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I also offer an image editing and evolution system where we can embellish your own images (or i can sometimes provide the initial image, see here) But my goal with this service is to give band members that box art / flyer / poster feeling by beefing up their own photos. Also useful for writers that simply want that simple yet often complicated and stylish looking eBook cover.

Often your own photo can be used (or you can buy one from the likes of Foap or Imagekind and work out a deal with them over mass production) but i often get better, more unique and interesting results from peoples own images when we tinker with them in varied editing suits.

Also using your own image as a base is another issue you don't have to deal with further down the line. For many artists the odd image pulled off google does for handing discs out to their mates, but for on line stores and anything regarding retail / commercial use would involve 3rd party royalties. I do images for a one off fee (though if our own photo is used in the design then we maintain the rights to the actual photo used) So your buying the graphic design, not the initial base image used. You can use that graphic design as much as you want on anything you want. IE the final image i provide you with is yours.

Please note i don't run a big company here with 100's of employees with all sorts of degrees, certificates and awards in photography, I get by in this multimedia field due to Natural Talent (not skill) It's having an eye for detail and fumbling about with things i don't understand that gives me my unique look and feel to graphics.

I can help with album covers, eBook covers and other sorts of visual aspects. But remember i don't print, box, or ship designs neither. I produce a graphic from what ever and then show you an example, if you want it, we work out a fee (via simple paypal) and I send you the resolution & dimension of the image you require with no watermark.

eBook paperback or hardback Covers / Posters

From A Photo - To An Album Cover
The Other unusual aspect i offer (that not many do) is i can also produce screen saver slide shows, actual SCR files (rather than just video files) AND i can also offer Auto Play/Auto run Menus for CD/DVD Discs. I maybe also willing to cook up the of SetUp.exe for installing or securing the distribution of basic software so it requires a serial number.

Evolution of a cheep and nasty 640x480 video still into a cool retro shot
When it comes to Production, I don't know anyone who has worked with such varied media and file types as my self without a design team backing them. Business card designs can be done to, just remember i do not print stuff, i design and create the master art work for the websites you choose to use for hosting, printing, selling or what ever you wish to do with it.

Awake Radio - Archiving Shows To Disk Template (for Alan Maglight)
 The above template was a freebie just knocked together for a mate doing pod casts on their system, this gave him an easy way to do quick covers on discs archiving the shows he did. I don't know if he ever used this.. In most cases it seams that only people who pay you ever give you any feed back or thanks... So i limit my freebies when it comes to Time Spent & Skills Used...

Flyer For A Charity Fund Raiser 2014
The above flyer was another favour for someone, that got a welcoming hearty thanks :)

I do styles from the most basic information

Photo To Movie Poster

Photo To Artist / Band Poster

Flyers / Posters / News Letters / Brochures
Blog / Forum  / Web Site / Headers / Banners / Adverts
Blending GFX For Banknotes, Game Money OR Raffle Tickets

I do have a selection of stock photos here and often take random shots for future use in editing.

More Info and GFX Examples Soon
please check back

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