Friday, 12 December 2014

Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo) Tv Theme Song

From the days when characters were not always human or machine. This was like the boys version of lassie lol.   I did a cover of this a few weeks ago, just messing around.

But out of respect and appreciation for the hours the show helped pass i decided to do a full cover version and license it officially, so the original Composer/Singer Terry Bush and the Lyrics/Writer John Crossen could earn royalties from a modern day twist on the song.

Cover Design Stage

The dog featured in the 2014 cover design was a German Sheppard called Sabre.
The 2 Timpani rolls are for the 2 german sheppards i have known and lost  :'(

UPC: 840218183245
Track 01 ISRC: USE830952791 (song)
Track 02 ISRC: USE830952792 (instrumental)

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A few Episodes seam to be hosted on youtube if one wishes to relive the golden moments and catch up with london on his travels.

If you ever feel indebted to me for anything i have ever helped with, feel free to release your burden by buying this one and leave a review on it :)
Remember this is licensed, so the original artists also get their cut :)

Terry is still out their, so please show your support by visiting his internet locations, his facebook page is also a wealth of information on the show and the origins of the song.

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