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What Does The New Year Hold For Collaborations ?

Many of you may of noticed towards the end of this year ive been what appears to be side tracked with other projects, but the goal has been to become my own label of sorts (without spending anything) yet having the ability to distribute and earn money from stuff that isn't always 100% mine.
An expectation that's much higher than the average "i wana be a pop star singing my own songs"

With this system ive entered into i can now work with anyone anywhere "and i report to no one"  which means i have total control over my work and its usage rights.  With this in mind, during next year i will be looking to work with other artists "especially singers"  and i am legally free to do so. I also have the ability to divide royalties between artists involved on projects, this will then also help them artists get a foot in the door because they'll be accredited, have professional examples of their work to point to online. So that they to can also then go off and work with others & the online tools will already be their for them to upload and split royalties with others and give them a foot in the door to earning from skills and talents (by combining them from strangers with the same goals but are less technically inclined to accomplish it or even achieve it alone)  IE: why sit on a stack of demos? when their are singers out their willing to sing?  guitarists willing to play? skill pages could make next year very interesting for music and maybe even fully orchestrated audio story's.  could even give Jeff Wayne a run for his money when it comes to his epic war of the worlds.. I got many ideas...

I don't really enjoy singing, but its the only way to show how a vocal melody should be, that said i will be looking for singers, and i will be working on Original Material & also working on copywrited material that we will obtain release rights for

For Example This Is Legally Licensed And On Sale In The iTunes Store, it cost me NOTHING to do this, besides my time orchestrating the music & singing.. clearly im not a great singer.. but the video is just an example... clearly this is NOT my song, but i have it on sale because i made it
I know.. sounds mad, were do i sign up, no wait whats the scam, well their is no sign up really
If you wana sing on one of my tracks & i like it, then cool, but if you want commission from each time it sells then you would have to sign up on a site that handles the transactions, sites will vary on whether its a COVER version and how royalties are to be split, that i WILL clearly help with, but it takes patience and time, you don't have to understand the Industry to be paid for what you do.. Nor do you have to sign your life away, i call it  "Wraith and Friends Productions"  for a reason

This One Is Monetised remotely by the company that represents my compositions of other peoples work, they get google to place the ad's then divide the royalties between me and who evers work i covered.


See Unlike Many Other artists COVER Videos Out Their.. I Also Earn A %
Of The Adverts Placed On It... and so does the original artist.

Copywrite Laws Change, and i am looking forward to working with people
and helping them establish them selves online while they also get to collaborate
Remember im NOT a singer... i DON'T wana be a singer
but i WAS NUMBER ONE singer Song Writer in Liverpool & The UK
I WAS Also Number ONE Composer in Liverpool, UK and The WORLD
I have a movie registered on Internet Movie Database, im on imdb as an actor, composer, writer & director...  YOU TO can reach those places by collaborating with others who already no how its done..
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, because i could be what you need to get your foot in the door and get you that recognition you deserve, remember my "Skill Pages" post?,
I still strongly believe its an untapped gold mine, waiting to be spotted on youtube and reverb is a waste of time, you need to be everywhere, yet centralized and already EARNING  and it can be done for FREE

 If i personally sent you here to read this blog post.. then that means i feel YOU have the potential to bring MY songs Alive....  and i have the ability to get them out their, we may not make millions, then again we may
But it'll cost you NOTHING besides your Time....

I ALSO have the ability to hit play on a piece of music (something ive only heard 30 seconds off)
then start Improvising words with a vocal melody "in real time"

This Piece of music is from Transformers 3
(and i just winged it and this is a ONE SHOT TAKE for the Lyrics)
Imagine this with the RIGHT SINGER and a few lines changed in places


This TO is On Sale Legally On iTunes....
I Even Have A Hans Zimmer Track With Lyrics
Natural Music Theory Is My Gift And My Curse
Many Styles, Many Moods, You Could Front It Here And Their....

Consider it.. and watch out for an email.. it could be you im lookin for...
All you'll have to do is sing, or play guitar, or bass or what ever and then send it along
then down the line you'll have to sign up on a royalties site (which is free)
and will only effect the songs WE license through them...
which we can delete at ANY TIME WE CHOOSE...

Wana no more about me?, what i do?
Read my bio, also links near the "top" down the "left side" to other sites i use
or just Google Search For    TheWraith517

I will be listening around youtube, soundcloud, reverbnation and Skill Pages
you just need the ability to record your self (alone) with nothing else in the back ground
(uploading will probably be a drop folder on mediafire)

Nothing stops you commenting "below" if you have a Google/YouTube account, you kinda have the opportunity here to pre-empt your self into a "maybe list"  rather than living in hopes i some how come across your voice or your work on my travels across this very large internet....

If your one of them people sings random covers, has loads of views, yet no songs of your own, i write for many many styles,  if you sit their board transcribing music then doing videos and sharing PDF sheets, your version of my music could be earning you a % rather than sittin their getting copywrite claims.. start making money instead lmao

This song got licensed and is now legally available via iTunes :D
(who would of thought that epic music would of ever had lyrics)
official release post

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

People Die Every Day, We Cant Remember Them All... And Very Few Touch Our Lives

Download: Here (from facebook)

The Platoon That Fell At Armageddon Ridge 000

Download: Here

The Caverlarys NOT Commin 001

Download: Here

They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 002

Download: Here

A Kinda Carpenter 001

Download: Here

The Best Ship In The Fleet & Shes Right Here... Wheres The Ship Gone?

Download: Here

There Through The Fire It Rises


file on Facebook Here 320kbs

A Bad Bad Trip 001

Download: Here

City Of The Dead 001

Download: Here

A Bad Bad Trip 002 The Flashbacks

Download: Here

Contaminated The Land Contaigents In The Soil 001

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