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How The West Was Fun The Magnificent 6 & A Half

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Adagio In D Minor has been Licensed With Actual Lyrics

For the first time (to my knowledge)

Adagio In D Minor has been Licensed
With Actual Lyrics

"The Heart of Immortality & A Mind of Madness"

It's pretty cool, if you like Highlander its even cooler as the lyrics are related to the movies & the series character & mythology, please re-share if you like it.

This song was originally an Improvisation over John Murphys Adagio In D Minor
(a piece of music from the film called "Sunshine" and again later used in "Kick Ass" it's also had a few Tv show appearances including when they leave the camp in the amc walking dead series)

I was looking for a piece of music for a Highlander Fan Film we were working on (this was before i started taking my own composing seriously and was using others music in my videos) 
The track just blew me away so much that i started singing along with it & hit stop, i grabbed my guitar, un-muted my mic and just went for it, no writing was ever done & it was a one shot take.

I later put a video together for it and also used some of the dialogue from a couple of the highlander films & episodes (that ended up getting it banned by Lionsgate on youtube)  The video featured footage from a number of episodes along with custom visual effects and some footage from an Adrian Paul movie "Nine Miles Down"  Sadly the video is no longer on the internet, although their is a small sample of it Here on youtube... (unless that gets banned to)

This was also a work in progress single cd box cover (with many grammar errors) lol

Sadly we can't use that artwork for the release, to many issues licensing the logo, the video still and the Highlander branding....

After the video was banned it lay in a folder along with the MP3, but was still being shared by people in Highlander fan circles around the world but couldn't be legally placed anywhere.. Until now..  With the help of Loudr FM (and the removal of the 3rd party copywrited dialogue) We have managed to acquire a license to legally distribute this song on iTunes.  Royalties vary on using peoples compositions, in the case of sales for this song the royalties go to John Murphy (original composition) TheWraith517 (Lyrics & Performance) Loudr FM (Take a % for licensing & distribution)  so as you can imagine i won't actually earn much from this.. but remember this is only "sold" because its the only legal way to share it with you...

The song is now officially on sale via iTunes Here
The song is now also officially on GooglePlay Here
(note that iTunes also take a cut if you buy it from them because the music its self is a cover)

So try not to grumble about the price lmfao

If you like this song, then you might like Farewell To the Rogue Warrior which can also be found on Amazon, GooglePlay and Spotify (as i own all the rights to that so it can be posted anywhere)
Including the video version i have online Here

The Original Improvised Lyrics:

Standing In The Distance
Walls Come Tumbling Down
Another Slaughter
But This Time On Holy Ground

The world As You Knew It
Has Come To An End
No One Left Around You
No One To Call A Friend

Lookin On The Horizon
The Suns About To Rise
Uncovering the darkness
That Hides The Chaos from your eyes

Dreaming Of The Game
Tryna Get The Prize
But Is The Ultimate Knowledge
Worth the deaths and lies

Cross The Waste Lands
Always Searching For Answers....Searching For Answers
Never Knowing Were You Come From
Never Feelin Like You Belong
And All The Lives You've Taken
And You Know This Game Is Wrong

What You Gona Do Macloed
Theirs No Were Left To Go
Theirs No One To Save
Is This The Final Show

Will The Curtain Fall
Is This Truly The End
All The Voices In Your Head
Driving You Round The Bend

Never Knowing Were You Come From
Never Knowing Were You Belong
And All The Lives You've Taken
An You Know That This Game Wrong

But You Still Pick Up Your Sword
And You Still Pick Up Your Sword
And It Cuts Through the Air
Fighting For The Prize
But Look At The World Around You
At The Mess That Beholds Your Eyes

Things Will Never Be The Same
Everything You Knew... Was Gone

aaaahhh Do You Realy Wana Carry On
Playing This Crazy Game
You Know That Everythings Changed
Even The Rules Aint The Same

Clouds Are Commin....
And Your Time Is Finally Here

In The End.. There Can Be... Only One...