Friday, 20 July 2012

Why Can't I Reply On Youtube

Why Cant I Reply On Youtube
Why Can't I Reply On Youtube
I Can't Reply On Youtube
I Cant Reply On Youtube

1) Go to the G+ home page, click the "gear" icon in the top right corner. Click "settings". Then on the left side, click "account".

2) Scroll down to "services" and click "Delete Profile and Social Features"(Not "Delete Account")

3) On the next page select “Delete Google+ Content," check the required check box, and click remove selected services.

4) Logout of YouTube and back in. Hopefully that will have worked. It has worked for me

thanks to SmileyGirl22100 for this heads up :)

note all youtube stays the same, you dont loose blog stuff or picassa photos
but you remove your  +1  of anything you've ever hit  +1 on  : /
hopefuly google fix this soon because you keep gemail contacts & stuff, but people fall from your circles

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