Sunday, 23 November 2014

WTF Facebooks New Make A Video Text??

WTF is with the new facebook video thing?

My girlfriend makes me this video and tags me in it and im watching it, listning to the music, taking in the total CRAP text they put in-between moments of my life??

It begins with "Hi Bob"  like hey im alive thank god, but this is swiftly forgotten by the constant use of BEEN and WAS and HAD???

Intermixed with such personal precious moments throughout the years.. coming across like my g/f has moved on, like we have split up.. or i have actually died...

Is it just me, or did that video concept not seam like a "dear john video" though i thought ide died once ide forgot the initial "high bob" reminding me im here, which was swiftly forgotten by the "we will miss you" feel of the music,,, a sad your gone,,, yet an uplifting life insurance commercial mood setter of life goes on : /

The whole thing (of us) is torn away by the words they throw in-between, it comes across like a split or a death. From a multimedia perspective these are a farce, from a personal perspective ive never seen such MORBID dialogue  : /  

its BEEN a wild ride, terminology is pretty fkn morbid tbh, facebooks lost the plot with this idea.. hire me you Muppet's...

Dear facefk, thank you for the video that tells me not only am i apparently single, but im also dead, but its ok, as the x. i mean widow.. well she had a blast..

Then there is the one she made for her mum, that came across like a cross between a suicide note.. or im moving.. to the other side of the world...

Facebook.. here to inspire depression?  or see how many even care about HAVING  or  HAD
BEING   or  BEEN   and  IS   or  WAS

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