Monday, 5 November 2012

Working With Useless People Who Hold You Back

Working With Useless People Who Hold You Back
and then KILL the Only Working Mojo that's their on location.

I guess how im feeling now after all this time is like this...
IF.. your working with someone & its pretty clear that YOU are the creativity
yet they apear to want to own the stage & argue about everything....
 then you shouldn't work with them
If their a mate, then just keep work 100% separate.

As creative people you will understand that when you improvise, if others cant do it
& your theoretically drawing pictures for them while their arguing about how YOUR idea should be
then you need to remember its YOUR idea & unless they actually have ANY ideas they should do as their told, or simply FIRE THEM.... If you have to give them EVERY LINE & then they argue about HOW it sounded fine to them & you want them to say it again.. and they argue... then FIRE THEM....
its YOUR line, YOU know full well how it should sound & if it sounds wrong MAKE THEM say it again
or fek them off...

Ive argued about scenes and lines, only to see them use that in their edit anyway, after me having to fight to get the scene and argue and feel like shit about it... they use YOURS over THEIRS anyway....
just because NOW THEY SEE IT... ON THEIR PC..... THEY LIKE IT....
so they use it and don't even acknowledge how fkn GOOD it really was.....
(let alone a mere apology and stop being such a problematic nobhead on set)
hold on.. theirs?
sorry i mean mine... but how they thought it sounded fekn  "FINE" like it was

People like that FAIL to see what Impact that argument has on the rest of the days filming..
IE, the Impact that now has on other scenes were YOUR expected to give THEM more workable lines, knowing its going to be said wrong, out of context, totally out of character, sounding like a nob head.
and instead of arguing, you leave them to it & you come home with nothing but crap..

Also note this isn't creative differences.. as theirs only ONE creating, the other is
Bullying, Obnoxious & Arrogantly Stupid. Yet clearly uses YOUR work over their own.
(noted though this behaviour is not normally present when their is only 2 of you)
which is even more pathetic as they look such a stupid tit infront of others who are actually with it.

I wont work with people like that anymore, im better than that & i no i am
Im a Writer, A Creator, An Imaginative Visionary who can tell a story with pictures,
video, music OR just sitting their making up a story as i go...
.. ALL of which i can create off the top of my head.

Talent is a gift, don't let people exploit your gift for them to look good...
Don't let anyone take credit for your talent & your work...
Don't help anyone, not even a mate NOT UNLESS...
they have any form of potential on their own, just be honest with them
Tell them no.. your useless, your about as imaginative as a sponge
(which even that needs dipping in someone elses bucket to soak up ideas)

Otherwise you are tied to them while they not only drain you, but mentally destroy you.
Taking anything you give them & then watching them show you how epic THEIR thing is
When you were actually smart enough to already SEE IT before YOU even Improvised it...
for them.....

The more you learn, the faster you progress, those who wont learn need leaving at the kerb
Life's to fkn short to carry someone who uses the doesn't have time excuse.
Anyone tryna make it off your back while sliding through life is a dead weight
and on the back of other peoples work & concepts,, their also going no were fast legally...

Anyone who knows me knows full well,
I will help anyone whos willing to help them selves..
ive helped a lot of people online, and NOT just tutorials,
1 to 1 help with software & ideas via email, msn & FB & forums
And what they do is take that away and ADAPT  It, they come to me with a problem & i fix it
But Some come to me with NOTHING & yet expect everything
and keep asking for more afterwards....

I want you all to ber this simple thing in mind......
ANYONE and i mean ANYONE...
who can figure out what LINK is the REAL Download link to download that Torrent
or that RAR file, can EASILY click a HELP drop down

ANYONE and i mean ANYONE... who can Navigate a Porn site watching videos...
ANYONE and i mean ANYONE...  spends a sad amount of time watching annoying orange.
ANYONE and i mean ANYONE...  spends 15+ mins watching movie trailers...
Can find a TUTORIAL on the likes of Bloody  YOUTUBE......

I consider my work these days to be partially serious in nature
Im not making enough money to waste my time helping wanabe's get noticed
Im here to work with people who are not bullying clueless wanabe's
I want to work with people who actually have something to bring to the table

To which... considering my Talents & my SKILLS....

Surly i am NOT asking for much am i?
just someone to simply say a line AGAIN for me
*specially knowing the take i settle for is ALWAYS the one they use*

I carried EVERY movie ive worked on since 2006 to 2012

hell.. if they could actually make up a line in the first place
It might sound right when they said it...
ya no because... it came from their real time imagination & emotion for the moment

Considering some of the things i have accomplished in my life
movie making "Specially Editing" has always been creatively stunted
by lack of hardware & input from 3rd partys and today even more so by (c) issues
So when i put my TIME and MY Imagination into a project
I DON'T expect it to be Banned "Because Its Mine" and that means i TRUST IT ALL

Ide rather brush the streets and pick up trash & create in my free time
Than be even paid to work with some nob head who thinks hes the next gods fekn gift to media
and cant even string 2 lines together about something.

if you can sing... i can write for you
if you can write... i can adapt and enhance for you
if you film.. i can edit for you...
if you film and edit.. i can score it for you...
if you can act i can give you lines that work for you..
i can re-write lines that make u truly enter the role (which helps MOST bad acting)
I can write songs in a heart beat....

but im NOT about to do ALL of the above and i mean ALL
while you bring your arrogance & attitude and bossy behaviour that stunts ALL the creativity
creativity that is supposed to be used to make the NOTHING you bring...
 into SOMETHING  that u try to take credit for...

For bands out their with singers who also love them selves.....
may i suggest the band leave a Cover of this song on their X Singers voice mail

Sadly i have a mate whos got a car and is always willing to go filming
But he always insists im the one stopping us as i never want to go
But he doesn't see the fact that just because he knows when we get their something will come together
I mean i already no that, that's basically why im being dragged along
because that's what i do, I create sh*t out of thin air 24/7

But the atmosphere when the plot starts rolling & he takes over with ZERo clue
Its so frustrating, and to make it worse.... then comes the "that'll do" moments
from someone who 5 mins ago didn't no jack.. now he knows best
and its wrong, im all for ideas and plot twists and changes
but when you ask someone to say something again & they make that fk u face
its wrong & when you do argue and they finally relent and do it, they actually prefer it
(this crap happens every 5 to 10 mins during filming) yet at the time.. im being picky and awkward
I the WRITER & CREATOR of this crap we are doing... am now in the way
so i step back... and guess what.... NOTHING.... yeah that's right sod all....
Suddenly im the man of the hour again....

so we have 1 great scene, 2 crap ones, another great one 3 to 7 crap ones, then an ok'ish one
then suddenly were back out filming because something can't be simply post edited in the editor?

When i look back at wasted time with not much in the way of productive and usable material
I realise that since Between APRIL 2012 and OCT 2012

I have released
6 Complete Score based Albums with ALL my own Graphics 100% MY STUFF
1 EP with ALL my own Graphics
a 3 DISK Set of over 128 track
And Well Over 600 Audio Recordings, from full music to drones, sound effects & audio folly
become an accredited Director and Composer on IMDB
have reached Number 1 singer song writer UK (reverbnation)
have reached Number 1 composer in the World (reverbnation)
have reached Number 1 comedy UK (reverbnation)
 I am still their to.... at the moment

 Just because im not going out 24/7, doesn't mean im going no where.....

Anyone can approach me with a script or an idea, if i like it i'll help
if i don't, i wont.. i don't care how long it took you to write it
if i think its crap and you are expecting me to totally re-write it.. why should i?
just because where mates?,  so i do all the work while u act a git and make it HARDER

if i don't like it its tough, ive sat back and watched a number of movie edits
and many of which they thought was the dogs bollo....s
then 3 weeks later their laughing at it and editing again, 3 months later same old story
6 years later I accomplish everything ive done in 6 months
while they still faf with something they were literally HANDED ON A PLATE
over 30 cuts regarding all 3 films.... and only the final gets post edited
and only after 6 years is it FINALLY outside of movie maker

6 years of our lives we can never get back NOR legally really show to the world
(as its still got music that's (c) to other people)
have a guess who was looking for a composer?

maybe after 6 years their would be enough memory's to cut at-least 6 albums
at the rate of 1 for each year, hell i did 6 in 6 months, a lot of which reflect on scenes in the movie
but then ide have to point, click and over lay it so it can be heard & seen at the same time
and why....?
because its my story, my atmosphere it portrays, Its my dialogue
and until i probably waste my time editing it, even he is never going to realize
just what its truly about or understand its flow & its true dramatic playback pace

Because its all about pace when editing, its putting what was filmed into perspective
and when that perspective is overshadowed by who is on screen.
this is also why directors have clapper boards & timers, they make notes for the editor to use

Ive never been given that opportunity, nor would he ever even think to do that...
because that would make it my edit (even though he did the editing)
and remember hes got the clips now, the movies his
even though hes got no real clue about it, hell the ending of it is nothing to do with where it began
the ending of it is part of a concept i was "again" working into my cut to make it different
but i just ran out of will to bother putting it together & its prity clear to another cast member why
sadly he would never speak up on set to, so the bullying intimidation atmosphere thrived with that additional audience being their.

note for wanabee's...
tryna look cool and in control because someone else is their just kills the plot & concentration
it becomes about YOU and just how cool YOU look, where in fact you just lost the audience
and the plot & made the onset writer just wana go back home to bed.

When someone says how was that.. if it was CRAP i say so...
why wouldn't i ?,  out their making a MOVIE, if i think it looked crap i say so
honesty is key when filming, SO IS being able to just DO IT AGAIN....

Otherwise why the hell bother?
not my fault another cast member says yeah it was ok (just to please them)
hell u can hear the NO in the tone of the word YES
and u can see it on their face, if your PAYING ATTENTION   LMFAO
and why are you asking them anyway?  are they the DIRECTOR or did i miss something?




don't work with anyone who looks at a ladder and sees them self on the top
but skips most the rungs by standing on your shoulders
Because even when they get interviewed about something they truly think is theirs
they have no idea what the hell their talking about & they played the lead role lmao

Im all about Sharing Ideas, not forcing them onto people
(offering MULTIPLE TAKES to use)

On an upside though.. i kinda finally got the feeling my input on the project as a whole
was finally realized on the Final day of filming
but it comes to late after so long & i think my times better spent trying to get somewhere
trying to earn money and build a future in what i enjoy doing to give my family a better life

And that can't be done wasting time arguing, when the material is mine in the first place
which gives me the right to say, do it again only like this... i aint forcing u to use it

Ive never saw a problem with a 2nd or 3rd take....  and that's all it is
mojo killed = movie killed... over something that fkn simple as AGAIN.........

Strings are cut and i fly solo from selfish people who just take and put no time in

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