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 At the moment we don't offer specific web/forum design because tbh the money that hosts charge for bandwidth, storage space then on top of that  (while paying us or someone else to build it)you also have the domain fee.  It is totally ripping you off and wasting your time having a .com or .co.uk.

SO what we do offer is a social media set up "no promotion or faking stats" we just do the legwork of creating the places and the needed artwork/info for where you wish (or need) to be on, then your established and our job is done. Blogs, Facebook Pages, Reverbnation Pages, Banners, Headers, Specific Sized Graphics, I can probably even make you an ICON for your blog (top left corner on a web browser)

I work on projects, i don't manage people, you can manage your self, i just do graphics and brain work on stuff that many people cant. When that's done, artists are ready to rumble and i can get on with other things.

The social media concept is far better than the stereo typical  myNameCostAFortunePerYearAndBeGoneAyearAfterImDead.com 
The Domains thing just doesn't work for me, NOR does paying out for anything
(on the off chance.. what i am doing will/could/may/might/ sell)

Another blog i set up

Your going to need a youtube, a twitter, a facebook page (places people hang out at already) Places people are logged into already (social media) Regardless of if your trade is "Photography, Video, Music, Painting" all diverse forms of art need advertising and a youtube channel is a perfect place to start (even if its photography) you just need someone to turn the photos into a "Slide Show" and have some music that is legal to use?,  Remember this is a "Production Company" not a teenager who's good with php and html. I offer no illusions of grandeur, i offer you places to host your work at no costs to you (besides my time setting it up) but once its done, its done (these places look after their own security, another reason not to run your own actual site) You may just have photos, or just music, but as a production company we can take one form of content and work it into another compatible format social media location.

Another blog i set up
 So with me you get the experience of my internet savi when it regards what media content should go where, and which companies you should probably use depending on what your trying to do. At this present time i have no affiliates that give me commission and tbh that would take the honesty out of what i do and be useless to us all (EXAMPLE) Facebook offering me money to get people to use "pages" instead of a "blog" would just be daft.. facebook give you nothing for time you put in their, at least blogger/google give you adsense and html right?  So i am essentially not one to waste your time for my own ends.
The more i work with, the more my reputation grows and that's important to me because its easier and faster to work with people when their not wasting time trying to work out if your legitimate or not. So my advise (to the best of my knowledge) is solid and any concerns you have can always be sorted by you personally emailing the company ive suggested to you (with your actual concerns or query's) I offer advise, i can also set up the page/profile or account then hand it on.

TO be updated (with images of places ive created & more info)

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