Friday, 25 October 2013

How To Get YOUR MUSIC Onto iTunes Amazon GooglePlay and Spotify for FREE

Ever wanted to get onto the MAIN music distribution sites for FREE?

think its a scam?  check out my Store Page Links
on your fb, twitter, myspace... and so on...

So Here's How To Get YOUR MUSIC Onto iTunes Amazon GooglePlay, Spotify and others for FREE for 12 months AND you DON'T have to give ANY credit or debit card details so theirs NO concerns about cancelling and them taking money!!!!

After the First Year it'll cost you  $19.99 a year  (A YEAR)  and your uploads are still UNLIMITED..
YOU CAN NOT TOP THIS AT THE MOMENT EVEN GOING DIRECT TO THE STORES SO READ AND CONSIDER THIS....  look up  cd baby  and   tunecore   if you wish to see what other companies charge.
All you do is sign up on DistroKid, this then means you have a record label (no deals, contracts, just a label behind your name) that gets UPC and ISRC capability for free, more on that in a moment.  They will allow you to upload ONE track that will go onto the FOUR TOP stores and others, for free, for ever & you get 100% of the sales (minus what paypal take regarding the transaction)..

Now to get Unlimited Uploads.. Still FREE  you can either Refer (get 5 friends to just register) or pay the $19.99 for that first year.. So 5 mates sign up and you have a whole year of unlimited uploads and 100% sales commission (and distrokid becomes a larger music label because of us)
The initial track will always be out their unless you delete it, weather you pay or not it survives  ;)

Note on websites YOU are listed as the artist, DistroKid is listed as the Label
if you decide to give them $34.99 a year you can set your own company label name & release date, use a barcode you already have and so on. Paying gets you interaction, things that need manually doing, much of its automated if its a fresh album, i just can't fault them..

A downside is you can not individually set prices uploading through distro, but 1 upload goes to lots of stores, handy for low bandwidth (also see what it takes with rivals to get onto itunes & stay on their) then spotify, Amazon and google,. If you would rather have price control (but no 100% commission on google) you can get an artist hub account for a 1 off fee of $25, and then set upload prices, their is info on that google hub and CD creation to order here  what you should do is look around the "Tabs" on my blog, especially the store tab, you can also hit the Albums tab and look at each album "blog post" to see links to the stores (to check out the default pricing) If your on a mobile device make sure your using webview to be able to see this whole blog (use web view link at the bottom of this page)

Now you can delete an album any time you wish, but ber this in mind, for free you also get given a UPC (Universal Product Code / Bar Code)  for the Album or Single and each individual track gets an ISRC code.

Another cool thing is if you go here then search for your UPC, it'll come up not found, but show you an image of it (save that image of the bar code and then you can add it to your cd covers for hard copies)
I choose the second image, the 13 digit EU code (im in the UK)

Remember burning programs such as nero, you can use CD TEXT for track listings and you can add the UPC, you can also right click each track and on properties add the ISRC for each track, helping cd players show album info and download album art  (a professional little touch & easily done, tutorial on that will follow soon)

Remember they ask for NO card details, so you have a year to decide if your going to extend that year,  they will notify you when your are at the end, if you wish to not continue with them they pay any moneys owed & remove all besides that first track, if you decide to RE-UPLOAD you wont get the same UPC, ber that in mind. Web Store stats are 2/3 months behind (iTunes, amazon, spotify and so on) so for 2/3 months your not going to see any stats or information on your account, all's you can do is wait..
main thing is the site has a basic terms and conditions, unlike some of the random comments on the Tunecore music publishing agreement (about rights to perform you work in other languages)  none of that crap is in the distro agreement & you can cancel it any time you want...

for $25 and price control on that GooglePlay idea i noted above, id probably accept the deduction per sale idea and only upload to iTunes, amazon, spotify and the others bar google with distrokid  (kinda gives your Google a way to do promotions, competitions, IE set specific prices for sales or give away's)  ;)

ALSO Check back soon because i will show you how to get COVER VERSIONS of stuff onto iTunes, so you can help plug your OWN MUSIC using covers of other peoples music, the more unusual cover you create the more the fans of that other artist will enjoy your other works   :D

I don't work for DistroKid and i am a NEW member, that means I TOO WILL HAVE TO WAIT roughly 3 months to see if i have had any sales... (sales in post updated, Distrokid are genuine) :D
NOW.. with that in mind until i get a Pay out i have NO WAY to confirm how genuine this company is OR if they will pay me.. So until that time I am looking at this from ONE VIEW...
Im on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon UK and USA  (and its cost me nothing to be featured their)  I will be heard, even if im not paid... i have essentially made it to the on-line stores....
and i WILL update this post when i do or don't get paid, you have nothing to loose unless your song goes global and they run off with billions, but for many off us we don't care, we just want our work out their...
and.. well mine is out their.... using the method above, personally.. any pay out is a bonus lmfao

Music On iTunes PC & MAC
Music on iTunes iPhone, iPad, iPod
Music On Amazon

Music On GooglePlay and Look Who's Under Similar Artists

Note: googleplay prices have changed on my albums..
all prices listed in images are subject to change...

I Have Been Paid By Distro Kid
So I CAN Confirm It Works :D

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Makers of REASON puts their very first app onto iTunes

The Makers of REASON puts their very first app onto iTunes... one wonders if a mobile version of reason will one day appear.. from Propellerhead Software...
We can only hope so... oo and yes yes yes yes by the way.. their first iTunes app...

Remember to expect bugs.. their kinda new at this... besides its FREE at the moment

Also ber in mind this is the company that brought you REASON 5 and the Ability to Use & Make your own Reason Re-Fill files....  So have patience... I think their just testing the waters with this...
Ide love to get Reason 5 on iPad and iPhone...

Time From Inception A Zimmerish Piece Of Lyrical Sorrow

Its on iTunes Here
Its on Amazon Here
Its on GooglePlay Here
Its on Loudr Here

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Worlds Running Outa Time AKA The Fight Will Be Your Own (With Lyrics)

This piece of music from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Score by Steve Jablonsky got so covered that it evolved. A mate suggested i try to put lyrics over it like ide done on John Murphys Surface of the sun (from sunshine) & Hans Zimmers Time (from Inception) But i was unsure to be honest and i sent it to someone else who kinda agreed with me that lyrics were a no no, but then that made me more determined to do it then LOL, so i hit play on the MP3 and record on the Mic & this is what i got off the top of my head :)

The World We Know Is Changing

Changing All Around Us
Theirs Nothing Much We Can Do

The Damage Has been Done
Can We Change The Future

Will People Ever Care
The Storms Go Thundering By
Ocean Lines Are Changing
Death Is Rising With The Tide

Mountains Are Gona Fall
And The Oceans Are Gona Rise
No More Clean Nature
No More Fresh Smellin Skys

The World As You Knew It Has Passed
What We Knew Just Turns Into Ashes
Fight Over Oil
Kill Each Other Day By Day
What Do We Have Left To Prove

Its Time We Opened Our Eyes
And Took A Good Luck At The Sky's
We Don't Have Much Time Left
Before Nature Reclaims The Earth

Battles Fought & Won
Over Lands We Cant Inhabit
Playin With Nukes & Biological Warfare

Is Their Anywhere Left Out Their
Were People Can Live In Peace
The World Needs To Change
And It Needs To Do It Know

Were Runnin Outa Time......

and then came the challenge to recreate the Music its self...

Licensed for sale on
 iTunes and GooglePlay


GarageBand iPad and iPhone Free for Today Only

GarageBand iPad and iPhone Free for Today Only

Look on your App Store For GarageBand and download it ASAP
its a very cool app, normally  £2.99 / $4.99

Nothing stops you grabbing it with iTunes on the PC
then you can use it in the future when you get an iPhone or iPad  ;)

If you only have iOS 6, it WILL allow you to download a compatible version
so you don't need iOS 7 to use this :)

Metronome by Musicopoulos  Is Also Free Today 
and if you haven't already, then also get  StrumStage while that's still free