Thursday, 15 November 2012

TheWraith517 Talks About His Music (part 1)

TheWraith517 Talks About His Music (part 1)

Exclussive video where the The Wraith talks about his current music & explains where some ideas come from & also plays us some samples from tracks. Although its part 1, Its a full video & if there is a part 2 made it will cover either  his Airwolf music or his Parody music.

The video has some random stuff that pops up on screen to, so its worth watching, its also recomended to use headphones for listening to it. Please rate it on youtube & comment if you have time... It could Inspire a Part 2.....

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(c)2012 TheWraith517


UPDATE 26th November 2012

Ive had some unusual traffic on this video & even more so some unusual stats
Normally when you upload a video the "Views"  far out-way the "Ratings"
But at the time i took this screen shot (every viewer had also rated it)
even a couple of thumbs down lol

Here are the Locations were the video reached up to at 292 views

I would just like to thank everyone for watching it

and thank the majority for enjoying it lol

More music to come  :)




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