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The Western Collection Release Details

On this album is everything you need to make your own little Western movie. Music, Drones even Sound Effects. In fact the only thing it lacks is bog standard doors, keys and stuff you can get anywhere. I made that choice because most effects like that you can make or download already, so i concentrated on the more unusual effects and making the most of the space on the album for Music and Ambiance Drones.

Well worth a listen...

Official Release Date 12 December 2012

Track Listing:
01 - The Magnificent 2 and A Bit
02 - My Old Man Built My First Gun
03 - When They Stepped Out Onto The Street
04 - Aint You Heard The Story Boy.. That Their Golds Cursed
05 - Building The Gun (part 1)
06 - Farewell Rogue Warrior (guitar, drums, ambiance)
07 - In Them Their Hills Be Indians
08 - The Platoon That Fell At Armageddon Ridge
09 - Johnny's Letter Arrived 2 Days After Johnny's Funeral
10 - They Killed All The Livestock Find Your Brother
11 - This Is Our Town Not Theirs So Let's Get Organized
12 - It Could Rise Out The Ashes Again And Be Our Home Once More
13 - Wandering And Disoriented
14 - U.S Marshal Rides Into Town
15 - When Johnny Got Drafted
16 - Im Calling You Out Sheriff
17 - How The West Was Fun The Magnificent 6 & A Half
18 - They Robbed The Train.. Stole The Whole Thing.. People An All..
19 - Their Everywhere
20 - The Buzzards Are Coming For What's Left of Poor Johnny
21 - That’s The Second Shootout Today
22 - The Only Way We Will Ever See Eye To Eye Is From Either End Of The Street
23 - The Men Haven't Eaten In Days Sir They Spoke Of Eating Your Horse
24 - This Is All That's Left Of The Wagon Train
25 - Just Found Private Jacobs Horse But That's Who We Sent For Reinforcements
26 - Looks Like Helps Not Coming Men
27 - Exploring The Old Mine
28 - The Outlaw Faces Justice
29 - Sun Rises Over The Town Of Madness

Bonus Tracks:
30 - SFX - 6x Wild West Gun Shots
31 - SFX - 1800s Battle Field
32 - SFX - The Bells Count Down RAIN 001
33 - DRONE - Hes Dead 001
34 - DRONE - Hes Dead 002
35 - DRONE - Hes Dead 003
36 - SFX - Water or Heavy Rain 001
37 - SFX - Wind & Creaky Door
38 - Think We Got Them Look The Sheriffs Down
39 - Ride Hard Into The Mirage
40 - Another Showdown
41 - Amazing Grace Demo 1
42 - Arthritic Riders In The Sky
43 - When Your Names Called From That Ledger (DEMO)
44 - Ghost Riders Demo 01
45 - Johnny Goes Marching With The Ghost Riders
46 - Troups Round The Camp Fire 001

Approx Running Time: 1 Hour 3 Mins


CD Box Back (sample)

MP3 Sale Links:
Bandcamp Store Here £7.00 UPC: 840080141008

GooglePlay / Android Here £7.99 UPC: 840080141008

Amazon UK Store Here £7.49     ASIN: B00G0J980S
Amazon USA Store Here $7.99   ASIN: B00G0CJYG8
iTunes UK Store Here £7.99       UPC: 840080141008
iTunes USA Store Here $9.99     UPC: 840080141008

CD Sale Links:
Compact Disc With Box Art Sold Via N/A Hard Copy Sales

IF you make a video and you have used the music from "This Album"
then feel free to post it in the comments
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The Wraith Talks about "The Western Collection" and plays some samples
in this great little video
(to stop the other music on this page use the pause button down the right side) 

PREVIEWS PLAYLIST: Here is a few Videos that have used some of this music 
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