Tutorials and Guides (for varied subjects)
Wise Up Or Move On NO More Time Wasters
Is Embedding Videos Cost Effective or Statistically Safe for your Numbers
Paid or Unpaid and How To Professionally React To That Question
Game Music Design and How to take and make it Viable Beyond Your Studio
How To Get YOUR MUSIC Onto iTunes Amazon GooglePlay and Spotify
Selling Cover Versions And What To Watch Out For
Orchestrating Basics and Latency Type Layering Verses Money (soon)
Another Selling Your Music Online Advise
Top Tips For Outdoor Filming With Limited Equipment
How To Block ANYONE From A Facebook Page Even If They Don't Like It
Adding Loading Getting to Work Unrecognised Keyboards In Propellerhead Reason
Creating Music Using iPhone iPad Hardware Software Review Part 001
Creating Music Using iPhone iPad Hardware Software Review Part 002
How To Boost Increase Video Views On YouTube Morally
To Make Multiple "Blog Posts" Upon Page Tabs, RATHER THAN Comments

Free Guitar Rig KSD Profiles (for Native Instruments)

The Sound Of Gods Delay.ksd (created using GR4)

Operation Flashpoint and ARMA Game/Music Addons

Trailer Music Game Addon 1 v1.0

Trailer Music Game Addon 2 v1.0

Audiobus Presets  (for apple devices)

Older Freebies

Free Spooky Horror Music For Your Halloween Videos (Give Away Oct 2015) Now Ended

Six Albums In 6 Full Playback Videos, Info Here  Still Active

Result of poll "The Heists Collection" won.. album download & info is Here Now Ended

Pick One of Four Albums for free in the New Poll Poll Now Ended

Check Out No.1 in the world Give Away Here Now Ended

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