Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Number 1 In The World Music Give Away

To Celebrate being Number 1 In The World

I have decided to do a Music Give Away...
As a thanks for the fans support....


 As i said in the video i never expected to get to number 1 in the UK... Let alone number 1 in the world

So i officially present to you a select of FREE TRACKS  
(for an unknown limited time)  to Celebrate 
reaching past the top 10...
into the top 5....

 & then right their at number 1 Globally..

These are a few of my favorite Tracks
And you can download them for FREE



BUT.. 100's of tracks are now free in the Official Facebook Group HERE

It Could Rise Out The Ashes Again And be Our Home Once More

Santas Grotto Under Attack The Elves Fight Back

People Die Every Day, We Cant Remember Them All... And Very Few Touch Our Lives

Silent Night Horror Edition

Farewell To The Rogue Warrior (with guitar, drums, ambiance layers)

There Through The Fire It Rises

The Top Secret Military Aircraft Heist (reprise)

I Looked Back And You Weren't There, Nither Was The Planet (reprise)

Final Edit - But Mutron Is Our Home (instrumental)

Living Forever (All Layers)

Bonny Portmore Demo Take 1

Bonny Portmore Demo Take 2

What Happened At Mutron Could Of Been Avoided

Back In Town On Buisness & This Time It's Personel (instrumental of sacking the singer)

Another Heist Movie

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I would also like to thank the team over at Sound Tracks & Trailer Music for their help with this music giveaway, check them out... They are building a great list of composers, many unknown to most of us, but all upcoming artists with their own great sound & style