Monday, 11 April 2016

Massive Facebook Problem Encountered Today (still ongoing 2017)

facebook messenger sent the wrong video
Today on facebook i sent a friend TWO videos (from my iPhone 5) The phone had TWO videos on it, one was a render of a mate with a dinosaur, the 2nd was the same video with a sort of  News Reel overlay & a filter effect. Both these videos where sent one at a time one after the other.

Video 1 runtime = 0.20 seconds
Video 2 runtime = 0.19 Seconds

What arrived first in my friends fb inbox was a 1.19 second music video and then my video 1 arrived & my video 2 vanished

Note that i only had the TWO videos on my phone and both are well under 1.20..

Not noticing this issue, i then sent the same two videos to someone else & the same thing happened again.. Friend one asked whats with the first video, i told him its the same clip but with no filter of effects, then i got a message off friend 2 about video 1, so clearly i played it back to see what they where on about. To my dismay somehow video one isn't mine, nor had i seen it before. Now i assume someone out their is looking at a dinosaur video and thinking this music video aint to great?

But imagine just what that video could of been.. has anyone else received a wrong video or photo?, this is pretty scary i mean hell im glad it wasn't porn & it was just a music video, lucky i don't collect porn, but regardless of that, the Music Video wasn't mine anyway.. nor was it on my phone too.

This aint even a sticky finger on a laptop pad that's dragged an advert to a message box.. i was on the FB messenger app and i sent two videos to two people, and in each case facebooks server Switched my first video attachment for another attachment....

Crazy thing is (when i play video 1 & 2 on my phone, they are now correct) when my friends play them, the first video is still Wrong.. and they are also on phones.. To add the conundrum, when i watch it on Firefox (i still get the music video, but on my phone they now work)   TBH ide of never believed him if id not seen it my self, let alone two people seeing (as they know each other and could be pullin my leg) . i mean would u believe this if you didn't see it your self?
check out the Video.. this is just insane..  1.19 it says it is, i even checked to see if the last 19 seconds where mine.. they are not..

I have reached out to facebook and i hope they get back to me because this is WRONG on sooo many levels & as usual with social media.. the public need to be aware this can happen & that it has happened   : /

It would be bad enough if they had received a different video in place of the one i sent, but the fact they both got the same video with  Ec.Edits NRK and SKAM on it i dooooon't fekin know.... How many got the video, how many googled the names, googled any of the text?,  is this evidence of FB being hacked.. only google can say how much those words have been searched by people lookin to see if their was a page talking about it.

My iPhone has the latest iOS, my Wifi is not only encrypted but its also set only to allow specific devices defined by the mac address of the device... two people, 2 separate uploads & a file name problem as fb has encoded & sent the video.. i wonder who got my video.

As you can see in my video on youtube that facebook have looked into it and changed something because on the phone app i can see the real video (but my friends accounts still cant) and i still cant on firefox.. but i can on the iOS app

this is really naughty....


they have released an app update but erm...

This is a 3rd user received the same music video

This is the file name causing the problems with facebook is

I got a response saying the usual thank you for your report and we will use the information to improve our services.. They mean security right?..  (i have now saved this 1.19 video directly to my device as evidence and time stamp) I would like to know where my video went THREE TIMES (its not even on youtube, it was a clip sent to two lads who where in the movie the clip was from) Our Movie,, we own it.. where did it go.. and does the artist know that FB have been informed yet they are still allowing fb videos in messages & pirating that artists music video in the process  : /

Imagine if the Touch screen was Off set and it sent the video next to the one i wanted to send.. even that would of made sense (if the video had been on my phone to begin with) What's worse, sending a video i didn't want to.. or a video i didn't even have to send in the first place?.. Way to goo technology.. and i'm a nerd ffs.. i understand how most things work  : /

I am a Composer.. Singer Song Writer.. Video Editor, Graphic Designer.. and Facebook send a music video like that (in place of my video) Sent In My Name.. Like i am recommending it?.. OR like that is my submission to what a client has asked my company for?.. and the reply they get FROM ME IN MY NAME is some unsolicited pirated video!!!   RAMIFICATIONS are ENDLESS to my career here.. Send a video of a family member to another family member and porn arrives i mean wtf, how the hell can 1 video go to three people & the three people all get the wrong video and the one they get is the same, has facebook been hacked?, or genuine problem with the code?.

They are staying pretty tight lipped, meanwhile the ramifications that this DID happen means more than looking and fixing is needed. Sending any messages through a system that can Alter the attachments is a Nightmare.. Makes you realise its still just CODE.. this could happen to google hang outs, skype, yahoo.. you name it, this could happen (messengers, email, text message)   : /

I would like to know where ALL my message attachments land.. doesn't matter how good you are with computers.. When a website as big as FB can make you look a PR*ck.... a Nonse, a Creep or what ever..

Still no news from facebok its self today, so i have thrown the question & the problem in the facebook help community here

to think.. all business embarrassment aside.... this kinda error could lead to divorces depending on what a partner receives.

Doris thinks shes been hacked and i think my mates whacked...

UPDATE: 13th April 2016
Still no news or information from Facebook,.. but what i did notice today was an update for WhatsApp to which recently ive been looking at what Changes are Implemented within updates.

Check out the Update Description...

So since January 2010 anyone has been able to read messages, see videos, images and listen  to your calls as they travel from device to device?  just erm  wtaf..

But lets add more often unknown depth to that... Facebook Bought whatsapp in February 2014 and today comes this update that admits for the last 6 years people could access everything you do?
....   Ironic really and scary that the issue i had with the Fb messenger is worse than this blow as they admit to the app not being actually secure for the last 6 years of its existence while Millions have been using it?... as They replaced my attachment on their end (with the facebook messenger) that is a Flaw even end to end Encryption also wont solve.. It'll still be the wrong attachment arriving right?
How good is the encryption, how much has it been tested, how long has it been tested for.. does a message get signed and WONT open on the other END of its been modified.. OR if fb decide to Replace an attachment will it warn the user and Not allow it to be opened.. who the fk works for these places.. omfg  : /

Read the Wiki page under the WhatsApp, scroll down to  Encryption  and Understand wtf you folks are depending on, learn how this gear works & how it Should work yet doesn't, Also read the section under Security, Privacy, see what Wiki also have to say about the FB messenger   ;)

Interesting little fact that Facebook Discontinued software development "an official Messenger APP Windows 7" and also an "Official FireFox plugin" both scrapped in March 2014 (just after buying whatsApp in the february of the same year) Check out the Section under  RECEPTION on the Facebook Messenger Wiki Page.. fk all is secure (Once It has Arrived)  It's got a 2 out of 7 on the score card   : /
Do not for one moment think email is safer...

Look how many of you Refuse to give facebook Your mobile number....
Yet 800 million monthly users of whatsApp (aka facebook messenger 2)
They have given up the phone number (to facebook)  under the whatsApp Terms of use on the App... because FB own whatsApp

As of 21st of April facebook closed the case, so they had 10 days (it took 10 days to fix)?  was that 10 days attachments and messages were unsafe and their Intended Destination wasn't fully under their control??  well who knows.. but after such a Risky Glitch is pointed out & my privacy and someones music getting Pirated.. what did they have to say....

ALL OF YOU.. would be dismayed if you sent a Text or an Email and not only was what you sent arriving in someone elses inbox.. BUT on top of that the person you messaged or emailed received a Video OR other ATTACHMENT you have never laid eyes on right?...   3 devices, 3 accounts same result.. 20+ years computer experience says thats wrong.. regardless of common sense.

Hard to believe how much crap i witness and people wonder why certain types of incompetence Frustrates me, If this subject above doesn't worry you after reading this then clearly your an idiot & i couldn't care less if you don't understand or you feel offended.. get off the net seriously, your a danger to others sanity.. Think about what happened here.. more than once.. this shouldn't even be possible in 2016.. let alone Ignored.. and way to go for the Liverpool Echo FB page and the iPapder FB page for reading yet not responding over this privacy flaw.. Heavens forbid you should report this kinda news and warn people their private messages aren't private if your not guaranteed who will receive them..

UPDATE  7th June 2016 at  17:35 UK Time.. it only went an fkn happened again.. i sent a 1:30 video, the other person received a 1.03 video, and its not the video i sent, ive not Played it, so ive not buffered it.. so its NEVER been on any of my devices...  So i can no longer trust facebook to deliver my video messages WTF..  wonder if this report will get a human this time or another worthless automated fkn bot
Someone tell them its something to do with the way devices Name the videos on the camera roll to how facebook handles the files storage by name...

UPDATE: February 2017
Well as of February 2017 this flaw and breach of privacy is still on going, the youtube video has had multiple comments from users who have suffered the same fate and Today i got a pmessage from a gentleman in germany who has just encountered the same problem and was looking for advice.
I am still at a loss as to why its based on filename and not MD5 hash codes.

also notice if you read the post i made on facebook, they never got back to me and yet "they closed the topic" as you can see.


  1. I sent this to the "Echo" and "The I Paper" i hope people share this around so it is investigated

  2. Facebook NEVER personally got back to me on this issue and the case is marked as CLOSED.. not amused in the slightest : /


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