Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to save download videos off youtube

How to save download videos off youtube
ClipExtractor works really well BUT...

but these days most youtube HD videos are MP4 files
and they come down to your pc anyway while your watching them

what you can do (free of charge) is turn on your pc's hidden files & folders (under folder options)

then basicly open the youtube page of your choice and then on your computer go here

C:\Documents and Settings\The Wraith\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

"substitute MY NAME for your own name" follow the path, my computer, local disk, documents & settings (not my documents)

with the folder open.. hold CTRL & Press A, selects all, then delete everything in their
(then refresh the youtube page)
once the video has got to the end, the whole video is in that folder

its not always an MP4 unless you select the max playback quality on the youtube player
and sometimes its a file with no extention
ber in mind the video will be the biggest object in the folder ;)
COPY (not cut) copy it to desk top & if it has NO extention, means its an FLV
just call it whatever.flv
VLC media player plays flv files :)

lot of people use the same techniq to get photos of the likes of IMDB, because they wont let you save them lol, remember the majority of what you SEE & HEAR in your browser is in that folder, pages you view download to your machine, thats why they say clear your temp net to recover space

wana convert them?, probably the best FREE converter is called   (c)Super
google  (c)Super Video Converter, the pages are a pain to navagate but the downloads their & its not a bad app if your not a video editing buff with better stuff to use

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