Thursday, 1 August 2013

Vote For Your Favourite Album And It'll Be Free For 30 Days


The Heists Collection WON the blog poll and is now available FREE over on Google Play Here
(check back again here for a new post were i will provide all the artwork to make your own actual disk)


I am going to give away a Full Album on Google Play.
All you have to do is go preview the tracks and then VOTE for your favourite album
Using the Poll over their on the right --->>

The winning album will then be available for free on google play for 30 days
I will also make ALL the album artwork available at that time to
so you will be able to do your own CD if you wish..

The Four Albums In The Poll To Choose From Are

The Heists Collection previews here
The Western Collection previews here
The Horror Collection previews here
The Sci-Fi Collection previews here

(note this track is free now and so is this track to)

The Horror Collection = 60 Tracks

The Heists Collection = 41 Tracks

The Western Collection = 46 Tracks

The Sci-Fi Collection = 28 Tracks

Don't Forget To Vote "Top Right" Of This Page
get your mates to vote if you want, the more votes you can get people to make then the more chance you'll make the album you want free :)

 You have 34 days to vote as of making this post...