Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strangers Waiting for the 8.08am Train 001B

This began in 2015 and was originally an acoustic and vocal jamming session. I wasn't happy with the lyrics and threw the project in a maybe folder. Anyways the other day i spotted the folder and played along with some Celtic type strings, then i played some piano, orchestral strings and messed about with the electric guitar twice.

Note that 001A doesn't have the electric guitars.

You can listen to it here...

You can buy it in the following stores in 320kbs, or you can download it free on facebook, but please remember... a kick back from time to time helps or at least a comment & like on youtube, or a facebook or twitter share, please show your support   :)

UPC: 872133181211
ISRC: QMPKX1632493

iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Bandcamp,
(it'll be on spotify, deezer and many others, just search for  TheWraith517)

Facebook, Mediafire

£94.49 seams steep, but that's actually 40% off, So imagine how much it would All usually cost
and i give almost all of it away :D

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