Thursday, 28 January 2016

Remembering The Challenger Crew 28th January 1986

This video was a tribute i made back around mid april 2012, it was banned due to the music i used in the height of all the copyright claim battles with youtube. The videos live today of all days.. On this day in 1986  :(     This was my tribute back in 2012 and it still stands today in 2016
(alternate audio edit also below)
remember i am not hosting these, i lost my uploads when they where initially banned

Alternate Audio Edit

Another Something Classical 001b

Download: Here (from facebook)

Another Something Classical 001a

Download: Here (from facebook)

Another Something Classical 001c

Download: Here (from facebook) 320kbs
Download: Here (from ReverbNation) 320kbs
Download: Here (from MediaFire) 320kbs

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Strangers Waiting for the 8.08am Train 001B

This began in 2015 and was originally an acoustic and vocal jamming session. I wasn't happy with the lyrics and threw the project in a maybe folder. Anyways the other day i spotted the folder and played along with some Celtic type strings, then i played some piano, orchestral strings and messed about with the electric guitar twice.

Note that 001A doesn't have the electric guitars.

You can listen to it here...

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Monday, 18 January 2016

The Cartoons And Fairytails Collection

I started work on this album back in 2014 but was unemployed and simply fed up with the run around. Music comes easy but i get to unmusicy with it at times due to real life issues and i didn't want this album to suffer from a padding of useless tracks. Ber in mind this is my 27th album.. that's right, 27 albums, 1000+ recordings. Lot of stuff considering time lost over the years jumping through scamers hoops.
So anyways i present to you the next long awaited album...

Official Release Date 18 January 2016

01 - The Fairy Tale 001d
02 - Jerrys Doing Covert Recon At The Cheese Factory (Reprise)
03 - The Castle Of Insanity 001a
04 - You Can Control My Life But Not My Soul 001c
05 - Before The Days Of Tommy V and Al Capone.. There Was..001a
06 - The Egyptian Cat and Mouse Story 001a
07 - All Hail The Brass 001a
08 - All Hail The Heavens 001a
09 - The Travelling Princess 001a
10 - What Happened To Christmas 001e
11 - They Fight Like Cat And Mouse 001a
12 - To Have Royal Blood Today Is To Have Lonelyness 001a
13 - The King Forbids It.. So The Princes Rides Off With The Stable Boy 001a
14 - She Will Run Again The First Chance She Gets 001a
15 - When She Finally Stopped Running 001a
16 - Hope And Hopeless Emotions Of The Past 001a
17 - War Is Coming 001b
18 - What Happened To Christmas 001f
19 - Fairy Land 001a
20 - You Can Control My Life But Not My Soul 001b

Bonus Tracks
21 - All Hail The Retro King 001a
22 - All Hail The Strings 001a
23 - DRONE - Almost (001)
24 - DRONE - Almost (002)
25 - DRONE - Almost (003)
26 - DRONE - Cartoonish 001
27 - DRONE - Seeing Stars (001)
28 - DRONE - Piano Hit (001)
29 - DRONE - On The Edge OR Bouncing Down (001)
30 - DRONE - On The Edge OR Bouncing Down (002)
31 - Cat and Mouse Antics (brass)
32 - Cat and Mouse Antics (flute and strings)
33 - Cat and Mouse Antics (strings)

Approx Running Tine: 1 Hour 16 Minuets

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BandCamp Store Here £7.00 UPC: 872133200165
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