Monday, 24 May 2004

The Valley Of The Gods & Lair for Grand Theft Auto Vice City

The Lair and Valley 1.0

In 2004 TheWraith517 roped in an Australian C.O.D map maker to work on the Lair and some valley mesh plates while trying to get a workable texture for that, the GUi and the Audio & Handling mods. Sadly the cod guy didn't want any recognition on this mod because the gta community slammed this mod and banned TheWraith517 for posting it on gtaforums(dot)com.  Another project not only slanted by the Airwolf community with zero help at all, but also shunned by the GTA Community as well. We can only provide a few files at the moment, more in the future. So keep an eye on the MISC FILES tab for those.

Lair and Valley of the Gods Manual Install Here
Lair and Valley of the Gods VCM Install Here

The original plan was to build the valley behind the stadium. This was a plan we stuck to and each plate was made separately in 3D Studio Max.

Oddly after we mapped in the Shrubs, Trees and bushes it caused an unusual error where the "Tarbush Cafe" appeard under the valley floor.

With no access to the GTA Community we could only assume that was down to an object ID crossing over loading zones.

The idea of individual plates meant that you could re-map, rotate and position pieces in any order you wanted, even duplicate lines within the IPL, then open that in mooMapper and move the duplicated section to another position.

In the right frame of mind you could pretty much expand the valley as big as you wanted.

One thing this mod lacked was a modified paths file, to remove boats from that area.

The Valley and Lair Within GTA MooMapper
Valley Section In 3d Studio Max
Valley Section In 3d Studio Max

The valley sections where also designed so you could drive or ride a motorbike up them, meaning the valley also doubled as a stunt area where you could rack up some rewards for pulling off some pretty insane stunts.

The games GXT file was also modified to list Valley Of The God's across the screen when you arrive in that area of the game.

This was one of the concept shots wraith sent to the map maker (because he'd never seen the show) It's rare you get to see behind the scenes so its been great to see these images being released here.

Seams like many many years since anyone worked on a VC Addon / Mod related to Airwolf

 Hope they do in the future..

Clear Weather
Bad Weather

Original Readme.txt

*** The Airwolf 2004 MOD TEaM ***
Airwolfs Lair & The Valley Of The God's
24th May 2004 (View Full Screen with word Wrap Off)
Manual Install

(This Lair & Canyon Replace NOTHING In Vice City They Only Add To The Game)

To Install
Unzip With Full Path So You Get The Relevant Folder Names

Ad The Folder Called  [ lair ] (Containing, 3 Files)
To Your GTA VC Maps Folder (normally located)
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\maps
So You Have A Folder Called
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\maps\lair

Then Add The 49 Files from The [ img archive files Folder ]
To Your gta3.img (normaly located)
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\gta3.img
[add them using Spookys IMG Tool]

Then Edit  Your gta-vc.dat (normaly located)
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\gta_vc.dat
[ Use NotePad To Edit It ]
You Need To Add These 3 Lines

IDE DATA\MAPS\lair\lair.ide

COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\lair\lairproj.col


(As Shown Below So Look For Them
Then Add them the Same Way To Yours
You Only Need To add the 3 Lines Above
The Rest are Just To Show You were To add Them)

# Object types
IDE DATA\MAPS\littleha\littleha.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\downtown\downtown.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\downtows\downtows.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\docks\docks.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\washintn\washintn.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\washints\washints.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\oceandrv\oceandrv.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\oceandn\oceandn.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\bridge\bridge.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\starisl\starisl.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\nbeachbt\nbeachbt.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\nbeachw\nbeachw.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\nbeach\nbeach.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\yacht\yacht.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\cisland\cisland.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\hotel\hotel.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\lawyers\lawyers.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\stripclb\stripclb.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\airport\airport.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\airportN\airportN.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\haiti\haiti.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\haitin\haitin.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\lair\lair.ide   <---------------------- There

SPLASH loadsc2

IDE DATA\MAPS\concerth\concerth.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\mansion\mansion.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\islandsf\islandsf.IDE
IDE DATA\MAPS\stadint\stadint.IDE

#collision data
COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\lair\lairproj.col  <-------------------- There

# have to load map.zon before any of the IPLs

# Scene information
IPL DATA\MAPS\littleha\littleha.IPL

SPLASH loadsc3

IPL DATA\MAPS\downtown\downtown.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\downtows\downtows.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\docks\docks.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\washintn\washintn.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\washints\washints.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\oceandrv\oceandrv.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\oceandn\oceandn.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\bridge\bridge.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\starisl\starisl.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\nbeachbt\nbeachbt.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\nbeach\nbeach.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\nbeachw\nbeachw.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\cisland\cisland.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\airport\airport.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\airportN\airportN.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\haiti\haiti.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\haitin\haitin.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\islandsf\islandsf.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\stadint\stadint.IPL
IPL DATA\MAPS\lair\lair.IPL  <----------------- There
IPL DATA\MAPS\paths.ipl
IPL DATA\MAPS\cull.ipl
IPL DATA\occlu.ipl

Known Issues With This Mod
On Some 64MB Graphics Cards A Lod File doesn't Appear,
So You Cant See The Far Corner Map Plate Near The Back Until Your Closer To It
Just Like Some Standard Vice City Buildings. (It Wont effect The Running Of The Mod)
There is Information On How to Tweak The Lod files In This Zip.
[ For LOD Extras Read The Other Readme File ]
There are also videos on youtube showing the varied Beta Design stages.