Monday, 24 February 2014

John Quincy Adams: Mad Scientist (Music Used)

I found this via google while comparing search stats, i had no idea this had been made. I do wish people would post links to their edits with my music in. I do like to see how its used (It's always inspiring for me when i see it come to life)  They did credit me in the description, but i had no idea this had been made.

Submission for Filmmaking Frenzy "Commander-in-Chief" competition

"Before there was Lincoln, there was Q..."

 Actors: Greg Cunningham, Darian Reddington, Jonathan Flake, Sydney DeSugny, Riley DeSugny, Kobe Reddington, Kaden Reddington, Tory Templin, Sheri Reddington, Taunie Reddington Producers: Jonathan Flake, James Reddington Make-up/Wardrobe: Sheri Reddington