Wednesday, 28 March 2012

AWM Mod v1.0 Sound Track (Mini OST) avalible download

AWM Mod v1.0 Sound Track (OST)

now easily avalible for all
special thanks to Shep2112 for hosting the file :)


01 Airwolf A567-W Briefing Sylvester Levi & Gault
02 Airwolf Mod GUi Theme Mark Jones & Wraith
03 Airwolf Land Intro The Wraith & Jones
04 Airwolf Land Outro Defeat The Wraith & Mark Jones
05 Valley of The Gods Sylvester Levi
06 Airwolf Land Outro Success The Wraith
07 Airwolf Mod GUI (Original GUi Music) Tomasz Sopylo

Plus 4 Bonus Previosly Unreleased Demo Tracks
08 St.Johns Theme (Pan Pipe)
09 St.Johns Theme (Crystal)
10 Season 4 Love Theme (wraith demo PSR-78)
11 Eagles Serenade on Sax


  1. theirs a few more of these style'd peices on the AWM Playlist on this YouTube Channel

  2. Check Out "APRIL 19th 2012" in the Blogs archive for the Full Expanded Score Final Release...

  3. also now on Reverbnation


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