Saturday, 3 November 2012

What side of the road are you really on?

After a recent conversation with a mate about music
I was again left with the feeling he thinks basically (Im Rushing my music)
which makes it basically mediocre & worse still... meaningless music

and i had to think to my self for a moment & realized.....
after all the stuff ive worked on with him, that without any Imagination...
he could never feel it when he HEARD IT,  unless he SEES IT while he Hears It
Which isn't really my problem is it?

and it made me think about what "their" music means to "them...."
and what "my" music means to "me..."
and where "My" music is "Going"
and where "Their" music "Came From"

                                    / /
           "TALENT"      / /  "SKILL"
           Composer    ///   Arranger (mixing is a skill)
          Performer    / /    Player  (playing is a skill)
               Writer    ///   Narator  (talking is plain old talking, voice is natural)
Graphic Designer  / /    Photographer (having a good eye and aptitude for a job aint talent)

What side of the road are you really on?

All Talent is,
Imagination and Improvisation & Fake, Yet its More true to the Artist,
still fake to outsiders,  BUT..
"as to their own creative imagination its real in that moment"
(Talent Is what makes an Entertainer Rather than A Performer with skill)

a story can be alive

a true living idea

an idea can become real for many people can't it?

Santa, Easter bunny, the boogie man,

after all.. even adults have god...  lmfao

Talent doesn't need life changing moments to
 "Define & Bring Forth Emotional Creations"
(a mate give's the impression, my musics released so fast that its epically meaningless production)
Zero emotion behind it
basically gives the impression he could do the same stuff 10 a penny
(and actually chooses not to, because music to him is more than that)

Now i can respect that, even though he will shrug off my music
to talk about a cool movie trailer, that i simply must must watch as its amazin....

Music im doing to try and get a library together to score our own movies,
movies he wants to go out and film & slap together with someone elses music
Im all for making fun movies & having a laugh, but with NO job & having family...
well cash would be handy, so why not do stuff we can SELL?..

Or agree to disagree and fek off and let me get on with it

All SKILL is..
Lessons Learnt, to be able to "DO" something, Fake = putting on an Act,
Reliving an Event is actually an act & an act is something fake,
even if it was once real, its not now....

It's past, not present, its been, Its gone, its old, not new, its no longer even yours
hell.... it belongs to time its self.. and its far from any of your own ideas..
its ALL circumstances, happenstance, sad & happy moments which you where generally were "part of"
and being part of something doesn't make that something actually Your Idea or creation...

Its Orchestrated moments composed not by you but by moments in life
moments that you were destined to do (destiny = unchangeable and out of your actual hands)
music about an event that's been and gone is no more real Nor personal than music about an IDEA

Music composed in mere minuets makes them no less personal or emotional to the composer,
just because they were not inspired by a real life event such as a...
marriage, divorce, a birth, or a new job, or even new home...

Maybe they fail to see that the music that flows easily
is actually like being able to talk to someone about ANYTHING
(just because others can't IMAGINE the Scene doesn't mean the composers not Feeling it)
and i use the term FEELING,  not FELT,  Current,  Not past
"A Living Moment in Real Time"
NOT a composition orchestrated by circumstances created by LIFE
They are "Inspired Moments Composed"
NOT orchestrated after they've been "Shown To You OR You lived Them"
& their inspired by ME & how i see & feel about things
Not just Personally but also Globally around me.

Spot the Difference....
Your really talented the way you pack those boxes?
Your really talented the way you sing that song?

No.... your really skilled
u can either sing or u cant
even a monkey can learn to pack a box...

Your really skilled the way you designed the artwork on them boxes?
Your really skilled the way you Wrote that song?

No.... your really talented
you can either DESIGN or You Can't & u Copy & Paste
you can either Write or You Can't

Some of us have Empathy for others & the world around us
Some of us have Empathy only for our selves & our mistakes

And i just realized that how ever artistic some people are.....
That without Empathy, without conscience, without Remorse

Only leads to "Regret" and Regret is a FAR CRY from Remorse!!!

It's a lonely, paranoid, regretful & meaningless existence
where the only thing that matters,
is doing better & being better off than anyone around you..
does that really make up for a bad memory's & make someone feel good?
As long as you go out with a smile on your face, then who gives a fk right?
hiding your feelings & future with orchestrations of the past
Is never going to allow anyone to openly express Ideas with everything bottled, Jared and labeled

Without Empathy, you cant have Imagination : /

and without Imagination, you can't have actual Creation..

Only Orchestration, which is also a far cry from Composing Creation
its re-creation staying in synch, FOLLOWING A PATH,
which timing was also invented by someone else....

Deviating from the path of synch is Composing
Staying within the Confines of Normality is Cliche, mediocre, stereo typical
and a far cry from Talented Creation....

I don't go out much
yet im not one to be looking at the world from a perspective of standing in the corner
keeping all my secrets to my self while watching what everyone else is doing
Im joining in and creating to express my Current feelings, and sharing that to help others.

Im not orchestrating moments from the past to keep reliving my mistakes every time i hear the track
talk about gluten for punishment  : /

 I get as much pleasure from hearing a peice of music
as i would if i heard it while WATCHING the scene unfold on a TV
But then i have imagination... apparently    x1000
and ive proved that time & time again on countless Improvised filming days & projects

 Everything i imagine comes from inspiration, and inspiration is driven by


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