Thursday, 27 March 2014

Xzero Entertainment AKA Xzero Network

I was asked by a friend to check out a YouTube partnership company, because ive kinda done the rounds as most of you no and ive been in and out of many groups and many projects. So with my skill set i set about looking these guys up...

They run under the domain of

Going their you get this...

they also run under AND you get the same message their..

I Decided to contact them via their facebook page
where i spoke with an admin, a simple question was asked by me...

How are people meant to get paid when your website has been suspended? 
a domain expired is an average error, Account Suspended however is a little alarming

Xzero Entertainment
Our website is not, its .com

Yes it is, be it or .com

Xzero Entertainment
Any problems message us on here


Xzero Entertainment
We are currently changing servers, so our websites are down 

we are currently changing servers? that's not the kinda message shown when changing servers, its the kinda message that says you have been deleted.

One would of expected a "Pinned Post" on your facebook page along the lines of "an announcement about down time" along with a message on the old server, or even an email heads up to your members?  

Xzero Entertainment
We are getting that done as we speak. Will have an update by 9AM GMT

I don't see how you can change the notice from suspended to we have moved, if your suspended then you can't log in. Most would of redirected the domain to a blog post or a facebook post or something. Extremely unprofessional tbh

Xzero Entertainment
This has all happened over night. Our web developers do not start work until 9AM GMT, so please bare with us 

But changing the domains redirect doesn't negate the fact your site closed on the 18th of march and re-opened on the 23 of march & again this new site has been suspended, moving sites doesn't make a company legit right?
Evidence of that statement

Here is the full conversation, forgive facebook
as it jumbled up the posts as they seem to do today.. 
ANYWAY Note how the conversation ended

Now ya see it... now ya don't....

So we spoke to people on the google forums, and looks like google will let this go on, which is pretty shocking, i guess one last recourse would be to try and contact google legal, but clearly that's going to be form after form, with options invalid to such a need...

oo their back today..  .DOT COM HUH?

 Im certainly not a fan of Jack Murphy or Jamie Gorman or Sam Hartnell

Speaking of Sam Hartnell, what does he have to say ? well lets see shall we
(note this is a conversation (the 3rd) between him and the friend with the issue)

If his channels making £1 in 3/4 weeks, its more than many others
This is a team i would not recommend working along side

WORD UP BITCH... you just don't work like this you dumb ass

So the questions Still remain...
do these people just keep buying web-space with stolen credit cards?
and pointing their domain to these temporary hosts?
have these people ever paid anyone?
is their CEO really that much of a tosser?
will google step up, do they even give a shi..

After the facebook experience, and seeing that on his Twitter
along with the  "Account Suspended" and total lack of respect when it comes to notifying people who are essentially giving you a cut of their lively hood for a simple note about DOWN TIME, 
i would avoid these unprofessional ass holes like gawd dam the plague....

One needs to also remember "Further Notice" can only be said when giving notice..
working on it as we speak "4am" and they start work at 9AM  GMT.. is bullshit..
also why the faffle about and .com, when both work, and suits GMT and suits london, so why .com?

O well.. we live n learn.. SOMETIMES....

want paying?
here is their email

UPDATE 30th of May 2014,  They Have Been Removed from Another Web Host!!!

Another Web Host Has Deleted Them Again

open notepad, type in.. Sorry our website is under maintenance, please check back later..  
save as index.html and put it in the root gawd ROFL
o wait.. you need a legal site with a log in for that right?

Actual Domain Deleted..  Now That's Really Really Really Bad

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