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Single Instrumentals Vol 1

UPC: 840090030606

This album features 22 varied style music tracks for video editing. Styles and instruments are randomly chosen and the album fits no specific genre.
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Single Instrumentals Vol 1
1st March 2014
UPC: 840090030606

Track List
01 - A Glimmer Of Hope A Glimpse Of Destiny 001
02 - City Of The Dead 001
03 - Emotional and Distorted Memories 001 (3 Acoustic Guitars)
04 - In The Land Of Dreams 002b
05 - People Die Every Day, We Cant Remember Them All... And Very Few Touch Our Lives
06 - Old Time Music 001 (Remastered)
07 - The UnKnown Traveller 001
08 - The Terraforming Complete OR Is It 001
09 - A Little Ray Of Hope Shrouded In Mystery (Inc Slide & Drums) 001
10 - The Land Of L.S.D Is An Unusual Place To Visit 001
11 - The Rebels Are Across The Sands Deep Within The Caves 001
12 - We Are Not Of Your World 001
13 - When She Turns That Key (Instrumental)
14 - When The Sun Sets VST Piano Layer
15 - The Deceit, The Betrayal, Let's End This
16 - The 80s Mystic 3
17 - Unexpected Flashbacks 001
18 - The Local Batty Professor 001
19 - This Is Not Paradise 001
20 - Walking Down By The Field 001
21 - They Will Out Number Us By Dawn 002
22 - Under The Church 001

Approx Runtime: 1 hour 18 minuets

Due to the amount of tracks I have created since I started making my music public I am changing my release methods.  I have always been at a loss as to the best way to package them and release them.  In the beginning i was making the TMS Range (Trailer Music & Scores) and i got board trying to make each cd track selection a varied mix for varied content & media types. By the time i got around to tms vol 4 the task felt pretty mundane and that's when i started doing simpler releases by doing them for specific genres (Hiests, Western, Horror, and so on) and to be honest they also became pretty mundane to.
Ber in mind I am not a professional composer, I am just someone who was born with the ability to play music and as such i am no longer going to "work" on stuff and i am just going to "enjoy" music making instead.

So with that said I shall begin releasing CD's/Downloads in no specific genre or subject mater (I will still make the odd themed album) But I am going to spend some time digging through my folders and compiling basic sets (each album will be just under 80 minuets to suit the diskers & mp3 collectors) after all, some do like to burn music to a disc for the car....

So as i begin work on the folder i have called "Single Instrumentals"  I am happy to present the first selection of tracks from that singles folder and the album's will be CD-0001, CD-0002 and so on as I begin releasing every track, every demo, every jam and other little oddities.. In the form of...
Single Instrumentals Vol 1 AKA Single Instrumentals CD-0001
Please remember these albums are made up from an archive of many many tracks
and they will be selected at random to fill cd's, so they will be more random styles
But tracks can still be bought individually..

For Other Releases, see the "Albums" tab above....
Enjoy :)
Please be aware that some stores control prices so they are subject to change without notification here upon the blog

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