Monday, 29 October 2012

How To Get Access To Multimedia Resources For Free

How To Get Access To Multimedia Resources For Free?

If your a singer or a band you need Photos, you need a Music Video, you need a graphics wizz to put an album cover together.  Normally this would cost a fair bit of money & as you no thats not easy unless your already earning money.  So how can you get Promotional Photos done for free or a music video made or even free album covers?

Let alone maybe find a writer who can enhance your work, or even another singer....

There is a lot of websites that allow people to offer their skills & the majority of them charge a fee, then you also have to pay the person as well.

have you ever gone to  ??
Im unemployed my self & its a website recommended by the likes of Ingeus and Reed.

Imagine a photographer, hes looking for work, hes got a CV, but not much practical experience is listed on it, and what about his portfolio, remember that's a collection of totally RANDOM photos.

A lot of people on skill pages are willing to work for FREE, just for the experience and some collaboration work.  I signed up and ticked the right boxes for me & had a few offers, 1 of which was a guy looking for 24 composers... I thought this is going to sound prity unique with 24 composers doing 24 tracks, this was also a paid opportunity (an option to sell my music, or maintain rights to it & if it took off i would own partial (c) oddly it turned out to be a musical) so you never really no what opportunity's will come your way.

The way it works is you can sit their looking for people your self, or you can post an opportunity & people who have ticked the right boxes will be notified about the opertunity.
The only thing you need to do is find someone close enough so no real travel costs are incurred & they gets their shots for a portfolio & you get yours for your promoting or for use on an album cover.

Remember theirs an incentive for them, after all unless you pay them, then they own the photos (so an agreement to see them and delete what you want before they leave would be advised) as when you make it big... thier sitting on some rare original photos that they own (rather them not be embarrassing shots lmao)

Video editing's the same deal, even graphic designers (once you have photos) can easily put an album cover work together (Album ArtWork By... and hes now got an album cover design to add to his c.v) that's something he can print & box and show as an example of his work.

The concept of this is who ever you work with, you are both vital to each others careers & futures, neither of you is the lesser or the better, you are from 2 walks of life, with 2 interests that come together in the form of multimedia promotion & Genuine Experience that you can show.

If your getting a gig filmed, the "Location" you use may even pay travel if the video guy plugs the location in some way within the music video (again its how far you in go in the media industry that reflects on what they did & it's worth in the future if you make it big)

or what if they make it big.. suddenly their you are (this guys earlier works before he was famous)  which = unexpected publicity & free promotion.

The rule here is CREDIT where CREDIT is due...

Take the music video idea, here is ONE totally crazy scenario... let the lad film it & edit it, you could even let him put it on "his" youtube and you Link it to your own playlist and profile. that way any add revenue from google adsence goes to him for making it  (this also gives "the maker" an incentive to get people to watch it) so their going to promote it anyway they can to get traffic to it. that's one way to make it a "Paid Opportunity, yet cost you nothing" and applicants require a youtube channel with an adsence account :)

suddenly this video editor is considering becoming a promoter.. which is a good idea really if he can make videos & work with you, then hes got an eye for promotion.. not just a snarling fool on the phone arguing with printers, but actually their overseeing it & changing it after each print (because hes got the hands on skills) not just a suit, a mouth and a phone hes never off lol

As a composer & a song writer im prity good, as a vocalist i am not that good and it takes me a lot of layering to achieve the right sound. When i have enough songs i like together i will be looking at certain people on reverbnation to perform them, but i will also be looking on skill pages (so i can layer certain sections with a number of vocalists who are mostly unheard & amazing talent waiting to be spotted)

Another rule here is your talent & your skills are two separate entity's & trading has been around since the dawn of time. trade a skill for a talent or vice versa.

People are out their looking for something to work on, people are out their looking for help on something they are working on... Look at all the video bans on youtube due to people using (c) music

why not sell tracks with the ability to earn off them & allow people to use it & again google adsence can claim revenue from adds on the videos that hold your music. "Sentric" offer that service of collecting royalties & a few other companies do to (just watch what you agrea to with online contracts) and warn people to only use "your music" because 2 (c) claims in 1 video normally gets a video blocked over the advert dispute.

STOP looking for that record deal...
do you want a studio taking a cut?
do you want the manager taking a cut?
then the tax man taking a cut?

these so called Commercial Overheads of advertising and publicity can all be done by you
(read my boosting reverb song plays and youtube views blog posts)
you can cut out a lot of the middle men and slowly build your own infrastructure online (which you basically own)

when a label comes looking... your less work than they thought you'd be, even though they approached you anyway.. having an online fan base already built up on the backbone of working with others means your already networked to, so finding support bands for gigs would also be easier to.
internet stats are all well & good, but its Design and Graphics that catches the eye.... Not everyone has their speakers on when surfing...

Hows this for Random thinking?
 Opportunity's were you never even meet each other in person? lol
Some kid might design you a forum and a website....  if you do the music for his
"Web Design Promo Video" which he gets someone else to make for plugging his work by also making a site for them or even just setting up a blog or FB page because you can't  lol

for him its a 10 min job to build a forum with custom graphics or set up a blog.....
for you its a ten min job to put a piece of music together for a promo video...
now switch roles for a moment.....

hes out their.. shes out their... your out their..

has your band got any really good photos?
have you got any music or movie based photos in your portfolio?
do you want to be in a youtube video series that someones making?
do you want to make a movie but need actors and composers & writers?  <----- i love that one

the Yellow Pages offers a lot of skills for a fee...
skillpages offers a lot of skills & TALENT for FREE

even people only looking for "Paid" opportunity may dive on your idea if you approach them directly with a message & they really like the idea

Skillpages is currently one of the lost treasures of the Internet that no one seams to no about...

Here is how my Photography page looks their

My composer skill page

My Video editing skill page

you can list up to 5 skills in total on one account & you can upload files
you can also send files back & forth within pm messages, so you can work on the site without having to even share contact details until you've heard them or what ever :)

Ignore these "we will promote you"  you can promote your self best with the right pictures & artwork, you can find writers and what ever you need.....