Friday, 28 September 2012

The Sci-Fi Collection Release Details

On this album is everything you need to make your own little Sci-fi  movie. Music, Drones even Sound Effects. In fact the only thing it lacks is bog standard doors, beeps and stuff you can get anywhere. I made that choice because most effects like that you can make or download already, so i concentrated on the more unusual effects and making the most of the space on the album for Music and Ambiance Drones.

Well worth a listen...

Following the release of the 9 Track Planet Mutron EP comes the Complete Score.
26 Tracks (on CD) or 28 Tracks (via MP3)

Official Release Date 27th July 2012

Track Listing:
01 - Mutron Dreams
02 - Returning To Mutron
03 - But Mutron Is Our Home
04 - Final Edit - But Mutron Is Our Home (instrumental)
05 - Final Edit - But Mutron Was Our Home (vocal)
06 - When The Sun Sets On The Robots Grave Yard
07 - The Doctor Reminisces (Planet Mutron Mix)
08 - I Looked Back And You Weren't There, Nither Was The Planet (reprise)
09 - The Battle For Mutron
10 - A Simple Epilogue
11 - Under Water Object Of UnKnown Origin
12 - Ocean Depths A Wonderment (Reprise)
13 - We Must Of Brought Something Back With Us
14 - The Battle For Mutron (Reprise)
15 - The Engines Dead & Where Adrift In Space (Reprise)
16 - Pondering On Looking Back and The Planet Was Gone
17 - Martians Re-Programming The Robots
18 - Whale Flavoured Sushi Or A Slip Out Of Reality
19 - The Robot Reprogramming Fails
20 - Thinking Of Mutrons Future
21 - The Mutron Happy Ending
22 - Extended The End Credits Section

Bonus Tracks:
23 - Planet Mutron DVD Menu
24 - When The Sun Sets On The Robots Grave Yard & Mutron Dreams (OYR)
25 - Returning To Mutron & Mutron Is Our Home (OYR)
26 - Three Electronic Hearts
28 - The Last of The Droids (VOCAL) Exclusive MP3 Extra
29 - The Mutron Happy Ending (With Vocal) Exclusive MP3 Extra

Approx Running Time: 1 Hour 17 Mins


CD Box Back Sample

MP3 Sale Links:
Bandcamp Store Here £7.00 UPC: 840080141107
GooglePlay Android Here £7.99 UPC: 840080141107
Amazon UK Store Here £7.45    ASIN: B00G0JDEJ4
Amazon USA Store Here $7.99   ASIN: B00G0J8SN6
iTunes UK Store Here £7.99       UPC: 840080141107
iTunes USA Store Here $9.99     UPC: 840080141107
Spotify Here 

CD Sale Links:
Compact Disc With Box Art Sold Via N/A Hard Copy Sales

IF you make a video and you have used the music from "This Album"
then feel free to post it in the comments
WARNING:  Posting Irrelevant videos WILL get you Banned....

The Purchased CD came with an unlock code/serial that unlocked bonus content that was later uploaded to the Official Planet Mutron Facebook Page
the MP3 download option didn't get you an unlock key.
Now..  you can buy through Bandcamp (as mp3) to get the extras.

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