Saturday, 29 September 2012

How To Boost Increase Video Views On YouTube Morally

How To Boost & Increase Video Views
  & Subscribers On YouTube?

Plugging your own (c) work on YouTube needs you to step outside the box for 5 mins to do something Alternative  ;)

Having a blog helps get stuff moved up the search chain, because right away, anything you post on the blog (is google orientated) as is youtube, ber in mind youtube uses google to search, so right away, 2 postings of the same file is 2 lines on that google spidy web
also your blog allows people to find subjects you talk about on google really easy if its a fairly unique subject

A lot avoid blogs because their stereo typical  
(today i ate korn flakes and washed my hair)  LOL

But blogs don't have to be about that!!!

Yahoo Answers for example, if you see a question their that's right up your field of expertise...
you can make a lil tutorial on the blog, then copy & paste that to yahoo answers & link the actual blog post as the "Information Source"
Now your blog is linked to yahoo in a Zero spam nature... link to the blog POST
(don't link just to the actual blog as the post will lower down the page the more you build the blog)

try to add a Question based statement in your blog posts
 (pc's are thick and they do what we tell them)

IE, someone googles  "How do i back up my iPhone"
WONT show your blog up at the top if your blog says...
"here is how to back up an iPhone"
you can have that text in their, but you need the question to,
which you can slam as
 "many of my mates ask me how can i back up my iPhone"

Its a world fulla dumb people out their who ask a stack of questions every day via google
(the likes of back up software sellers will apear above you unless you have key words)

Hell... you can make a video tutorial, upload it to youtube
(but leave it Unlisted if you want)
so it doesn't change the nature of your channel to your youtube viewers...
yet their it is Embedded in a blog post,
boosting your minuets watched & gaining possible subscribers outside ya usual audience :D
(remember embedded videos often don't count actual View numbers, only minuets watched, there is information about Embedding videos and the problems it can lead to here)

his mates may go check out your stuff
(that's LISTED  and totally irrelevant to what their mate just subscribed to you for)

All the time your building links from 1 place to another forming your own little google spider & also helping the odd idiot get by to LOL

Think im wrong?....   ask your self... This question....
how many times have you looked for something on google and landed on blogspot page?

more views your channel has the more you stand out,
but to get views your content either has to be EPIC, or Informative

Putting time into other things you no is what promotion is all about,  you are more than just what you do on YouTube & the world is FULL of people looking for help, doing a good deed can get you web traffic

Hope them ideas help your own stuff climb up the googly spider :)
(you just boosted my stats while reading this, so thank you)

You help the world go around and you get free kick backs from it
Your own knowledge is your own way to promote your "Skills" and your "Talents"
By simply helping others....

theres a couple of adverts at the bottom of the blog for boosting stats on social networks
1 is called "vagex" which is a system used to boost youtube, likes, subs, views & comments
and one is "addmefast" which does all the youtube stuff as well as twitter & fb page likes
their both free to use (but you can also buy points to)
Basically what i do is log on to addmefast each day & watch 10 vids for 30 seconds each (i get 9 points per video)
and the 100 daily bonus points for the 10 views, but you can watch as many as u want
then i use them credits on the site and input a video link and allocate how many points per like (bearing in mind to get a like, you also get the video view) so i can get at least 20 video views & likes a day, or 20 subscribers
for vagex i only use that if im leaving the pc on over night rendering a video or downloading a movie, vagex logs into a bs youtube account i made and it gets 1 point for viewing, 1 for like, 1 for sub and 1 for comment (comments are automated, hence using it on a bs account) and again the points can be allocated to send traffic to the site
I figure if the pc is on doing one job, it can do that in the back ground to lol
this stuff is basically what them companies do that offer to promote you for a fee & it may seam a little immoral, but remember your part of the media industry & its all about hype & statistics. can also be used to boost your myspace friends list to, you just log into myspace, copy the user id, add it to adderdemon & then click add friends, it opens 5 myspace popups (requests) once they load you close em and click add freinds again, you can add about 30 to 50 people a day.. again more stat building.
ber in mind nothing ive said or advised here to you will actually cost you anything (besides your time, or one of your groopies time) lol
It is sad that in todays world its all about stats (just to rise high enough to be seen & heard)
but information truly is power lol

As of February 2013, Unlisted videos no longer count towards video views on your channel
(views before then will be visible on the channel total count, but not views afterwards unless you make the video public)

If your a Musician, check out the Boosting Reverbnation Song Plays
Tutorial here,  its EASY, FREE & IT WORKS


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