Saturday, 29 September 2012

How To Increase & Boost Song Plays On Reverbnation

How To Increase & Boost Song Plays Hits On Reverbnation?


Ok this subject gets researched a lot on google by many people....
And the majority fall into the usual trap of trying to boost plays using software
(which is normally just a Virus or a scam that kills your pc)

Reverbnation gives you EVERYTHING you need to Boost Song Plays
(and it doesn't fall under the PAY & UPGRADE section neither so anyone can do this for free)

so you can do this to boost song plays on your blog, facebook, twitter or a web site..

Widgets are you biggest asset, yet most people don't even understand how they work, Which is the BEST one to use..  OR how to make the most out of them

So i am going to show you. You need a Facebook page, profile, or a blogspot, MySpace...  or site of your choice to implement your widget on
 (the blog I am using here is blogspot which is part of Google)
 So if you have a YouTube account already..
then you can easily have a blog using the same email with no need to sign up at blogspot.
Also having a blog to get your work into the Google web spider is always handy right?  and a blogs a good way to get an RSS FEED, which you can also add to reverbnation under the Blog URL options

Ber in mind when you want to spread the word about an upload, then sharing your post on a variety of sites (Fb, Blog, Myspace, Twitter)  gets you more up the Google chain with the web spider, putting you higher up the Google Search page.  Try Googling   TheWraith517    see?  youtube & blogspot dominate the page

Between YouTube & BlogSpot  (they have Google dominated because their semi owned by Google, so Google give their OWN sites priority traffic)  IE  You Need a YouTube & A Blog to get better web spider coverage, over other random sites like amazon and eBay for example who normally get priority at the TOP of the Google page

So i recommend you create a blog, just click join at the top of this page, use your YouTube email address to save having to register, pick a simple blog template & activate the blog  (I will show you how to edit the blog further down this post) for now my concern is getting your Reverbnation widget code set correctly and getting YOU to make the most of it.

 Don't skip any of this because you will just make the same mistakes this ideot made here below

^^ How NOT To Generate Web Traffic ^^
And that's his whole tutorial "This is all you have to do"   ?

Theirs a lot of things people don't realize about Reverb and how it works, but that guy made a blog post (just like Ive done here) yet I am offering you ACTUAL information, That Retard just used it as a ploy to get you to open his page... yet the way he set it up he got NOTHING from you opening that page
I got at least 4 song plays by YOU visiting here and you will be rewarded for that by this tutorial guide  :)

So here is were INFORMATION is Power
(even if that same said smuck above HAD of Enabled AutoPlay)
He would of still got Nothing from anyone opening the page.. why?
Well... Reverbnation requires HALF a song play or More... To Count As a Play Stat

IE:  someone needs to listen to 51% of your Track, so even with AutoPlay he's still screwed his chance with such a pathetic post.. because it doesn't take the length of a RAP to realize that's trashy information & shut the page... (whether his song was playing or not LOLSZZ)

If you PAGE/BLOG has Interesting Information your whole songs will be heard, if you use the RANDOM option on the widget, you will get a random amount of plays on a mixture of your tracks (this is risky depending on the length of your tracks & the captivation gathered from the page they are looking at)
So  using  SHUFFLE is not always recommended...  Clearly though (unless your names G MAC E) AutoPlay has to be on, otherwise your Never going to get song plays... unless someone clicks PLAY

First I recommend the Reverbnation Pro Player (which is a free Widget)
Q) why not the reverbnation HTML5 player?
A) Not every PC currently out their supports HTML5 playback on their browsers...
This is the first Massive mistake people make, they also assume the pro player costs just because of the word PRO  (this is not the case & you SHOULD use the pro player) at least until April 2014 when they kill off Windows XP.  Until then a LOT of your traffic is windows xp users and windows 2000 users who manipulated xp updates for their own os....

So you go to the Control Room on Reverb  (new or old layout)
Select Widgets



Now you have to choose if you will use the "Shuffle" option, its not really recommended unless you have it on a site with regular traffic and the pages don't change every time they click to navigate somewhere on the site.

Make sure when you choose your 2 Options that one of them is AutoPlay, or your wasting time

 As a sound engineer so I am lucky because I don't just compose music, I also make Sound Effects
These are clearly SHORT and play within a few seconds....
If you record a Blank short piece of audio and try using that  
(when you delete that, it also removes all views/plays that file gained towards your stats...)

So what ever is at the top of your Song list needs to be short, yet objective towards your work...

So your then prompted with the following screen to PLACE your Widget

Now on your BLOG  or your MySpace Page you have the Opportunity to EMBED the code...
Clearly you can make a Blog/MySpace post using it  
(but its only when a user reads that blog/myspace post it'll get played right?)
Clearly you want this to start playing what ever blog post your visitor arrives at right?  
so you need to put this code down the SIDE of your blog, rather than just a simple blog post  ;)

So you click on the Blog Dashboard (Design, top right of your blog)
which then looks like this (when you select LAYOUT)

Then You Click Add A "Gadget"

here you get a list of optional stuff, wich is shown down the SIDE of your blog, 
or at the top or the bottom of your blog

The one you want is the HTML Type Boxes, Such As This One...

Add this one to your blog and MOVE it were you want on the page, you can see were i placed mine further up and I called it   "My Full Track Player"    You paste the Reverbnation code in that box (on the EDIT it option)   and give the Box a Name,  like mines my full track player...

So now when anyone reads ANY of your blog posts, it will Boost your reverbnation song plays...

On myspage when you edit your profile you have Marqe & Moduls, one of the Modules is a HTML box you can add, wich again can be at the top, bottom or SIDE of your myspace page  & you simply Name the HTML box and paste the Reverbnation code into the box...

Just Remember... some sites the embedded code is different
IE, clicking the Blogger, or myspace button ON REVERB  (Before you copy the code)
sometimes changes it to the code you need....

Final Notes...
It may help to actually add your other web addresses down the Top Right side of your blog (like i have) this helps again intergrate your OTHER web sites by getting in on the google spider web effect, You can also edit your Youtube Channel page & add actual LINKS down the side to, further boosting the spider net & pushing you higher up the Google search

Thanks for Reading & Listening .. 
If you want to Add me on Reverbnation I have a few profiles for different genres 
Singer Song Writer Profile =
Airwolf Game Score Profile =

I might even fan you back if your any good....

Remember, how ever much you spend on a Domain Name & Web Space.. you Still have to send traffic that way for it to work, and when you stop paying your site why not use a FREE blog, a myspace, a youtube.  Just a simple blog post about your favorite football team, or photos you've taken in some film location, all brings in traffic to the blog post that showed up on a google search. Or a Tutorial on how to do something (which is what Ive done here) A helpful blog post isn't really spam when it helps or informs others, Its contributing to the Internet, rather than masses of pathetic spammy blog posts about here's my new RAP  check it  WORD UP Yo My N*g**r....

I had FOUR sound effects at the top of the playlist
(that's besides the music you listened to while reading my informative tutorial guide)

If you want to Boost your YouTube Video views & Subscibers, READ THIS ONE

Think im wrong?....   ask your self... This question....
how many times have you looked for something on google and landed on blogspot page?

theres a couple of adverts at the bottom of the blog for boosting stats on social networks
1 is called "vagex" which is a system used to boost youtube, likes, subs, views & comments
and one is "addmefast" which does all the youtube stuff as well as twitter & fb page likes
their both free to use (but you can also buy points to)
Basically what i do is log on to addmefast each day & watch 10 vids for 30 seconds each (i get 9 points per video)
and the 100 daily bonus points for the 10 views, but you can watch as many as u want
then i use them credits on the site and input a video link and allocate how many points per like (bearing in mind to get a like, you also get the video view) so i can get at least 20 video views & likes a day, or 20 subscribers
for vagex i only use that if im leaving the pc on over night rendering a video or downloading a movie, vagex logs into a bs youtube account i made and it gets 1 point for viewing, 1 for like, 1 for sub and 1 for comment (comments are automated, hence using it on a bs account) and again the points can be allocated to send traffic to the site
I figure if the pc is on doing one job, it can do that in the back ground to lol
this stuff is basically what them companies do that offer to promote you for a fee & it may seam a little immoral, but remember your part of the media industry & its all about hype & statistics. can also be used to boost your myspace friends list to, you just log into myspace, copy the user id, add it to adderdemon & then click add friends, it opens 5 myspace popups (requests) once they load you close em and click add freinds again, you can add about 30 to 50 people a day.. again more stat building.
ber in mind nothing ive said or advised here to you will actually cost you anything (besides your time, or one of your groopies time) lol
It is sad that in todays world its all about stats (just to rise high enough to be seen & heard)
but information truly is power lol

If you push your reverbnation statistics to much their filters will remove you from the charts for 30 days (so don't push it via reverb to much) bounce myspace profiles & youtube to increase fan counts more than anything else