Thursday, 8 December 2016

Stargate Atlantis Letters from Pegasus 2005 (2016) Messages

When i first watched this episode "Letters from Pegasus" the music was so epic, some SGA tracks still sound great today but Instruments are like Colours.. some age well and some don't. I decided to have a pop at this track. Please note it isn't intended to be heard or judged as an exact recreation, i wasn't going for exact, anyways enjoy.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Working Class Hero (John Lennon Cover) Explicit Lyrics

I as just messing around with the guitar and the old poundland pc desk mic i used to use, honestly not really been in a music mood of late, no block as such, just tied up with other stuff that impacts on ones vibe. Anyways improvised a cinematic string layer over it and a little bit of lead guitar, nothing fancy.

Monday, 30 May 2016

If Your Going To Offer Me Work Then Keep It Real Hey

I duno if this blog post is a rant or a simple comedy sketch, but so getting sick of these kinda people trying to offer me work...

I wanted to carry on like this...

Even if i was single with no kids.. If i take them 61 hours.. then the extra 24 I give you out of curtsey to pay me. Then the hour I spent finding your location, the x amount of hours travelling to their, then taking into consideration the time it takes to beat you to death. Then add on the jail time for that too.. Hell that's gotta be like 25 years and about 72 hours of my life you owe me for...

That said, I could be out in half that though for good behaviour, but how ever long inside gives one plenty of contemplation time on how best to slowly and mercilessly dispose of the rest of your family..

Not that i'm a vindictive kinda person.. but hey.. I do often hear prison changes people right?

.. But then.. when sarcasm gets misconstrued as a death threat hey.. lmfao

@RichLikeMeee  can't be that rich if he's begging for smucks, and if he is rich he must have expensive tastes to go to so much trouble to try and gain more... So sick of these looser's praying on the stupid..

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

TalkTalk Hacked and The Database Is Decrypted And In The Wild?

Anyone with TalkTalk needs to MAKE SURE they changed all Their log in details for TalkTalk AND    Anything Anywhere else.. that uses the same Email, or home address of phone number and the password.

People may remember talk talk said they had been hacked but didn't know the extent
on Wednesday the 21st of October 2015..  Police came on board on the 22nd.

Then they said to everyone the system has been taken offline and when it returns people will be requested to  "change your password" when the sites back up..
Then they told everyone on facebook that its fine and NOTHING WAS TAKEN... They lied.. all posts where deleted BUT they had already sent out this email

No banking details where taken no my account passwords had been accessed, yet they took the system off line (because they couldn't tell if it was safe to be online.. clearly!!)

For a society that needs telling a packet of Pnuts MIGHT contain nuts.. It still perplexes me they didn't really state  IF YOUR PASSWORD AND EMAIL FOR OUR SITE IS USED ON OTHER SITES THEN CHANGE IT THEIR TOO..

I clearly remember the Farce because they said Nothing Was Taken & yet they recomended changing your password.. We Know.. We Are Sure.. But yet.. just in case?  wtaf lol

The last email i got regarding the sordid fkn affair was this one A CONFIRMATION...

So much for nothing taken.. FKN LOVE THE WAY IT SAYS    NO LESS  (like thats not bad)
lets read that with out the no less and say AT LEAST

Hackers Obtained
at least 21,000 Bank account numbers and sort codes
at least 28,000 Credit card and debit card details
at least 15,000 Dates of birth
at least 1.2 Million email addresses, Names and phone numbers
How do them figures even add up?

Clearly they have name, address, email, password, phone number, date of birth, bank account sort code , card numbers issue, expiry, security code for around 3+ Million people...
This would be why the data base encryption has only taken about 7 months for them to crack rather than 4 or 5 years.. So many must of been working on it because they must know how much it was worth.. its a telecommunications encrypted database and its worth noting these are NOT english people making the phone calls...

Bogus calls are on the rise.. DIRECT CALLS to Talk Talk customers.. The caller knows your Number.. Knows your a Customer & knows your name & address.. This means YES at least ONE database was stolen AND HAS NOW BEEN Decrypted OR at least partially decrypted regardless of the time line above..

A) haven't got full bank details
B) They have yet to break that encryption.. 
C) them red numbers are in a separate file, yet to be decrypted 
clearly between 1.. 2 even 10 systems (they have your Full A/C number or how the machine bill you if it cant access them numbers.. 

You CAN split details between databases and encrypt them differently.. But how many databases where stolen???.. Either way the ONSLAUGHT of their cock up in October 2015 is showing its nasty head as of the 23rd of May 2016 & the talktalk website has done sod all to inform people...

As talk talk don't have a clue what's really gone on.. It seams fruitless to even ask them..
"but how did THEY get talktalk customers User Account Numbers to quote on the call????"
 .. clearly the database..
ALSO have any other talk talk customers noticed their ISP if you check on is currently showing talk talk customers ISP as Tiscali who ever they are.. Why is my ISP no longer named as TalkTalk... VERY STRANGE???

Talk Talks website today seams more concerned in Placing adverts for AOL than WARNING its customers...

Talk Talk Site 24th May 2016
The Guardian has reported on it today here, really does mean the database is in the wild.. OTHERWISE how would they know your name.. your address.. your phone number AND that your specifically with TalkTalk...  to convenient as far as i'm concerned..

Is this why LinkedIn was hacked too... Was a TalkTalk admin moonlighting at linkedin using the same details on their LinkedIn admin account?  then hackers using their details stolen from TalkTalk allowed them access to a LinkedIn admin panel?

its a valid question isn't it?...

Anyways here is some other people talking about it from Yesterday before the Guardian even picked up on it..

I can also confirm Me and my Girlfriend have both been having random phone calls (talk talk have both our Unlisted Mobile numbers) Calls regarding a car accident claim.. These calls started approx 4 maybe 5 days ago.. They clearly got the first fkn database to open a few weeks ago and it was the mobile phone database which is a direct attack (numbers are numbers only no char) So you no its a dictionary base with context, IE the content should nearly all be the same length.. its more complex than that by hand. But essentially numbers that are defined by the system are easier to extract as there is no real quibble on the Characters.   If its Land Lines in the uk then its looking for sets of  4..  3... 4  digits.. So you can define that as 4,3,4 or 11.. It clearly makes it faster knowing your only looking for Numbers and not symbols or letters.. land line wise you can say the string is 11.. No more No less..  ALSO.. Once popped open.. you know what the encryption was.. what company made it and so on.. that's then used to help to pop the rest.. Its a paper trail & time.. The more details people give over the phone, the more they have to look for inside the database.. People are currently Helping these Hackers add more information to what ever they are using to dissect more info from behind the encrypted code.

Anyways.. talktalk.. ya clearly fkn idiots, ya website needs a BIG A$$ WARNING..
about scam calls.. and  CHANGING passwords  ON OTHER SITES... and you need to get btOpenreach guys to stop causing faults to get paid to come bk out.. their scammin you & sky with the building i live in and they've been told be my AND other residents.. yet it still goes on...

You need to WARN CUSTOMERS ASAP..  Hell.. even if you used a different Email on Other sites.. yet same password.. they'll get in at some stage.. because your name.. your D.O.B.. your location...  and other info will be in big fat Dictionary text files for dictionary based attacks.
These people fire millions of passwords and millions of email addresses, each lock is like a pin board..

Remember Hotmail, Google, Yahoo accounts and Facebook accounts.. loads  got hacked & spammed about a year "after eBay was hacked".. They be like don't panic.. paypal is a separate system it wasn't compromised.. yet their in ya email.. visit paypal.. hit forgot password.. email reset link..  All sites clearly need different passwords.. ALL of them..


this is a wild rant, probably grammar like im 5.. i don't care.. read it.. share it.. this is about TIME.. not grammar.. the message is important.. IF you ever been with TalkTalk (or Virgin Media)  because WHO KNOWS  exactly what Information Virgin passed to talk talk..
I was with virgin media on adsl.. they handed ME and my account to TalkTalk and did away with ADSL...

They say the hack was on the 21st of October 2015, police got involved on the 22nd, between the faffing & the lies tryna cover their a$$es THIS WHOLE BLOG POST APPLIES TO EVERY CUSTOMER RELATING TO THESE SERVICES

TalkTalk customer Prior to November 2015
Virgin Media "National ADSL" customer Prior to November 2015


Well first things first, as i said i gather they popped the Land Line database first, thats clearly the easiest as you no its 11 Numbers no more no less & no other characters.
So they'll ring around phishing for missing bank details AND any who know how its really done will want you to confirm your post code & your email (this could help them to unlock 2 or more other databases by knowing more of what should be inside)

Now they have your email.. they can spam that.. once they get your password a bot or an app of some kind will Log in and download your actual address book, another bot or app may hit sites & select forgot password and fire the email in. The account will get multiple emails from sites giving password reset info and options.. doors wide open now (secret words used as recovery options and all kinds of info that again may help decrypt whats inside a database) Some will just fire Spam to everyone in your address book (so it looks like u sent it) they may just use a bogus address or one from ur book and send it from them.. suddenly they think they have been hacked as people got spam off them, yet the spam was faked.

Some people can have the same password for 2 or 3 of thier email addresses, and they assume the hacker only have one email to attack.. But so many people get their address book robbed and spam crap that most our emails are on a list somewhere (taken from our porn surfing internet pals) and all these lists have new passwords thrown at them every day.. its automated..

Hackers will SELL chunks of data to random people.. depending on how skilled these people buying it are will depend on how much information they manage to gather before you become aware its a hoax call or hoax email. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER...

Every bit of Info you confirm over the phone is information to look for Inside a stolen encrypted file, more 001010101 you can turn into Text then the faster the whole thing will flop open..


the Classic Automated call..
Hello we are calling about your recent car accident, any time during that call if you just say no it switches to a 2nd recording saying sorry for calling we'll take your number off our system.. LIE.. your umber will go onto a 2nd list.. ppi.. late flight.. what ever.. If you say YES how ever.. it may jump to a live operator in a random country.. thing is this is traceable..  Everything thats gone on "with TalkTalks database" has been Bought.. Some ones selling it & marketing companies are using it to pass you to a real company that handles claims.. Track the automated calls, Track where the call is bounced too.. Track the Expenses regarding the purchase of information being used by the place making the calls. Who paid them.. Who overhaul profits from it. IF at least 100+ people in call centres right down the chain aren't questioned on where they got all these numbers then Someone is in on it right?.. This is regardless of the people who phone and Pretend to be from talktalk..  THIS Apparently Unrelated...   "have u been in a car accident phone calls"  HAVE  risen in the last 1 to 2 weeks.
(its clearly Related and info IE "phone numbers" have already been Sold....)
and thats BEFORE the bogus talktalk calls begun.. someone greedy dipped it early expecting not to get caught or noticed.. but clearly who ya dipped it for sold it on and on and on.. the calls became More Frequent and wide spread.. even to a number i can confirm only talktalk and my landlord have.. so one of ems guilty of that breach of information.. Anyways.. go fkn track the influx of cold calls.. its well spiked.. and thats the day the first database popped.. clearly ffs  : /
People on facebook note the Number that called AND a second number given for verification.. has the Law seized them devices yet?  after all they are MANUALLY operated.. you really think their cell to cell?,  i actually doubt it.. we got fraud possibly leading to larger crimes.

The Ramifications are endless and TalkTalk.. (between this lack of public knowledge and washing their hands of the hack.. and the bt openreach problems) this is a Sham.. a diabolical way to run a company...

Someone needs to start making dating profiles on varied sites & live out your ideal fantasy in the About Me Box.. and start droppin these phone numbers in the profiles.. It'll make dialling out hell... 

A mate rang me today about a pc being locked out after a phone call to a talk talk advisor who became abusive and locked them out.. then i looked on FB to see people chatting about this  Yesterday.. saw the Guardian link Today when i googled.. and as a customer i remember the 2015 chaos.. and 2 & 2 makes 4.. unless ya work for talktalk... someone at talk talk should be reading this Guiding the police with Information.. if Customers have no issues with Incoming call lists going to the police.. they could have at least 30 people in custody.. or as talktalk say.. no less than 30

When 1000's of people   ON TALKTALK   get a call from someone stating their from talktalk
then its clear TalkTalk needs to accept responsibility that "who ever is ringing" got the numbers during the hack and/or work with police, customers.. records.. track it back..
Money taken It funds terrorism, illegal migration amongst other crap.. like DEATH...

Everyone at talktalk be like unplug it.. if its got a wire.. pull it.. we duno wtf is broke and what's not.. 1000's with no net.. thousands being ripped off.. hell im currently plugged into Tiscali for some reason and what they got to say...

MySpace has also recently been hacked, so in a few months that database will be out their too.. its like wtf..

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Icon Travel T-Shirts

Could the Cuneiform / Hieroglyph kinda language be back?
How Cool An Idea Are These...

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Wise Up Or Move On NO More Time Wasters

Each Of These Cards Is An Opportunity For Someone With Talent
I am willing to help artists, musicians and photographers with marketing and even more so I am up for working right alongside musicians in my home studio... But....  and its a BIG A$$ BUT...

If your a happy go lucky idiot that does nothing but moan "no one takes your music serious"  When your not willing to take it serious your self.. then please DON'T get in touch.

You don't have to be a god to work with me, but you have to have a Brain..  This is my livelihood, my time and my knowledge is worth money, this is my Job.. It's what feeds my children. Don't waste my time contacting me unless your ready to log out of facebook, put down the game pad and work on something.

I'm a multi instrumentalist that has marketed music, photos, videos and many other forms of Multimedia Content.I understand the industry from a "Flying Solo" perspective and I've been working alongside companies to market my own material for a couple of years. I can advise on most subjects of multimedia creation & retail, from what's required to how it works.

Today i am a self employed person, no ones personally helping me out, I have accomplished what i have accomplished off my own back and my own research and time.. NO Funding, NO Ties to funding, I didn't even get a kick back for signing off. I just had to step off a plank alone because no one in liverpool could help me with the idea i had.. Even though i have since seen a few places open up that have used the knowledge they got from me. Your welcome btw.. But your services suck and compromise artists credibility AND steal a % of artists actual "Compositions"  that's like  OUCH  and its why they chose not to work with me, because i have morals..

I got 500 of these cards made, it cost me £49.17.. Yet i saw one dumb a$$ rip it and use it for a roach in a rolly. Hard to work out what's worse, The total lack of respect for what i'm trying to do or the fact that card was an opportunity stolen from anyone it could of been handed too.. yet they laughed, ripped it and acted like it was nothing. If you use one of these cards to contact me..why not hand it on afterwards?    YOU could one day be working with a person who got a card, keeping it to your self is stupid & any plans to keep me to your self isn't happening.. I had so called mates try that in the past, bobs my go to guy and no one else's.. did they pay bob?.. did they fk. If anything they used my knowledge to cash in behind my back. Aholes working, signing on and stealing my work on top of 2 lots of income?  jog on.... Taking money for jobs they learnt how to do while i sat and did it for them for free and showed them how to do it.. them days are over..

What i do isn't rocket science, its reading, learning, understanding the pros & cons of paying up front to market something or giving the company marketing it a % per sale, so it costs nothing to do. I don't work for any of the companies i use to market stuff, keeps me impartial and on top of the changes in the industry.

The amount of people who i have spoken to far outways those i have needed to work alongside, IE, they asked, i advised, they got on with it and yet didn't even follow this blog as a thanks. Its got that way now where i will ask specific questions about motives, expectations, time frames, if you think that's to serious clearly you don't respect My Time or your gift.

As it stands i had a local busker booked in, could of got him on youtube, in stores, ya know.. earning.. He'd rather drop his phone into cashys and busk to buy booze and not show up.. That's a FREE time slot stolen from someone else who could of been here recording, let alone maybe paying me for my studio & my time. I have had a taxi driver rather ring me and harp on about the x being a b$tch and doing his head in, 10+ useless phone calls and no material to show for it.

I duno how many times i have to stress this point.. but THIS IS MY JOB..
People keep messing me around and they'll just get hit with a bill for my time.
the amount of free help i give far out ways the time i get paid for.. but more and more im finding are just stupid people who really do just moan about their musics lack of appreciation.. You want appreciation.. . you want Fans, put some time in... Most have zero idea how much my time & knowledge is worth..

You want some Keys for your songs.. i got ONE question..
what is the plans for the song?  retail?, adrev? or just to impress girls on plentyoffish?

I copyright my music for adrev, i market my music, and i also give it away.. BUT its dealt with legally. If you just wana sit in your bedroom listening to your songs waiting for some studio to knock on your door with a case fulla cash.. DON'T contact me in any way shape or form. REALITY CHECK..   time is money. This Is My Job.

I do not deal with contracts, companies do that, so when i die you still own what you own and my next of kin owns what i owned.. What i have built is a Content Library of my own material. I am happy to work with people.. help people.. but the casual folk who wana bug me once a week for info are not welcome here unless they pay. I'm happy to split income from projects and even teach how thats done so you can then sod off and work with others just like you worked with me.. BUT that information is no longer just being handed over from the get go.. that information unfolds while the CONTENT is created.. or you could just READ rather than asking me, the info is already shared on my blog..  Every minute of every day is worth money when your self employed and i'm done with the wasters of time. Feel offended?, feel free go sign your life away with a label.. good luck with that LOL.

IF YOU want to work on something and more importantly.. You Expect my time to be open to you, then my time should be More Important than the last 10+ facebook status updates you've made while my message lays READ yet Not Replied to.. simply because you can't be bothered...

Look at it this way too...
I run a production company, registered with the HMRC,  just who are you?
I own zero artists, they work with who they want, when they want... No ties..

I'm constantly being Offered Mastering Services.. Beats.. Marketing & its all around £70 and UP they want off me.. for beats they don't even own the rights to sell me.. Offering fake social media stats that are worthless. They charge you £69.99 for 1000 likes.. stupid people paying that just got up to THREE other people  1000 likes while the smucks pocketed over £300 from you all.. I know the game.. you don't need that game. Just need good sound recordings of your work, good graphics and a real fan base. My blog gets 100+ hits roughly a day (due to the tutorials here on the odds tab) Read it, learn it, do it.. join in.. or don't read it.. instead just pay me and i will do it for you.. But if your plan is bob will do this while i sit on my games console it aint happening. I'm here to help those willing to help them selves.. do not look a gift horse in the mouth or take it for granted...

it feels very unprofessional to do a post like this, but pussyfootin about just isn't gona help me is it? OR others?..  Wise up or jog on.. I am tryna run a company.. my works not just used as sex bait for dating sites Nor is it an ego Inflater..  Be Serious or Be Gone...

I accept paypal & chip and pin.. Consultations are blunt, honest and worthy of anyone's time who feels what they do is worth putting out there... yet they have no idea how to..

I was born with   "Natural Music Theory"     i feel what i do.. 
   it's an honest vibe here and its as honest as it gets..

Do NOT even message my page until you DROP how epic, fantastic and cute you THINK you are.
I wana work with TALENT...  not misguided PATHETIC WORTHLESS egos..

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Greatest Escape 001a

Download: Here (from facebook)

How It Was Done - I Was Once Proud To Be A Human But Now I Feel Betrayed

I don't really enjoy doing videos (talking wise) and they take forever to upload (a video with static image and music uploads faster than a visually animated video because the videos got less pixels throughout it. So the files much smaller with a static image, even though the runtime is the same length)  But a mate bugged me to do a video because although he likes the music, he said the static image i use is boring.. it is i guess lol.. But ya know besides the net connection issues and my lack of love for the camera.. the real idea behind my music is you just slip on headphones, Look at the track title.. Set it at a comfortable volume, then shut your eyes and let the title of that track set a scenario and let the music take you on that journey..Your the star of the movie.. What would you do in the track title scenario...

With a piece of music that's Improvised rather than scored for a specific scene, all you have is the Track Title (which is a name i choose for its feel for an imaginary scene) The rest, that's down to your own Imagination... In some regards though I agree that I do need to record more, kinda document some of these Improvisations that come outa nowhere. Some of my tracks are naff, yet some are truly amazing (especially for what they are And how they came to be about) and i should share how the odd track is done as its part of history init.. So with that in mind.. Enjoy, and remember all ten Layers of music are from the Exact Same Single Improvisation just run through different sound banks.. I only played this tune by hand once, it was improvised, i couldn't play it again even if i tried.. Sooo glad i have the midi lol

This video features the amazing iSymphonic Orchestra, along with CMP Grand Piano and Heavy Brass all by Crudebyte and also the Korg iM1 and a VST called Strum Acoustic GS-1 (v1 discontinued)

Video took 4 hours and 15 minuets to render
PAL 25fps
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Took 22 hours to upload at  0.56kbs adsl

Anyone wanting the Sheet Music, feel free to message my facebook Page here and if i am still alive i will reply with the 7 page PDF.    I do plan to release a Sheet Music (book) and (eBook) at some stage for some of my works, it'll no doubt be distributed via Amazon, but be aware that Not all my Compositions where done as Midi and a lot of them i can't play, remember almost all my work is improvised and i didn't start with actual midi recording till later on in my work, and i create the sheets using the Midi files. The book will include the sheet for every midi ive made (besides the Airwolf content) So please don't request that stuff.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Massive Facebook Problem Encountered Today (still ongoing 2017)

facebook messenger sent the wrong video
Today on facebook i sent a friend TWO videos (from my iPhone 5) The phone had TWO videos on it, one was a render of a mate with a dinosaur, the 2nd was the same video with a sort of  News Reel overlay & a filter effect. Both these videos where sent one at a time one after the other.

Video 1 runtime = 0.20 seconds
Video 2 runtime = 0.19 Seconds

What arrived first in my friends fb inbox was a 1.19 second music video and then my video 1 arrived & my video 2 vanished

Note that i only had the TWO videos on my phone and both are well under 1.20..

Not noticing this issue, i then sent the same two videos to someone else & the same thing happened again.. Friend one asked whats with the first video, i told him its the same clip but with no filter of effects, then i got a message off friend 2 about video 1, so clearly i played it back to see what they where on about. To my dismay somehow video one isn't mine, nor had i seen it before. Now i assume someone out their is looking at a dinosaur video and thinking this music video aint to great?

But imagine just what that video could of been.. has anyone else received a wrong video or photo?, this is pretty scary i mean hell im glad it wasn't porn & it was just a music video, lucky i don't collect porn, but regardless of that, the Music Video wasn't mine anyway.. nor was it on my phone too.

This aint even a sticky finger on a laptop pad that's dragged an advert to a message box.. i was on the FB messenger app and i sent two videos to two people, and in each case facebooks server Switched my first video attachment for another attachment....

Crazy thing is (when i play video 1 & 2 on my phone, they are now correct) when my friends play them, the first video is still Wrong.. and they are also on phones.. To add the conundrum, when i watch it on Firefox (i still get the music video, but on my phone they now work)   TBH ide of never believed him if id not seen it my self, let alone two people seeing (as they know each other and could be pullin my leg) . i mean would u believe this if you didn't see it your self?
check out the Video.. this is just insane..  1.19 it says it is, i even checked to see if the last 19 seconds where mine.. they are not..

I have reached out to facebook and i hope they get back to me because this is WRONG on sooo many levels & as usual with social media.. the public need to be aware this can happen & that it has happened   : /

It would be bad enough if they had received a different video in place of the one i sent, but the fact they both got the same video with  Ec.Edits NRK and SKAM on it i dooooon't fekin know.... How many got the video, how many googled the names, googled any of the text?,  is this evidence of FB being hacked.. only google can say how much those words have been searched by people lookin to see if their was a page talking about it.

My iPhone has the latest iOS, my Wifi is not only encrypted but its also set only to allow specific devices defined by the mac address of the device... two people, 2 separate uploads & a file name problem as fb has encoded & sent the video.. i wonder who got my video.

As you can see in my video on youtube that facebook have looked into it and changed something because on the phone app i can see the real video (but my friends accounts still cant) and i still cant on firefox.. but i can on the iOS app

this is really naughty....


they have released an app update but erm...

This is a 3rd user received the same music video

This is the file name causing the problems with facebook is

I got a response saying the usual thank you for your report and we will use the information to improve our services.. They mean security right?..  (i have now saved this 1.19 video directly to my device as evidence and time stamp) I would like to know where my video went THREE TIMES (its not even on youtube, it was a clip sent to two lads who where in the movie the clip was from) Our Movie,, we own it.. where did it go.. and does the artist know that FB have been informed yet they are still allowing fb videos in messages & pirating that artists music video in the process  : /

Imagine if the Touch screen was Off set and it sent the video next to the one i wanted to send.. even that would of made sense (if the video had been on my phone to begin with) What's worse, sending a video i didn't want to.. or a video i didn't even have to send in the first place?.. Way to goo technology.. and i'm a nerd ffs.. i understand how most things work  : /

I am a Composer.. Singer Song Writer.. Video Editor, Graphic Designer.. and Facebook send a music video like that (in place of my video) Sent In My Name.. Like i am recommending it?.. OR like that is my submission to what a client has asked my company for?.. and the reply they get FROM ME IN MY NAME is some unsolicited pirated video!!!   RAMIFICATIONS are ENDLESS to my career here.. Send a video of a family member to another family member and porn arrives i mean wtf, how the hell can 1 video go to three people & the three people all get the wrong video and the one they get is the same, has facebook been hacked?, or genuine problem with the code?.

They are staying pretty tight lipped, meanwhile the ramifications that this DID happen means more than looking and fixing is needed. Sending any messages through a system that can Alter the attachments is a Nightmare.. Makes you realise its still just CODE.. this could happen to google hang outs, skype, yahoo.. you name it, this could happen (messengers, email, text message)   : /

I would like to know where ALL my message attachments land.. doesn't matter how good you are with computers.. When a website as big as FB can make you look a PR*ck.... a Nonse, a Creep or what ever..

Still no news from facebok its self today, so i have thrown the question & the problem in the facebook help community here

to think.. all business embarrassment aside.... this kinda error could lead to divorces depending on what a partner receives.

Doris thinks shes been hacked and i think my mates whacked...

UPDATE: 13th April 2016
Still no news or information from Facebook,.. but what i did notice today was an update for WhatsApp to which recently ive been looking at what Changes are Implemented within updates.

Check out the Update Description...

So since January 2010 anyone has been able to read messages, see videos, images and listen  to your calls as they travel from device to device?  just erm  wtaf..

But lets add more often unknown depth to that... Facebook Bought whatsapp in February 2014 and today comes this update that admits for the last 6 years people could access everything you do?
....   Ironic really and scary that the issue i had with the Fb messenger is worse than this blow as they admit to the app not being actually secure for the last 6 years of its existence while Millions have been using it?... as They replaced my attachment on their end (with the facebook messenger) that is a Flaw even end to end Encryption also wont solve.. It'll still be the wrong attachment arriving right?
How good is the encryption, how much has it been tested, how long has it been tested for.. does a message get signed and WONT open on the other END of its been modified.. OR if fb decide to Replace an attachment will it warn the user and Not allow it to be opened.. who the fk works for these places.. omfg  : /

Read the Wiki page under the WhatsApp, scroll down to  Encryption  and Understand wtf you folks are depending on, learn how this gear works & how it Should work yet doesn't, Also read the section under Security, Privacy, see what Wiki also have to say about the FB messenger   ;)

Interesting little fact that Facebook Discontinued software development "an official Messenger APP Windows 7" and also an "Official FireFox plugin" both scrapped in March 2014 (just after buying whatsApp in the february of the same year) Check out the Section under  RECEPTION on the Facebook Messenger Wiki Page.. fk all is secure (Once It has Arrived)  It's got a 2 out of 7 on the score card   : /
Do not for one moment think email is safer...

Look how many of you Refuse to give facebook Your mobile number....
Yet 800 million monthly users of whatsApp (aka facebook messenger 2)
They have given up the phone number (to facebook)  under the whatsApp Terms of use on the App... because FB own whatsApp

As of 21st of April facebook closed the case, so they had 10 days (it took 10 days to fix)?  was that 10 days attachments and messages were unsafe and their Intended Destination wasn't fully under their control??  well who knows.. but after such a Risky Glitch is pointed out & my privacy and someones music getting Pirated.. what did they have to say....

ALL OF YOU.. would be dismayed if you sent a Text or an Email and not only was what you sent arriving in someone elses inbox.. BUT on top of that the person you messaged or emailed received a Video OR other ATTACHMENT you have never laid eyes on right?...   3 devices, 3 accounts same result.. 20+ years computer experience says thats wrong.. regardless of common sense.

Hard to believe how much crap i witness and people wonder why certain types of incompetence Frustrates me, If this subject above doesn't worry you after reading this then clearly your an idiot & i couldn't care less if you don't understand or you feel offended.. get off the net seriously, your a danger to others sanity.. Think about what happened here.. more than once.. this shouldn't even be possible in 2016.. let alone Ignored.. and way to go for the Liverpool Echo FB page and the iPapder FB page for reading yet not responding over this privacy flaw.. Heavens forbid you should report this kinda news and warn people their private messages aren't private if your not guaranteed who will receive them..

UPDATE  7th June 2016 at  17:35 UK Time.. it only went an fkn happened again.. i sent a 1:30 video, the other person received a 1.03 video, and its not the video i sent, ive not Played it, so ive not buffered it.. so its NEVER been on any of my devices...  So i can no longer trust facebook to deliver my video messages WTF..  wonder if this report will get a human this time or another worthless automated fkn bot
Someone tell them its something to do with the way devices Name the videos on the camera roll to how facebook handles the files storage by name...

UPDATE: February 2017
Well as of February 2017 this flaw and breach of privacy is still on going, the youtube video has had multiple comments from users who have suffered the same fate and Today i got a pmessage from a gentleman in germany who has just encountered the same problem and was looking for advice.
I am still at a loss as to why its based on filename and not MD5 hash codes.

also notice if you read the post i made on facebook, they never got back to me and yet "they closed the topic" as you can see.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Vintage Radio Standard Station Jingle (Late Night) 001

Standard late night style station identification coupled with the stations email and phone number. (standard just refers to a low key peaceful hour feel)

We (on this blog) In No way represent the station or its name. This jingle was made for "a" presenter at the station, not requested by the station its self. All vocal and music is subject to change.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday, 26 February 2016

Are Fan Edits & Fan Content Really Coming To An End As Manual Hands Take Over Content In Groups?

Are Fan Edits Really Coming To An End?, Is The System That Strapped For Cash They Would Rather Ban In The Hopes Of Sales?

Over the years youtubes been fraught with claims, strikes, inconsistencies and legal battles all over the world and after some dealings it now seams that companies are also hiring staff to "Manually Search"  youtube for content.

A lot of editors would manipulate footage, reduce scenes, alter aspect ratio and FPS to get past googles content ID system, but in todays day and age companies really are paying people to go and look for content. So how ever much you alter it, the moment you throw it out there, be it with a bogus "Video Title"  then post it in the fan base its about.. someones right onto it.

These people are on your blogs, your forums, your facebook pages and groups, places you set up for Fans. Its always been bad that the scum cash sucking creeps hang out trying to scam fans of things with bogus merchandise and over priced collectables, but now we have to deal with companies invading communities to find links to stuff they can either earn off or BAN?

The one that gets me the most is Universal Studios (they tend to hide behind  NBC, CBS CID and another number of Network and Publishing rights) they are happy to leave your video on line as long as they are the only one earning off it. IE if the video has 2 claims, they block it. Not only that but you get a strike on your account until you remove it.

A strike = the inability to upload videos over 15 minuets, it also disables any videos you have already over 15 minuets, in turn if after 60 days if the strike is still in place then all videos over 15 minuets are removed from your account.. Regardless of if they even have claims on or not...

Ive seen some things since ive been on line, im sure we all have.. But as a fan of things and a creator too i have bear whiteness to the mindless plotting of NBC and the likes of MGM as they devastated most Stargate communities over being at number 1 on google for something they then chose to never release to fans (mgm did that twice to thousands of content creators over games that were never even released)

Ive always had my stalkers on line, constantly trying to scuttle projects and ideas, making accusations, pointing fingers, they always hide from you and you never really know who they are. When you add them kinda headaches to the usual life problems you encounter from companies that fail to do what you pay them for then add the ebay sharks and these you content searchers.. Well fan based content for anything seams doomed...

I always thought that anything that promoted something, brought in a crowed, made something old and barely earning now worthy of conversation.. Hell airwolf got remastered after all these years... and NBC forget why they had Figures, Stats that said yeah... its finally worth re-issuing this series... now lets ban everything we can  (that helped Build that fan base back up after 20+ years of nothing official for fans)  Studios, Companies, Rights Holders,  need to understand something that should be pretty obvious already... when you tear a fan base apart, ban the best kinda promotional material you'll ever see.... why not just release a movie and shoot everyone outside the cinema before they even pay?..  you guys are killing off your actual Audience  : /

Ive seen my edits fall, but today i see others on there way out too

He has a mere 2 videos left....

What's more sickening is when people ask about "Missing Things".. the classic Post a link  (thats dead) using one bogus fb account..  saying "anyone got a link or a copy of this?"     then they make a comment with something as simple as  "ive inboxed you"  then that account gets a stack of messages saying (can you send it to me to)   Then comes the reply with a $ or £ sign to get it in the mail on disk..    People selling fan made content  (and they can, and people will buy it)  simply because its no longer online ad people are asking  : /

I have a couple of Airwolf videos left my self, one is Airwolf vs FireFox, it survived for years because the Audio and Visual quality is Very Low... the content ID system has no chance to detect it...

Manually Detected
It's clear someone at Warner Brothers is paying to have interns searching the web for fan made stuff, so are lionsgate and many others (when NBC start paying people)  AwVsFireFox will be deleted because at the moment NBC wont share ad rev

Another tactic now (to get more ownership) is to claim your using Content from a DVD and Also the Bluray..  so you get two claims for the exact same content. You can see here that also the Immediate Music claim and the Globus claim (are kinda Valid)   but clearly the music either belongs to immediate music OR globus (as a company rights holder)  The video doesn't contain Both works.. one has words, one does not..

But what gets me about this is the amount of claims for the VISUAL CONTENT
Like its visual stolen from Betamax, VHS, DVD and Bluray (yet the same thing) wtf  pmsfl
Each publishing company (sub division.. 3rd party, them Initials) its like getting multiple claims off  Fox, 20th Century Fox, Fox Network, Fox Channel for 1 single thing.. are none of them even working together? 

In turn with the amount of fingers in that Pie the video is yet still available World Wide, but will Not play on some devices. maybe those with an ad blocker or even as cheeky as those with location services switched off.. who knows?

That said do they have a right to know the audience their content is reaching?.. wont that lead them to the private groups that share stuff they make? Are creative fans really supposed to now hide? you can't hide, even when ya nice you'll still get trolls.. it all makes it simply not worth the effort at all to do any fan kinda content.

The reality is that the creators are doing more these days than the original thing often ever was, why don't they get on board with the fans who bring them business.. i have no idea.

Ive run several tests in the last few years, ive spoken to several companies and from what i can see its all on a loop with small changes and nothing positive.. everyone wants their cut and yet wont share...

Look at it this way, NBC at some stage will block the firefox video while WMG would be willing to share.. granted the majority of viewers where Airwolf fans.. but without firefox the video wouldn't be...
as its always been about New Unseen that requires Collaboration of content, thats not piracy, its creativity & 100% free marketing that also earns money for the original owners...

The System Needs A Face...
 and this new ad's based on what ever it is that's been implemented is an invasion of privacy and why the firefox web browser now stops bloggers earning ad revenue by default because the ad's are invasive. I don't eevn allow adsense to use "repsonsive" advertising on my blog because its an invasion of your privacy and mine while im here... yet all ad's are blocked :(

I remember when the net had images bigger clearer than the current fuzzy postage stamp sizes, when people had fan sites and the world as a whole was creative.. These days its all memes asking you for personal info to the stage of phishing right on a news feed, then theirs them videos with a playbutton that don't play.. yet open a page with a YT video..... why do people not just share the video?

Its like the guy said in a movie i wont name because my blog might get banned for referencing a phrase... but the guy said...
Operator Dead.. Post Abandoned...

Apparently my first grade teacher is lookin for 87 Billion for every word she taught me that ive been using all these years without giving her royalties...
NO NOT REALLY...  ffs   pmsfl.. but this is just what im on about... the lengths some will go too

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Selling Cover Versions And What To Watch Out For

As you all no by now I am pretty Computer Savi and I like to think outside the box...
After recently showing people a simple way to get onto iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and Spotify,
I thought It's about time people also learnt another important little trick about Publicity & Marketing

By Performing An IMPROVISED COVER...

 Now i say improvised simply because most good songs and pieces of music have already been covered...    I E: do you really want to try and sell a cover of HURT?,  when clearly Johnny Cash wiped the floor with everyone who's ever sang it?... You'd have to be Epic or just plain old crazy lol

But an Improvised cover (a restyling of the original) so people know what it is, but have never heard it that way.. now that's the way to promote your music (its ALL about SEARCHING and Terminology)
Computers are Thick... they do what their told (and all they show is what people search for)

So if you were to record a cover song, or do your own rendition of a piece of music (something famous) and people find it while searching (searching for the original) then there's a chance they would click "Related" or "Also By This Artist"   to see what ever else you have done...
 (so uploading a few similar style tracks BEFORE HAND would be a wise move)

Obtaining a License to Distribute your version has always been complicated, and involved a label or a manager and many many legal fees and time. A costly and very complicated prospect for many..

BUT now made simple via  LOUDR.

Now i still recommend Distrokid (for your own works, because that covers google, iTunes, amazon and spotify, and more of a percentage of your sales)  BUT with Loudr you can sell Cover Versions via loudr and still get it on iTunes while loudr take care of the legal side for a percentage (iTunes also take a cut, but then your not paying to keep it on their, so its money for nothing in reality) and ber in mind the Original License holder of the (c) will also get a percentage.
But then your not really doing covers for the money, after all its not really yours...

Your Doing It..
To Gain Exposure...
To Get Noticed...
To Get Heard...
To Drive Web Traffic To Your Own Work....

So The Percent You Do Earn From A Cover Is Merely A Bonus...
(not only a form of FREE Advertising, but you also get a little profit back off it to)

Its recommended to work alone (on a cover) less of a split with the royalties..
And if you do work with others, work directly and arrange a split before uploading it
(IE,  if you sing over a karaoke backing track that wont be legal)
A cover made using a cover is a license nightmare, because only the original artist can license it, obtaining multiple licenses can be complicated  (i am unsure how this will affect medley based tracks)

Another Interesting Aspect?
Say your in a band & you want to release a song
Loudr can split the royalties between who YOU want..

So How Does It Work?
Well you create a picture (for your track)
You upload the image and the audio file.
You list the original Artist & Original Release Date
You list who is performing on the track "you uploaded"
and then loudr attempt to gain a license from the copywrite holder to sell the track online
iTunes is optional and you would get more royalties only selling via loudr, But you would get much much more exposure having it on iTunes...

One of my most popular covers is a piece of Movie Music I put Lyrics to, i also have some other covers  (ber in mind a cover is that track you keep in a folder such as "can't be sold" or "mine yet not mine"  they are tracks most of us already have sitting their and we've been unable to do anything with them "legally" because their not ours to upload, even though we did them)  but laws change and labels want easy cash.  After all, google already put adverts on videos using music owned by 3rd parties, that alone is an evolution of licensing in the hands of us the artist's. Studios, labels, record companies, they are happy with a percentage, especially when they have done none of the work within the track their making money from   :)

In an industry now being mostly run by musicians you have 2 main options open these days

A) You can pay to have stuff hosted and sold for you (gone once you stop paying)
B) You can have stuff hosted free and sold for you, they take a % per sale (but its on-line indefinitely)

Musicians Have NEVER Had It So Good....
A Chance To Leave Your Music Behind For Future Generations
While Money Builds For You & Down The Line Your Kids....

The % Aspect Is The Only Way To Really Keep Your Music In Stores When Your Gone..

Distrokid now also offer to deal with cover versions but their is a monthly fee to be paid 12 months in advance. But if your releasing through a specific lable or something then that maybe the way to go.
If you have issues finding the Loudr   JOIN  page try this link.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Remembering The Challenger Crew 28th January 1986

This video was a tribute i made back around mid april 2012, it was banned due to the music i used in the height of all the copyright claim battles with youtube. The videos live today of all days.. On this day in 1986  :(     This was my tribute back in 2012 and it still stands today in 2016
(alternate audio edit also below)
remember i am not hosting these, i lost my uploads when they where initially banned

Alternate Audio Edit

Another Something Classical 001b

Download: Here (from facebook)

Another Something Classical 001a

Download: Here (from facebook)

Another Something Classical 001c

Download: Here (from facebook) 320kbs
Download: Here (from ReverbNation) 320kbs
Download: Here (from MediaFire) 320kbs

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strangers Waiting for the 8.08am Train 001B

This began in 2015 and was originally an acoustic and vocal jamming session. I wasn't happy with the lyrics and threw the project in a maybe folder. Anyways the other day i spotted the folder and played along with some Celtic type strings, then i played some piano, orchestral strings and messed about with the electric guitar twice.

Note that 001A doesn't have the electric guitars.

You can listen to it here...

You can buy it in the following stores in 320kbs, or you can download it free on facebook, but please remember... a kick back from time to time helps or at least a comment & like on youtube, or a facebook or twitter share, please show your support   :)

UPC: 872133181211
ISRC: QMPKX1632493

iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Bandcamp,
(it'll be on spotify, deezer and many others, just search for  TheWraith517)

Facebook, Mediafire

£94.49 seams steep, but that's actually 40% off, So imagine how much it would All usually cost
and i give almost all of it away :D

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Cartoons And Fairytails Collection

I started work on this album back in 2014 but was unemployed and simply fed up with the run around. Music comes easy but i get to unmusicy with it at times due to real life issues and i didn't want this album to suffer from a padding of useless tracks. Ber in mind this is my 27th album.. that's right, 27 albums, 1000+ recordings. Lot of stuff considering time lost over the years jumping through scamers hoops.
So anyways i present to you the next long awaited album...

Official Release Date 18 January 2016

01 - The Fairy Tale 001d
02 - Jerrys Doing Covert Recon At The Cheese Factory (Reprise)
03 - The Castle Of Insanity 001a
04 - You Can Control My Life But Not My Soul 001c
05 - Before The Days Of Tommy V and Al Capone.. There Was..001a
06 - The Egyptian Cat and Mouse Story 001a
07 - All Hail The Brass 001a
08 - All Hail The Heavens 001a
09 - The Travelling Princess 001a
10 - What Happened To Christmas 001e
11 - They Fight Like Cat And Mouse 001a
12 - To Have Royal Blood Today Is To Have Lonelyness 001a
13 - The King Forbids It.. So The Princes Rides Off With The Stable Boy 001a
14 - She Will Run Again The First Chance She Gets 001a
15 - When She Finally Stopped Running 001a
16 - Hope And Hopeless Emotions Of The Past 001a
17 - War Is Coming 001b
18 - What Happened To Christmas 001f
19 - Fairy Land 001a
20 - You Can Control My Life But Not My Soul 001b

Bonus Tracks
21 - All Hail The Retro King 001a
22 - All Hail The Strings 001a
23 - DRONE - Almost (001)
24 - DRONE - Almost (002)
25 - DRONE - Almost (003)
26 - DRONE - Cartoonish 001
27 - DRONE - Seeing Stars (001)
28 - DRONE - Piano Hit (001)
29 - DRONE - On The Edge OR Bouncing Down (001)
30 - DRONE - On The Edge OR Bouncing Down (002)
31 - Cat and Mouse Antics (brass)
32 - Cat and Mouse Antics (flute and strings)
33 - Cat and Mouse Antics (strings)

Approx Running Tine: 1 Hour 16 Minuets

MP3 Sale Links:
BandCamp Store Here £7.00 UPC: 872133200165
Amazon UK Store Here £7.89     ASIN: B01B1H47SQ
Amazon USA Store Here $7.99   ASIN: B01B0VZ68S
iTunes UK Store Here £7.99       UPC: 872133182515
iTunes USA Store Here $9.99     UPC: 872133182515
GooglePlay Android Here £7.99 UPC: 872133200165
Spotify Here
Bandcamp store release has Bonus Extras
no link for your store?, search the store for  TheWraith517

CD Sale Links: None at the moment
Compact Disc With Box Art Sold Via N/A

IF you make a video and you have used the music from "This Album"
then feel free to post it in the comments
remember most these are also in the Facebook group