Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Dark Drones and Atmospherics Collection Vol 001

The Dark Drones and
Atmospherics Collection Vol 001

Bandcamp Store: Here £7.00
GooglePlay/Android: Here £8.99
iTunes USA:  Here $N/A
iTunes UK:  Here £N/A
Amazon UK: Here £N/A
Amazon USA: Here $N/A

Not released in other stores due to 50 track limit using Distrokid release. Note this album has 83 Tracks

This album began as an experiment back in 2012, when i say experiment, it was a "cast off's folder" from them moments where your messing with new software or just messing with a plug-in with one of your tracks loaded and the outcome isn't musical, but is more an atmospheric mood setter. I decide to release this album on my birthday along with the SFX album over on bandcamp, its also been submitted to googlePlay.
This album boasts a nice selection of moments, 83 in fact, that should have you eager to edit and set moods or just bridge two pieces of music that wont gel together without a drone.

Approx Runtime: 49 minuets

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Enjoy :)
 Please be aware that some stores control prices so they are subject to change without notification here upon the blog

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