This
That way its their for future problems with the files ready for me

Just an Example, You CAN Put your Folder Anywhere is also really messy
After your told to reboot & the pc comes back on,  .net is still installing stuff
and sometimes even after a 2nd reboot, its still installing stuff & making system changes

so before attempting another update test
its best to open "Task Manager"  and keep an eye out for

2 EXE files that appear & then disappear, make sure their both done & gone
(don't try to close them, let them work)
these are the files that are normally going after 2/3 reboots

they will stay their (until i reboot again)
and they maybe back again after the reboot
its hard to tell if their modifying .net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 or v4
but until their gone, .net isn't fully updated

yet have you ever seen windows update tell you to reboot your pc 5 times in a row after updates?,  ive not seen that, yet that's what it takes.... so it could be 5 days after actually updating that all the fixes are applied.. depending on how often you boot & shut down the pc...  that's kinda bad...

sometimes only the mscoresvw.exe is visible
but a reboots needed till it goes away

if it fails,  Re-Extract the dotnetfx.exe
Don't really no why, but i think the installer modifies the MSI from the last time you did it  ;)

Easy Work Around?
well theirs a way around this, but its slow
what you do is only install the ,NEt 1.1 updates  (and reboot twice)
then install the ,NET 2 updates & reboot twice
then the 3 and then the 3.5 and then the 4

this way is slow, but appears to work

also you could make a bat file that installs .net & updates
then reboots the pc and checks for one of the Specific KB UPDATE folders in the win dir
and if its seen it skips to installing .net 3.5, then reboots checks for 1,2 or 3 and then does v4
then its just a case of adding each update to a folder & the bat
you could also mark the bat out with  #DOT_NET_1.1   and  DOT_NET_1.1_Updates
and manually evoke the bat from a menu bat to skip to install OR just update
I have a windows Update BAT Script concept, that's available coming soon on my PC Repair blog Here   :)

KB2742597 error
KB2698023 error
KB2836939 error
KB2836940 error
KB2836941 error
KB2835393 error
KB2833941 error
KB2833940 error
KB2832411 error
KB2832407 error
KB2840628 error
KB2840629 error
KB2844285 error
KB2840628 error
KB2844285 error


  1. 2 days I have been trying to install KB2698023, I was so hopeful when i saw your didn't work, I'm ready to throw my laptop through a window!

    1. doing that wont fix it lol
      I no .net updates are so stupid & frustrating, If your using Windows "Vista" or Windows "7" what you might need to do is extract the "dotnetfx.exe" directly to your desk top (so the actual update has permission to access it) folder permissions on vista & 7 are a pain.

      Also if you are on vista or 7, make sure you right click (on the actual update) and select "Run As Administrator" rather than just double clicking it :)
      other than that im unsure what else to recomend as ive carried this out susecfuly on 5 machines now, 3 xp's, 1 vista ultimate & 1 windows 7 home premium

    2. also just a thought, but if that fails, turn off automatic updates & then restart the pc twice (then try it)
      it may already be trying to install while your trying to install it, or it maybe a pending install each time you reboot, turning auto updates off & rebooting twice should make sure its not trying to do its self, let us no if it worked :)

  2. I've tried all of this and it still doesnt want to go through.
    The update no longer asks for me to find the .msi and simply tells me it had a problem while trying to install. I have windows XP. Am I doing something wrong, perhaps?

    1. If its no longer asking for the msi then part of the update may of actually went in
      (a few people said the yellow shield disappeared 2 days later)

      try unpacking this one instead
      apparently that has a different CRC and then unpack the actual update as well

      A couple of recent machines ive fixed i had to extract the actual "ndp1.1sp1-kb2698023-x86.exe" its self and then run the MSP file inside it to install

  3. Thanks. I am installing as admin and dotnetfx.exe is on my desktop. the error when installing from desktop is this: "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch." Not sure what to do from here. I like your music.

    1. Im a little confused as it sounds like your trying to install "dotnetfx.exe" which your not meant to, your meant to "right click" on that and select "Extract Files"

      then right click on "NDP1.1sp1-KB2698023-X86.exe"
      and run that as admin & when asked by the installer you "Browse" to the extracted files

      if your doing it as ive described & its still failing then the NDP1 update file maybe the wrong file for your videos of windows

      in which case, you need to "Click start menu" look for "My Computer" and "right click" on it, select "properties"
      the following box will then show you what version of windows you have

      whether Its XP, vista, windows 7 (BUT) more importantly it'll tell you if your running Service Pack 1 or 2 and will also tell you if your machine is 32bit or 64bit (x86 or x64)
      once you no what OS/Spec your running

      find your OS on this list here

      but make sure the FIX you download
      is for this KB number "KB2698023" :)

      My musics getting better lol

  4. *Your Version (not your videos)
    im not to sure what my spell checker was thinking there haha

  5. Thanks, yes that is exactly what i did. I didn't install dotnetfx. just extracted it. I know I'm installing the right version, tried installing the automated update KB2698023 and additionally downloaded it to my desktop and tried installing w/o any luck. I'm pretty good at fixing things normally on my own....but this has me going in circles!

    1. yeah you prity much sounded like you were above average compared to most people i try to help, which is always refreshing for me lol. You just threw me off track when u said the dotnetfx was on the desk top (which as you no that exe is irrelevant and its whats inside it that matters)

      sadly i cant really help any further as your issue is specific to your system, but no doubt next month they will release a fix

      i hate .net my self to lol, i used it for a game trainer back in 2005 and its been a lil pain in the *** since lol

      have you tried what i said to "ManiacTVHackers" on here?,
      you could try to extract the actual update and go into the folder for that and run the MSP file instead and launch the install directly from that rather than its exe (the exe uses command switches to install) but the msp just installs with no variables passed to windows installer

  6. I did try your suggestion as well, running the MSP file and it gives me the same message, "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch." Thanks for your help...somethings got to give.

    1. If you manage to get to the bottom of it, please pop back and let me no. If i encounter it on anyone's pc and figure it out i will let you no, but until i face the issue on a system in front of me, im unsure why that's assuming you don't have the file that needs updating : /

  7. Finally got my issue resolved. I was getting other updates as well that I wasn't able to install, so I opted for the total uninstall of all net framework then reinstalled, it resolved my issues. Thanks again and happy holidays!

    1. thanks for letting me no how you got on, sorry you had to do it the painstaking way, but glad its now working

      Seasons Greetings :)

  8. I had the same problem on 5 out of 6 office compters. I installed this update on one computer without any problems but on others I had the error pop up. Going with your instructions solved the problem right in a first try. Thanks for sharing the solution. You have my graditude and a new blog subscriber :)

    1. your welcome and thanks for subscribing :)

      this .net concept should work on any future update problems to, and im guessing if we have a .net 2 or 3.5 or v4 problem that downloading the redist for them versions and unpacking should probably solve them issues to :)

  9. post updated (15.1.2013) to help with the new update
    (that was meant to address the last update problem)
    yet apparently causes the same bug, good old ms strikes again lolz

    1. The new one went fine for me so I guess I am the lucky one :)

  10. After trying (and failing) many times with the automatic update, your solution worked very well for me. Thank you very much.


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