Monday, 18 April 2016

How It Was Done - I Was Once Proud To Be A Human But Now I Feel Betrayed

I don't really enjoy doing videos (talking wise) and they take forever to upload (a video with static image and music uploads faster than a visually animated video because the videos got less pixels throughout it. So the files much smaller with a static image, even though the runtime is the same length)  But a mate bugged me to do a video because although he likes the music, he said the static image i use is boring.. it is i guess lol.. But ya know besides the net connection issues and my lack of love for the camera.. the real idea behind my music is you just slip on headphones, Look at the track title.. Set it at a comfortable volume, then shut your eyes and let the title of that track set a scenario and let the music take you on that journey..Your the star of the movie.. What would you do in the track title scenario...

With a piece of music that's Improvised rather than scored for a specific scene, all you have is the Track Title (which is a name i choose for its feel for an imaginary scene) The rest, that's down to your own Imagination... In some regards though I agree that I do need to record more, kinda document some of these Improvisations that come outa nowhere. Some of my tracks are naff, yet some are truly amazing (especially for what they are And how they came to be about) and i should share how the odd track is done as its part of history init.. So with that in mind.. Enjoy, and remember all ten Layers of music are from the Exact Same Single Improvisation just run through different sound banks.. I only played this tune by hand once, it was improvised, i couldn't play it again even if i tried.. Sooo glad i have the midi lol

This video features the amazing iSymphonic Orchestra, along with CMP Grand Piano and Heavy Brass all by Crudebyte and also the Korg iM1 and a VST called Strum Acoustic GS-1 (v1 discontinued)

Video took 4 hours and 15 minuets to render
PAL 25fps
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Took 22 hours to upload at  0.56kbs adsl

Anyone wanting the Sheet Music, feel free to message my facebook Page here and if i am still alive i will reply with the 7 page PDF.    I do plan to release a Sheet Music (book) and (eBook) at some stage for some of my works, it'll no doubt be distributed via Amazon, but be aware that Not all my Compositions where done as Midi and a lot of them i can't play, remember almost all my work is improvised and i didn't start with actual midi recording till later on in my work, and i create the sheets using the Midi files. The book will include the sheet for every midi ive made (besides the Airwolf content) So please don't request that stuff.

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