Thursday, 1 January 2015

E.U 14 Day Off-Site Purchase Return Policy To Screw Struggling Artists and Tax Payers

First post of 2015 brings some sad news tbh

E.U 14 Day Off-Site Purchase Return Policy
To Screw Struggling Artists...??
While Law Makers Build Their Personal Collections...
And Screw The Tax Payers & Artists??
ALSO... Enabling Chart Manipulation??

In June apple will be forced by E.U law (covering all E.U countries) to return money to anyone unhappy with an iTunes store purchase, be it app's, music and videos. Giving them 14 days free use of the content. Before this change in law, users could request a refund for content which had failed to download, or failed to work properly, but even those were manually dealt with on a case-by-case review. For any content which had actually downloaded, Apple reserved the right to reject refund applications, And they Still Do outside the EU.

But this new law means that people can essentially download a full album and have 14 days to cancel the purchase (and immorally keep the album) Most reading this will think well that's cool, free music, movies and app's. but what about the Tax?

This will make it a hell of a lot simpler to rip off multimedia in HD quality, with no fear of a knock on your front door (meanwhile governments already struggling will struggle even more) let alone the loss to the struggling artists.

Now before the Pirates out their condemn me.. ber this in mind, I give ALL my music away (buying my stuff is 100% OPTIONAL) I can earn off royalties, the actual sales do not interest me OR define me or my future dreams. but struggling gov's will start struggling more right?
So just how will gov's offset that massive yearly loss?  INFLATION on something else?

Ive seen people talking about DEMO apps that should just expire after 14 days and then unlocked with an in app purchase?  That's clearly just fkn stupid, so you get an app for free (well you haven't bought it.. it's a DEMO.. DUH...)  So you buy this suggested Inapp to unlock it?  Well you have 14 days to get the money back.. That's full circle stupidity right there... And that's besides the fact it ain't rocket science to navigate an iPad or iPhone Sub Directory Structure and maybe crack the thing.. people have been cracking things since MS-DOS Applications.. If it can be closed, it can be re-opened.
But you wont have the full app until you pay? That's irrelevant.. 14 Days on ANY Sale AKA Financial Transaction.

It makes me wonder (as this will be LAW with no ifs or butt's)  But on GooglePlay AKA Android Market. An artist has the option to allow TWO full playbacks of each song. Clearly anyone in the right mind can grab that from a temp folder while its streaming.. But the fact you CAN listen to a whole track TWICE then choose to buy it, then have the option to return it.. that's wrong. You have ample opportunity to figure out if your buying the right song from 30 seconds, let alone 2 complete playbacks. No one benefits from this besides the people changing the laws & the downloaders.
Meanwhile another breadline is stripped away from each countries breadline system (let alone the poor fkrs who spend the time making the object being ripped off)

With the GooglePlay aspect of 2 full playbacks, it also begs the question who researched this new law, why wouldn't google play have a tick box on the artists side that tells them if they offer the Full preview mode then refunds wont be accepted?  It's clearly the song you wanted.. you had the chance to hear it twice?

This isn't just about music, apps and videos, its about the system we live in, the system supported by taxes.

TO me.. Right of cancellation is just a slap in the face of "Creative People" by people who are in a position of power to make and break rules while fkn creative people all over for their own benefit..
Regardless or how the next budget will survive.

REMEMBER.. I couldn't give a fk about sales, i have no Front Man aspirations, i get by.. But many don't, and this will be a massive Incentive KILLER for creative people who don't need that pressure when their trying to be creative. Ide understand if this was a washing machine "THAT DIDN'T WORK"  but then again, if you buy a washing machine "THAT DOES WORK"   and you "Don't Like It"  maybe you should of got off your lazy ass and went and looked at one before hand?.. or maybe read some reviews?

The more stupid your treated.. the more stupid you become...  oo you have some food on your chin. just let me get that for you...

This law is going to crush the coders, the artists, the musos, while making piracy simple
meanwhile the "Tax MAN" is gona be looking for money in all the wrong places AGAIN!!


So lets spend say £10,000 through a scam to get an album into number 1 in the charts, then recoup all that money. I mean that's a fantastic concept to isn't it?
no more will you LOOSE £10,000 to publicity and media fees just to make your make £50,000 in real sales, Hell you can also get that £10,000 back now to (people/jobs no longer needed)
Another case of manipulation of sheep right?



because you can get that 69p app for FREE, 20 million people will pay an extra 2 pence on a loaf, and extra 3 pence on a 4 pint of milk, it'll all creap up around people who don't even use apple.

We all have gov's that have become accustomed to a way of life, that way of life is done by dealing, shaking hands, sliding policy's.. BUT every palm you grease, every back hander you pay.. that POOL gets bigger, them numbers of people ON THE TAKE increase.. until their is nothing left to take.

I realised a while ago why NO ONE in power cares about Longevity, why No One in power cares about tomorrow.. Because as soon as their dead.. the rival is out the woodwork with what they had over them with zero fear of reprisal.. so why give a fk or worry about the future?
They live for the moment, take what they want, change the rules as they go
and this one.. is going to fk society, creativity and respect even more...

YOUR GOV is going to have to re-coup these losses somewhere right?
after all.. they have become Accustomed AND Dependant on those taxes right?
Local county's, boroughs, what ever your local system is that maintains parks and crap like that.. say goodbye to what little we got in our communities...

This is bigger than thinking  "YEAH FREE STUFF WOW YEAH KEWL MAN"
the money has to come from somewhere to keep them in the life they have become accustomed to
sheep sheep sheep...

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