Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tv Licensing And Funding An Organisation That's Been Fraught With Paedophile Claims Hire Criminals?

First off i want you to watch the video  (BEFORE) you read what i have written out below,  Ive seen many negative comments on the video its self about following being harassment, i disagree with that, the taunting was a little immature, BUT what he captures on film is actually Absolutely Bloody Astonishing

OK,  remember these guys.. and girls, thier attitude is IF you have a TV, you need a license.. they get a fair commission for doing that job  AND  most of them do this on 16 hours a week so that they still get their rent & council tax paid.. they get working tax credits  (then deliver pizzas all night for cash in hand and tips) this can equate to £70 a night plus a slap up meal from the place... while essentially being a benefit scrounger looking down their nose at you like your a criminal.

So when he's done with his attempt to extort money from you.. he's off down the street right..

Now i want you to ber something in mind.. they have everyone's address in their system (they don't have your NAME)  and they can't touch you without your name.. BUT BUT BUT.. just why did he park all the way down the road?,  he has a hand held device that lists Addresses, they pick one like a taxi driver picking a job, why not park outside the house or a few houses away?,   because you don't want to be caught on cctv by a few people uploading to youtube because of  NO BUSINESS INSURANCE ON THE CAR.

SO lets go back to the video, where the car is parked, what he does when he drives off...

When your accused of breaking a law its really a great idea follow the accuser..
Just to see how many laws he breaks him self in the space of how long?
Lets see how he endangers the general public. So shall we count them?

In One..
his road sense made him feel it was fine to park right up to the corner like that..

In two...
it was also perfectly fine to have his mobile to his ear as he drove away..

In three..
he failed to signal he was pulling out even though parked on such a close corner...

In Four..
he failed to check all his mirrors before he pulled away..

In five..
one hand on the wheel phone or not = many deaths if you have a blow out..

In Six..
you can bet he had no business insurance on his car... 

Following him was probably the best thing this guy did..
question is was the goon banned from driving for LIFE...

It's your public duty not to cover up these offences and to report the man in question.. To provide the police with the video of these driving offences and make sure he is prosecuted for the driving offences & the possible car insurance fraud.. by by license.. hello fine.. and welcome to reality... you traffic warden wanabe

The BBC pay these bafoons with money you give them?
while sending celebrates around the world?
Im not funding some crap like Eastenders.. or the likes of jimmy savil parties
about time auntie dropped her own fkn bloomers ad earn't a living....

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