Monday, 30 May 2016

If Your Going To Offer Me Work Then Keep It Real Hey

I duno if this blog post is a rant or a simple comedy sketch, but so getting sick of these kinda people trying to offer me work...

I wanted to carry on like this...

Even if i was single with no kids.. If i take them 61 hours.. then the extra 24 I give you out of curtsey to pay me. Then the hour I spent finding your location, the x amount of hours travelling to their, then taking into consideration the time it takes to beat you to death. Then add on the jail time for that too.. Hell that's gotta be like 25 years and about 72 hours of my life you owe me for...

That said, I could be out in half that though for good behaviour, but how ever long inside gives one plenty of contemplation time on how best to slowly and mercilessly dispose of the rest of your family..

Not that i'm a vindictive kinda person.. but hey.. I do often hear prison changes people right?

.. But then.. when sarcasm gets misconstrued as a death threat hey.. lmfao

@RichLikeMeee  can't be that rich if he's begging for smucks, and if he is rich he must have expensive tastes to go to so much trouble to try and gain more... So sick of these looser's praying on the stupid..

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