Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Real Facts About Linking and Tags To Bring Validation and Credibility

The Real Facts About Linking and Tags To Bring Validation and Credibility in an often Automated System....

I'm often asked "how did i verify my facebook page" and the classic "how can i get my Twitter or how can i get my Youtube account verified" and its a real hit or miss system. Some of its manually done, some of its fully automated in a way.. Either way Either system....  if you do nothing.. then it'll never happen....

For a company to offer a form of Verification means that the "Voice" and the "Statements" on said location are made on behalf or fully endorsed "Legally Accountable" to the person making the statement. Slander is a powerful thing reporters run with... Imagine it "the official twitter page for bla bla tweeted this today" The verification process is their for a reason and some of it you just can't truly bypass, purchase or even request.

The more stuff you do, the more stuff you work on then the more credibility you gain as to who you are along with roughly where you are.

To verify my facebook page (under the page type i chose) i had to provide a headed letter from the bank listing the company's name and clearly visible an our/ref number along with a piece of paperwork from the Tax Office.. again with my company's name on and a ref number. That was all it took, no passport, photo ID, no phone number. The company exists and i have the paperwork for the company.. so i had the legal right to request the verification and they have an option to request verification.. So it was passed.

The thing is facebook is pretty private (in its roots.txt) So search engines like google are limited to certain information, in turn making it harder for the web spiders to help other companies verify information. You can't currently ask Twitter or Youtube to verify your Channel/Profile, its automated by a number of varied statistics that i would assume their lines of code often scan the net for.

Clearly having a massive "genuine interactive fan base" can help this but its gotta be Interactive, well re-tweeted and what not, but even more so easier to obtain if your a known public figure.. But if your just a struggling artist and feel the need to be verified in places as to be taken seriously and also seen as less of a law suit risk.. then clearly being verified removes red tape down the line.. but its defo harder to obtain if your just an amateur unrecognised in your chosen field.

Its not easy to do, some go down the road of getting a Domain on a .com or site (so they have an official and then linking the official home page to social media profiles... along with backward linking the social media places to point to the official site.

That's hit or miss, depends on all the ones you want verifying that are automated and would also cost something for the domain. A domain (being paid for) adds a payment method.. a Human Being that can be traced.. making it easier to get verified in some places.. but clearly not all.

People often pay for marketing because they don't have the time (so they say) most frankly don't think they have the skills (but that is where collaborations come in again) From beats, box arts, vocals, a single instrument layer to co writing or even acting.. be it visual or just voice over.

You can either pay and pray or you can socially interact and be "credited by others" so that your own circle expands on a professional and well documented level. Say you did the Poster for an amateur fan film or a zero budget short film?, or you did a piece of music, or a song, or intro narration or you provided a mere video effect to a project.. But.. If you just interacted in the industry your trying to break into to begin with.. Even though you'd be working with what would be seen in business as your upcoming rivals seams mad clearly to some? But clearly if your reading this you ain't had the creditability already to get something verified...

Ive often advised this method of interaction many times as boosting your "presentation" along with "reputation" and inadvertently informing that hidden "web spider" But when it comes to validation then ideally you need a Base.. a website that's trusted, a website that's mostly factual, impartial and used by millions.. A website that Google and other search engines can access!!!

On that website, as i said above about your own domain, you link to the social media places and the credibility of that site can help the web spider tally information, but also as i said.. thats gona cost money.

The Movie Industry is one of the main sources of information and trivia. Consider this that for Audio AND Visual projects they can land on way more actual industry sites than just Audio OR Visual as separate projects clearly...

So what if you had just one small interaction on an audio visual project and you could also help them List that project on IMDB and credit your self for what you did on the project...

First you end up with a Profile and a Accreditation on a listed movie or short...
and then.. anything else you work on can also then be added.. building up an industry bio and a work history of projects you worked on.

Those invisible reputation points within the spider begin to grow and evolve, forming new links to other people making a larger web. As those invisible ranking things grow options also open up, trust is being earnt rather than expected or paid for... Google spiders IMDB.. it does not spider all of Facebooks information...

Twitter can't automatically see you have a Verified FB page, nor can Youtube, you don't really need to link youtube to an IMDB profile.. its probably better to link your youtube upon the IMDB profile its self, along with your FB page, your FB profile, your twitter and your Linkedin.

Sites limit what google can access and many validation aspects are automated and the best way around it is also the best way to get work.. its to help others.. and be credited, linked to.. named...

I have a couple of videos i have worked on listed on the Internet Movie database so today i decided to update the actual Profile Page (rather than the pages listing the productions them selves) So i listed my Official Blog (which your on now) then i listed my Facebook profile, my twitter, my linkedin and my facebook fan page (a page maintained by someone that represents me officially) along with my official youtube link.

If you work with others & register on these websites then Any web spiders looking to validate and justify the linking can now access more information because of your domain Or something like Linked in Or IMDB are now holding that information. Holding it on a page created by more than just one entity, or something that is interlinked with other professional or paid for hosting.

Having a reverbnation or soundcloud aint the same as a Spotify store.. hell you can get unlimited albums and tracks onto googleplay for a one off payment of $25. Flying solo for most is a must have due to finances and real life commitments. I have seen many artists living on benefits while signed with a label, you realise that means that "somewhere, someone owes you money" that classic you earnt  $0.05 and it doesn't pay out till its on $10 yet benefits forms ask (does anyone owe you any money) and people put no.. Contracts with laels won't help or bail you out they'll add a date you can't make and break you to gain more % over your work for breach of contract...

You wana get the ball rolling.. get interacting, get helping, get credited to enhance the chances of accreditation and the recognition to boost you in the search results

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Random af find on an IMDB page

This is a breakdown review i wrote a while back here
    on a 6 part tv mini series called "The Last Train"
Now.. as the series had no actual box arts, i made some my self...
I was rather shocked to see IMDB today with my fake DVD front listed as the poster for the series here  madness....

Not Even A Credit When You Mouse Over It
Yet the one on the review

Credit is given on the mouse over on blog
That really is odd who ever submitted that to IMDB because you have to pay to submit each image & own the rights to them.. Thats essentially a Screen shot with a little photo-shop work i did and was not really intended to be any claim to an official cover, let alone poster...

The text  "The Last Train" was a PSD made from the Sci-Fi Channel Advert Break screen

Should i feel honoured? lol

Run Orchestral Minimalistic (2017)

No sales for this one, but free to listen to on youtube