Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Worlds Running Outa Time AKA The Fight Will Be Your Own (With Lyrics)

This piece of music from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Score by Steve Jablonsky got so covered that it evolved. A mate suggested i try to put lyrics over it like ide done on John Murphys Surface of the sun (from sunshine) & Hans Zimmers Time (from Inception) But i was unsure to be honest and i sent it to someone else who kinda agreed with me that lyrics were a no no, but then that made me more determined to do it then LOL, so i hit play on the MP3 and record on the Mic & this is what i got off the top of my head :)

The World We Know Is Changing

Changing All Around Us
Theirs Nothing Much We Can Do

The Damage Has been Done
Can We Change The Future

Will People Ever Care
The Storms Go Thundering By
Ocean Lines Are Changing
Death Is Rising With The Tide

Mountains Are Gona Fall
And The Oceans Are Gona Rise
No More Clean Nature
No More Fresh Smellin Skys

The World As You Knew It Has Passed
What We Knew Just Turns Into Ashes
Fight Over Oil
Kill Each Other Day By Day
What Do We Have Left To Prove

Its Time We Opened Our Eyes
And Took A Good Luck At The Sky's
We Don't Have Much Time Left
Before Nature Reclaims The Earth

Battles Fought & Won
Over Lands We Cant Inhabit
Playin With Nukes & Biological Warfare

Is Their Anywhere Left Out Their
Were People Can Live In Peace
The World Needs To Change
And It Needs To Do It Know

Were Runnin Outa Time......

and then came the challenge to recreate the Music its self...

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