Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Collaborations Playlist

A Collaborations playlist has been made on the (covers) channel here
And first up off the bat is a collaboration (a demo of sorts) featuring Mark Bleakley on piano and some improvised lyrics over it :)

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My Heart....
It Burns In Fire...

Where Did You Go
You Know I Need You Again
Sometimes... I Duno Why...
I Feel the Way I Do

Im Huntin And Searching For You
I Duno Were You've Gone

One Day Ile Find You Again
And Then Ile Be Happy
But Until Then

I Remember The Days
When We Woke Together
We'd Hit The Cafe
And Have Breakfast Side By Side

One Day.. Im Gona Find You
And Ile Ask You..
Why You Disappeared...

I Knew Your History Was Chequered
But I Don't Care Why...

MUSIC Composer / Pianist

LYRICS Writer / Singer

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