Thursday, 13 August 2015

Is Windows 10 Really Seeding Updates On The Bandwidth of The End User & Informing Others You Miss Certain Security Fixes?

Is Windows 10 Really Seeding Updates On The Bandwidth of The End User AND!
 Informing Others You Miss Certain Security Fixes?


IF and i stress  IF  (for the legal FKS at microsoft)  If this is what it simply says it is then I personally  see MASSIVE DANGERS IN THIS

A) Your seeding updates to total strangers, allowing strangers systems to Network with your machine

B) a 3rd party machine can essentially knock on your door and ask for an update?..

what if you don't have that update?
that means someone knows you don't have that update right?
ber in mind a vulnerability nicely worded as "elevate privileges"
(loosely translated means make a user account, demote you from an admin to a user, then control your system and do what they want with it)

This is like wtf.... AGAIN...  you may remember my disgust when i found windows would also share Error Reports with other users & other stuff with gawd knows what if you don't Untick a mountain of stuff when ya first install it.. but this...    god help people tethering or using a dongle with that switched on.. let alone the Enforced updates.. note that things Switched ON by default
no wonder windows 10 is free to upgrade to...

So how long till they start charging us for Updates?
while our old windows 7 or 8.1 was still still entitled to FREE updates until how long?...

Not a wise move when iPhones and iPads wipe the floor with windows poor use of CPU's... more and more people are leaving pc's and laptops for phones..

i sit here shell shocked at this fkn manoeuvre....

you can ready some of my other Windows 10 horror stories on a PC repairs blog i write for here
but i felt ide also share this here...