Wednesday, 28 March 2012

AWM Mod v1.0 Sound Track (Mini OST) avalible download

AWM Mod v1.0 Sound Track (OST)

now easily avalible for all
special thanks to Shep2112 for hosting the file :)


01 Airwolf A567-W Briefing Sylvester Levi & Gault
02 Airwolf Mod GUi Theme Mark Jones & Wraith
03 Airwolf Land Intro The Wraith & Jones
04 Airwolf Land Outro Defeat The Wraith & Mark Jones
05 Valley of The Gods Sylvester Levi
06 Airwolf Land Outro Success The Wraith
07 Airwolf Mod GUI (Original GUi Music) Tomasz Sopylo

Plus 4 Bonus Previosly Unreleased Demo Tracks
08 St.Johns Theme (Pan Pipe)
09 St.Johns Theme (Crystal)
10 Season 4 Love Theme (wraith demo PSR-78)
11 Eagles Serenade on Sax