Monday, 24 February 2014

Transformers 4 Secret Shots & Ideas (Music Used In The Videos)

GoodenoughPictures On YouTube have been producing some interesting videos with a stack of behind the scenes photos and information and ideas of just what maybe coming in the new Transformers 4.

With 40+ videos on line so far its looking like the biggest collection of Transformers 4 information anywhere on the internet, and i have been lucky enough to have 2 of my tracks used across 5 of his videos so far...

The Video's May Contain Spoilers, If Any Noted Assumptions Are Correct.

Transformers 4 Update #3: Government Hunting Autobots?

Transformers 4 Update #10: Smokescreen in TF4?

Transformers 4 Update#20: Two Bumblebees

Transformers 4 Update #27: Leadfoot Confirmed and More

Transformers 4 Update #31: Optimus the Barbarian

 Again these are posted a little late simply because i was never advised or informed the music had been used within this work...  If you use my music, you should get in touch, i have no problem plugging your work if it contains my music, i enjoy seeing how its used...

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