Thursday, 30 April 2015

On The Trail Of Walter Franklin Tomkins (pre dvd cut)

This is essentially a DVD Extra kinda thing and it's done as can be specifics wise (unless) some more Visual content comes forward before i have finished the other video projects. If not, then the final cut of this (for the dvd) will have the blank/black box moments replaced with scrolling random visuals that are semi related yet unimportant, but that'll be pretty boring.

I am not a camera loving kinda person, so that's why i have not simply just filled the blank bits with me & my face talking on screen. ;)   Why the frame type video?  A lot of the graphics and images are LOW Resolution & don't look well when stretched.

Could It Be His Sister?...   UPDATE I now have her name, its not his sister.
To view some of the research behind this video, see here  and also here   
Also check out the Research TAB / Page, has great links to free sites i used to gather the info.