Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trailer Music & Movies Scores Vol: 004 Released

Trailer Music & Movies Scores Vol: 004 Released
Im Pleased To Announce...
The release of "Trailer Music & Scores Vol 003
"16 Main Tracks and 9 Bonus tracks, packing a sweet 25 Track Release

Track Listing:
01 - The Gallows Awaits You (with Keyboard & VSTs)
02 - Take The Elevator Shaft To The Penthouse
03 - Heavens Right Behind That Hidden Door
04 - Drone Atmospheric 001
05 - Scope Out The Hand Off Location (reprise)
06 - Living Forever (All Layers)
07 - Living Forever (Strings Section)
08 - Acoustic Reflections
09 - korg Reflections
10 - Piano Reflections (sound issues but i like it)
11 - Returning To Mutron
12 - But Mutron Is Our Home
13 - We Come From A Time Where All Legends Began
14 - In Cinemas 18
15 - In Cinemas 19
16 - Their Watching You All The Time

Bonus Tracks:
17 - Living Forever (No Guitar Layer)
18 - Living Forever (No Guitar Or Wind Layers)
19 - Living Forever (No Wind Layer)
20 - Requim For A Pizza
21 - Scope Out The Hand Off Location
22 - The Gallows Awaits You (Keyboard)
23 - The Gallows Awaits You (VSTs)
24 - The Gallows Awaits You Acoustic Guitar 1 Single Echo
25 - The Gallows Awaits You Acoustic Guitar 2 Double Echo

Aprox Running Time: 1 Hour 21 Mins

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IF you make a video and you have used the music from "This Album"
then feel free to post it in the comments
WARNING:  Posting Irrelevant videos WILL get you Banned....

  The idea behind this collection is so that YouTube video makers can use music without fear of their film being banned. Once you buy/download the album you can use them in your video.
You can't add the adsense to your videos, but overtime you maybe informed you can
(the ad revenue split is still a work in progress)

(it wont affect your youtube account status OR your video.. Unless You also used (c) music from somewhere else, then youtube gets nancy about to (c) company's arguing & the vids blocked)