Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Random af find on an IMDB page

This is a breakdown review i wrote a while back here
    on a 6 part tv mini series called "The Last Train"
Now.. as the series had no actual box arts, i made some my self...
I was rather shocked to see IMDB today with my fake DVD front listed as the poster for the series here  madness....

Not Even A Credit When You Mouse Over It
Yet the one on the review

Credit is given on the mouse over on blog
That really is odd who ever submitted that to IMDB because you have to pay to submit each image & own the rights to them.. Thats essentially a Screen shot with a little photo-shop work i did and was not really intended to be any claim to an official cover, let alone poster...

The text  "The Last Train" was a PSD made from the Sci-Fi Channel Advert Break screen

Should i feel honoured? lol

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