Thursday, 23 May 2013

Two Features Listed On Soundtracks And Trailer Music

Im not sure if people know but i currently have 2 features listed on a great website that looks for obscure up coming artists and helps promote them on their site, which is called  "Soundtracks and Trailer Music"

You can read both their features here in the "Featured Composers" Menu

I might be doing an interview with them sometime in the future, will keep you updated...

They also have a FaceBook page Here
They also have a YouTube channel Here
They also have a SoundCloud profile Here
They also have a Twitter page  Here

Please remember these guys are Into "Movie Scores" and "Trailer Music"  the reason they started their site is because their was nothing out their for us... Lets face it.. the majority of websites get over run by rappers... beats,dubbin and mixers...   this ones for the movie music people  :D

"Soundtracks And Trailer Music"
Audiophiles - addicted to epic trailer music, adore Soundtracks
(for movies, shows and video games).
Looking for talented yet undiscovered composers.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

2 Tracks from a Recording Session 18th may 2013

Had a recording session last night, did about 20 tracks in total
heres a couple of them...  Both tracks are One shot takes with 2 keyboards at once
NO mixing or editing has been done on either piece of music.

The UnKnown Traveler 001

I Say Detective.. Was This A Murder? or A War Memory? 001

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Living After The Aftermath Teaser 2 (Trailer Music)

Recently did the Trailer Music for
Living After The Aftermath Teaser 2
Remember to click STOP on the player over their first ---->

Check Out The Blog For More Information On This Series Here

3 New Music tracks added to the blog post (link) above